Dealing With The Depression of Democrat Rule

Progressive orthodoxy has become a latter-day Mark of the Beast. No one who lacks this \”mark\” may buy or sell.

There\’s little doubt that any economic policies implemented by Biden Harris will lead to a recession or even a depression. Obama\’s disastrous economic decisions led to the so-called \”jobless recovery,\” in which we were subjected to the doldrums, the death-of-a-thousand-cuts, that was our painfully slow economic growth during his term. There\’s no reason to think Biden\’s policies will be any different. They may well be worse. Harris\’ policies will most definitely be worse when that cackling harpy makes her way into the Oval Office, as she most certainly will. Biden is a cadaverous empty suit whose apparent senility issues will likely preclude a full term in office.

The more immediate depression at stake now, though, is the mental one. All conservatives are feeling the depression, the oppression, of the way our world is turning. It isn\’t just that Biden and Harris seized the White House; it isn\’t only the widespread doubt over election integrity that now plagues us; it isn\’t simply that Democrats, full of the arrogance of power, are now demanding revenge and seeking to expel their opponents from office. They\’ve gone so far as to proclaim that only one set of opinions — progressive opinions — is legitimately part of civil discourse. All dissent, all conservative or libertarian positions, have been conflated with crime and violence.

In other words, the all-powerful Democrats want to make disagreeing with them illegal.

\”Big Tech\” comprises an oligarchy of progressive operatives like Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and whomever the hell it is that runs YouTube. These elements have colluded to \”unperson\” various competitors and individuals whose only \”crime\” is holding and expressing opinions that progressives do not like. The racketeering through which Parler was destroyed and removed from the Internet — the same collusion that has made Gab impossible to access this week — are these progressive operatives exerting their power. It is not enough for them to marginalize you and forbid you from using their services; they want to forbid you from using any services.

Progressive orthodoxy has become a latter-day Mark of the Beast. No one who lacks this \”mark\” may buy or sell. If you are not a progressive, you are not allowed to have e-commerce services, server and web hosting, domain registration, email list services, a bank account, a PayPal account, a Patreon account. credit card processing of any kind, or to have your book published by any major company. Already published books are the subject of leftist censorship too; Andy Ngo\’s book has been removed from Powell\’s bookstore shelves for the sole reason that Antifa thugs harassed bookstore personnel.

When you wake up in a world where you\’ve been unpersoned, your opinions have been declared, falsely, misinformation, and you have been denied any venue in which you may express those opinions without censorship and reprisal, it\’s natural to be depressed. When your nation now lies under the Democrat Sword of Damocles, the razor-sharp tip of their legislative sword poised to rip the Constitution to shreds, it\’s normal to be down. When you\’re facing the very real possibility that everything you\’ve built could be taken from you, that you could lose your job and be denied any plausible means of making a living, it\’s completely understandable that you might be unhappy.

That is the situation in which we now find ourselves. We are not Democrats; we do not scream impotently at the sky or contrive literal witchcraft curses to fling at our enemies. What, then, are we to do? How do we live our lives, provide for our families, and exist day to day without being brought down, emotionally and psychologically, by the Orwellian and authoritarian police state in which we now find ourselves?

The answer is that we have no choice. You may lie down and die, or you can soldier on. The latter is the only option. Lower your shoulder and march forward, toward the danger. The world is filled with examples of people who applied a kind of wry humor and a deep understanding of their situations to living under totalitarian regimes. What they can do, we can do. We can find a way to live and even to laugh despite the depredations of power-mad Democrats.

Tell yourself, every day, that you will not submit to this illegitimate regime. Tell yourself that you will stand up for your rights. Tell yourself that no matter what they take from you, they cannot take your mind. Do not let them have it. Do not let them dominate you. Do not let them grind you down. You, as a Republican, as a conservative, as a libertarian, may be in the minority in this damned collectivist hellscape… but that just means you\’re better. Don\’t forget that. Don\’t let them make you forget it.

We can get through this. It will be hard… but this, too, shall pass. That\’s always how history works, and always how it will work.

Be strong.


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