Apparently Violent Protests Are Bad Again

While it\’s ironic that our media have once again decided that violent riots are bad, those of us on the Right always knew this was true.

One of the things nobody seems to understand about anarchy — at least among the people pushing for it — is that anarchy isn\’t fun. Anarchy isn\’t freedom. Anarchy is, instead, a condition in which, freed from any single controlling authority, you are at the mercy of every would-be authority that exists. In other words, anarchy is a state of affairs in which you are afraid to sleep at night for fear that your home will be vandalized or burned. Anarchy is a condition in which you dare not let down your guard or you will be murdered.

When the Black Lives Matter riots started this summer, we all got a few steps closer to anarchy. On the first night of the looting and arson, the violence came as close as a few blocks to my home. I spent a sleepless night with a machete in my hand and a spotlight on my belt as I waited for roving mobs of \”protesters\” to make their way down our street. This was not a fantasy; these were not \”peaceful protests.\” These were violent mobs of Democrats, of Joe Biden supporters, who wanted to do violence to others while destroying property in the false name of \”justice.\”

These violent protests, which did two billion dollars worth of damage across America in 2020, were repeatedly excused by the pundit class. While we were treated to videos of screaming leftists desperately mewling, \”We\’re on your side! We\’re on your side!\” while rioters smashed their windows and tried to burn them out — when they weren\’t simply dragging shop owners into the street and beating them to leave for dead — the blue check-marked journalists on Twitter were gaslighting us. Why, these were peaceful protests, they told us again and again, hoping that if they just repeated it often enough, we\’d all believe it.

It takes a special kind of idiot to stand in front of raging fires set by arsonists and explain that the \”protest\” that produced those flames was \”mostly peaceful.\” Yet Democrats and Joe Biden supporters across the United States did everything in their power to explain to us that these were just the voices of the oppressed crying out for justice. How stealing televisions and burning convenience stores cries out for justice isn\’t clear, but we weren\’t supposed to talk about that.

We also weren\’t supposed to talk about the insulting hypocrisy that was our nation\’s politicians and healthcare workers participating in mass protests of thousands of people. Any hope we had of \”contact tracing,\” of using the lockdowns to stop the spread of COVID-19, vanished when mobs of people began crowding into the streets to scream and burn and steal. We were again told that these were peaceful protests for social justice, when in fact they were violent temper tantrums in the name of racial animosity and payback. But oh, how the media bent over backwards to maintain that these protests were peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.

That was true until Trump supporters took to the streets, anyway.

Just like that, violent protests are violent protests again. Just as they went into apoplectic fits of deep and righteous outrage when citizens peacefully protested the lockdowns in various states, the pundit class found its voice once more when a mob stormed the Capitol Building. I didn\’t see the speech in which, I\’m told, Trump called on them to do it, so I can\’t speak to that. I did receive many text messages from friends worried about what was happening.

In the last few weeks I watched with bemusement as many Republicans tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election, which I too believe was achieved through voter fraud. The thing is, I don\’t believe there\’s any legal maneuver that could have overturned the results once the momentum turned in favor of Biden-Harris. Yes, the Democrats stole the election. No, we can\’t stop them at this point; we can only fight to win the next elections by a margin greater than the fraud they are able to bring to bear.

Violently storming the Capitol won\’t change those results. It may make the participants feel better, briefly, but it is every bit the step toward anarchy that this summer\’s BLM riots represented.

Trust me, you don\’t want to live in a world without the rule of law. You don\’t want to stay awake all night because you live in anarchy. You don\’t want to live in a country where there are no rules except those forged through violence. This is why civilized human beings implement the rule of law in the first place — because it sure beats worrying that everyone you meet is free to kill you and take your stuff if they can manage it.

I\’m deeply troubled by the theft of the 2020 election and what total Democrat control of our government means for this nation. I don\’t know what lies ahead for us, exactly. What I do know, however, is that anarchy is not the correct response. It only gives the Democrat thugs a greater weapon to use against us — because now that they hold total control, they\’ll gladly use that control to make criminals of us all. We cannot afford to give them leverage over us.

Yes, we have to fight — but the fight is not in the streets. It won\’t be done with Molotov cocktails and rocks. It will be done through canvassing. It will be done through sharing memes and creating social media groups. It\’s networking. It\’s editorials. It\’s persuasion. It\’s politics. It\’s at the ballot box. It\’s on our computer screens.

Remember that. Be smarter than the Democrats. Don\’t give in to anarchy. Instead, work to outsmart them. Together, we can overcome their theft of our government — but violent riots are not the way to accomplish this, not while we can still work within the system.

While it\’s ironic that our media have once again decided that violent riots are bad, those of us on the Right always knew this was true.



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