Democrats Sneer At The Bill Of Rights

This is why people who have not read one of the most substantive works of dystopian fiction of our era should hold their tongues when mocking those who have.

There is no \”own\” like the \”self-own.\” The New Yorker, a Democrat publication that hates you and hates the Constitution, recently published a sneering editorial in which Author Ellis Rosen offered what I gather is supposed to be a satirical take on George Orwell\’s 1984. Explaining that he, she, or it has not read 1984, Rosen goes on to create an elaborate straw man whose purpose is to ridicule anyone referencing this famous piece of dystopian fiction.

Rosen\’s point seems to be that anyone who is concerned about Big Tech censorship, about the collusion among multiple platforms to \”unperson\” anyone guilty of wrongthink in progressives\’ eyes, is stupid and paranoid. Proud of having not read 1984, Rosen goes on to beclown himself (herself?)  by completely dismissing any and all concerns raised by this prophetic and eerily prescient book. The novel has hit the bestseller charts again online, you see, because so many of Rosen\’s fellow Americans — people Rosen no doubt would like to herd into reeducation and deprogramming camps for Trump supporters — have read the book.

Rosen\’s attitude is not surprising and is typical of the Left. Joe Biden\’s administration recently labeled libertarians as domestic terrorists. Of course, the \”fact checkers\” (whose only purpose is to shield Democrats from criticism) have tried to claim this isn\’t true. See, former CIA director John Brennan claimed Biden\’s team was treating a variety of political dissent as \”insurgency,\” and he mentioned libertarians specifically, but because Brennan doesn\’t actually hold a position within the Biden administration, why, it must be \”fake news.\” (If only such a stringent standard had been applied to various third- and fourth-party attributions made in smearing Trump for four years.)

I wouldn\’t be at all surprised if Biden\’s puppeteers considered libertarians \”insurgents,\” though, because they have classified all dissent as terrorism and \”white supremacy.\”  It\’s not a difficult leap to make, given how much Democrats hate the Bill of rights. They despise the Constitution, believing it to be an obstacle to the laws they wish to pass to chain Americans to the \”liberal\” point of view. They call Republicans fascists all the time, but they don\’t actually believe this. That\’s because they are fascists, whose Antifa \”brown shirts\” are even now in the streets, marauding, assaulting, and burning. They certainly are not worried about Republicans taking away their rights, because Democrats do not believe in rights.

Oh, they\’ll pay lip service to the concept, but in point of fact, Democrats believe in only two: The \”right\” to murder your child in the womb and the right to inflict on others your sexual-gender confusion. They will scream, they will assault, they will commit arson, they will go to any lengths to protect the sacred right to kill a baby for any reason — then celebrate this achievement. They will fine you, deprive you of your livelihood, and jail you for refusing to use a stranger\’s \”preferred pronoun.\” But Democrats, where the Bill of Rights is concerned, simply do not support it.

The right to freedom of speech? Democrats are actively trying to censor any and all dissent, on tech platforms and in any other facet of the public sphere, even purging from elected office those politicians who dare to disagree with Democrat orthodoxy.  (Most often, they do this by misclassifying criticism and dissent as \”hate.\”)

The right to keep and bear arms? Democrats want to ban your guns. \”President\” Biden has vowed to destroy the NRA — which is, after all, just a citizens\’ rights group. In other words, the man who is supposedly the most popular president in United States history has declared war on every gun owner in the United States.

The right to freedom of assembly? Democrats are willing to force you to sit alone in your house under a blanket wearing a mask for the next 20 years. To hell with the economy; to hell with the fact that countless small businesses are ruined; to hell with the fact that leftist corporatists like Jeff Bezos have amassed untold power in this government-mandated transfer of wealth. Oh, and  they want to make \”MAGA\” rallies domestic terrorism, essentially classifying all political opposition as a crime.

The right to express your religious beliefs? Democrats have closed your churches and Democrat-appointed judges have upheld double standards penalizing religious institutions. Democrats hate Christians, who represent the one religion they\’ll gladly tolerate harassment of and discrimination against. Some Democrats even want to make it illegal by definition for a Christian to hold elected office. They\’ve certainly used this prejudice as a litmus test for judicial confirmations.

Understanding that there is no infringement on your liberties Democrats will not use the power of the federal government to implement, you must understand something else. That is that Democrats view your freedom of action as a threat that must be controlled. It is this believe that lies behind their fervent desire to rule you. It is this fear that, given the ability to choose, you will choose wrong in their eyes, that prods them to seek cradle to grave shackles on you, on everything you do, and on everything you think.

This is why it should alarm you that intellectual dullards like Ellis Rosen sneer at your fears. This is why people who have not read one of the most substantive works of dystopian fiction of our era should hold their tongues when mocking those who have. This is why a book like 1984 matters — and why the authoritarian, totalitarian Democrats despise it so.

The Democrats know that books like 1984 accurately depict the society they want to build. They just can\’t have you believing that. They hate you as much as Winston Smith loved Big Brother by the novel\’s end… and they\’ll gladly use the same means to to subjugate you.


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