America’s enemies are hoping we ‘go green’

In the shadows of American climate activism, a web of foreign interests is quietly pulling the strings in the background to undermine U.S. energy security. As the Biden administration continues to advance policies harmful to domestic energy production, it’s important to understand the growing influence of foreign entities shaping our climate policy and how our advisories are working to undermine America’s energy security and economic stability. 

Recent revelations have exposed a concerning reality: A group tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is pouring substantial funds into American climate advocacy groups and nonprofits, aiming to lead the charge toward an all-electric future and the electrification of our transportation sector.

Foreign influence on America’s climate policy is not a novel phenomenon; it has existed for decades and involved various countries. We saw a parallel pattern with Russia and Europe nearly a decade ago. The head of NATO at the time, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, accused Russia of actively engaging with environmental organizations in order to deepen European dependence on imported Russian gas.

Russia was undoubtedly pleased to see the White House’s recent announcement to block future permits for proposed LNG terminals until after the presidential election in November. This move will bail out Putin’s fledgling economy, while devastating the US LNG industry and thousands of Americans employed by the sector. What’s more, without ample US LNG exports, Europe will inevitably be forced to turn to Russia once again for their energy needs and thousands of US jobs will be in jeopardy.


Ironically, while environmentalists claim to want to lower global emissions, this misguided action will do the exact opposite by ensuring a rise in coal use and LNG from Russia, both of which will raise global emissions. From a national security standpoint, the Biden administration is sending contradictory signals while asking Congress to support aid for Ukraine, but at the same time empowering Putin by restoring his ability to use energy as a weapon.

Reviews of LNG export applications have already slowed – stretching to more than 330 days under the Biden administration, up from 49 days during the Trump administration and 155 days under former President Obama, according to the API.


The world witnessed the severe consequences of Europe’s dependence on Russian energy when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. Without oil and gas exports from allies like the United States, Europe faced a stark choice between inadequate heating for its citizens or buying Russian gas that funds Putin’s war.

China is trying to adopt the same strategy here in the United States. It’s no coincidence that China is funding groups advocating for electric vehicles as three major Chinese electric car companies expand their operations and establish new factories in Mexico. China is eyeing the lucrative US electric car market and sees the advantages of the rushed transition liberal climate activists are demanding.

Persistent global demand for oil and gas remains indisputable, as acknowledged by President Joe Biden in his last State of the Union address. Our reliance on oil and gas spans across critical sectors—hospitals, schools, transportation, technology, and government.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge the importance of strong domestic energy production to U.S. national security and is playing into our adversaries’ hands by prioritizing appeasement of environmentalist groups—even those backed by China—over the long-term strength and security of our nation.

Just as our global competitors hoped, President Biden has embraced a complete transition to renewables — particularly solar energy. Ironically, much of the solar industry’s supply chain relies on Chinese manufacturing and the nation’s control of critical minerals.

While renewable energy sources hold potential, they cannot provide the consistent baseload power essential for a reliable energy grid. Recent actions by the Biden administration, such as announcing extreme environmental standards for power plants and delaying liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure projects, inadvertently empower geopolitical rivals like Russia, China, and Iran.

Furthermore, the administration’s stringent restrictions on offshore U.S. oil drilling—as seen with Interior’s smallest offshore lease sale in history last year—signals a broader assault on fossil fuels. These policies not only jeopardize American jobs and economic prosperity but also challenge our energy self-sufficiency.

In this landscape of complex global interests, it is crucial to remain vigilant and advocate for a balanced energy policy that safeguards America’s future while nurturing a resilient and robust energy sector.

It’s imperative to reverse these actions and return to the path of energy independence. Our focus must shift towards domestic oil and gas production, characterized by the world’s strictest environmental standards, to bolster energy security, support the American workforce, and stimulate economic growth.



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