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GOP senator sounds alarm on ‘Bidenomics’ hurting constituents: ‘One of the worst presidents’

A Republican senator recently blasted President Biden by calling him one of the worst presidents in American history due to his “willingness to bulldoze the Constitution.”

“I think he’ll go down as a one-termer and one of the worst presidents in American history,” Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Mo., told Fox News Digital during a recent interview.

“He’s really weaponized the administrative state in a way we’ve never seen before in American history. So, I think he’s one of the worst presidents in American history,” the Missouri senator continued. “It’s just been a total disaster. And I think the truth is he has some pretty radical leftists that are [running] the White House. I mean, the idea that an American president isn’t interested in having a secure southern border with all the problems, fentanyl, drugs, violence, potential terrorists is nuts anyway.”

Biden frequently uses the term “Bidenomics” in an attempt to tout his economic efforts while campaigning for reelection, but the term has become increasingly unpopular as voters struggle under the current state of the economy. 

During a speech in Philadelphia last year, Biden even told a crowd “I don’t know what the hell that is,” referring to the “Bidenomics” slogan. However, he said it was “working.” Reports over the last few months have quoted Biden’s own supporters souring over the messaging, including one Democratic strategist telling NBC News that “whoever came up with the slogan Bidenomics should be fired.”

“It’s probably the worst messaging you could ever imagine,” the strategist continued.


The senator said that Bidenomics has had a tremendously negative effect on his constituents and that average Americans are experiencing “sticker shock” with higher costs under Biden.

“It costs the average family in Missouri over $10,000 more than what they were spending just a few years ago for the same stuff,” Schmitt told Fox News Digital. “There’s a formula for high inflation. And when you spend a bunch of money, trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars to declare war on domestic energy production, the cost of everything is going to go up in the supply. And that’s what people are feeling. And as much as Joe Biden’s kind of explained it away and tells people, ‘Don’t believe what you’re actually seeing and what you’re paying,’ it’s real.”


Schmitt also took aim at Biden’s son, Hunter, who is facing numerous charges related to more than $1 million in unpaid taxes and possession of a firearm by a person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance.

“I think that it has been shocking the extent to which the Bidens have avoided accountability for all of this,” Schmitt said, referring to the charges against the president’s son. “The American people need to know and understand what happened. Is the president compromised? That’s a big issue. And the connection, obviously, to Hunter Biden in some of the stuff that we’ve seen is very concerning.”

House Republicans are currently investigating whether the president was involved in his son’s foreign business dealings during his time as vice president, and Schmitt highlighted the “concerning” connections between the father and son.

Schmitt continued by saying that Hunter was “showboating” when he showed up to the House in December to hold a press conference outside the building instead of attending his deposition inside. 

Schmitt recently sent a letter to the secretary of the Army to demand answers on whether service members who were discharged for not getting the COVID vaccine would receive back pay and how religious freedoms would be honored moving forward. The deadline for a response was Dec. 13, and the senator said they will follow up on the issue.

“The Biden administration is not willing to admit that was a huge mistake. I think they ought to be reinstated. They ought to be given their rank. They ought to get back [pay], and they ought to get an apology from [Defense] Secretary [Lloyd] Austin. It’s a real stain. I think it was disrespectful, too.”

January marks a full year since Schmitt was sworn into the U.S. Senate in 2023, and the former Missouri attorney general recalled “fighting for an agenda that people in Missouri [sent] me to do” during his first year in office.

“Whether it’s taking on the administrative state, whether it’s protecting free speech … going after the CIA in those divisive indoctrination kind of programs and … I think fighting for an agenda that people in Missouri sent me to do,” Schmitt said of his first year in the Senate.



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