Here’s what would make Biden’s border fiasco even worse

If buzzwords and slick phrases are your qualifiers, President Joe Biden might be your preferred choice for president in 2024. Of course, most of his favorite phrases or words don’t mean much, like his nonsensical catchphrase, “irregular migration,” which he uses to explain away his disastrous border security record.

But the mainstream media and other factions of Biden’s hardcore base evangelize this gibberish as if it comes right out of some holy script. 

For irregular migration to be a credible phrase and a way to explain the utter disaster that is our border, at least three things must have happened since Biden took office:


1. Major changes started in the countries people are leaving.

2. People started migrating within our continent to any safe country, including Canada, instead of mainly the U.S.

3. No major border security policy changes were made since the previous administration left.

Crime, poverty and political instability have remained relatively unchanged since president Donald Trump was in office. As a matter of fact, they have largely been unchanged since president Barack Obama was in office.

The vast majority of migration happening in North and South America is coming to the U.S. Many reasons exist as to why this is, but from my experience as a 25-year Border Patrol veteran interviewing illegal border crossers, the two main reasons are the perceived free social benefits and jobs.

Biden got rid of almost all Trump’s border security policies. Those polices had driven illegal immigration to 45-year lows. Biden re-implemented the reward known as catch-and-release. While anyone on our soil, including illegal border crossers, has a right under law to claim asylum, no illegal border crosser has a right to be released and sent wherever they want to go in our country. 

It’s the reward of being released into the U.S. that allows the cartels to successfully advertise their services around the world and convince people to illegally cross the U.S. border.

Cartels are basically illicit, ruthless, murderous and profit-driven businesses. They know how to generate revenue, including manufacturing fake travel documents. Fake travel documents are frightening examples of our current border mess. Why? Because the people that want fake travel documents intend to mask their true identities.

They know the act of presenting fake documents will almost guarantee they are never granted any sort of legal status, even if they go through the entire asylum process. But they have no intention of going through the process. They want to remain in the shadows, which means they likely intend to start some sort of criminal enterprise. 


Border security is an inconvenient political problem for the Biden administration. They want an out-of-control border. The thought of a second Biden term scares me to death. Lame duck presidents no longer have to worry about campaigning and are free to openly show their true colors.

If Joe Biden gets a second term, we might as well hand over the pathetic remnants of our border to the cartels. They already control huge sections of our border at any given time. Under a second Biden term, with the far-left radicals he’s surrounded himself with, our border will cease to exist. 

When, and only when, faced with crippling economic sanctions, Mexico has proven to be a good border security partner. Biden doesn’t have the stomach or the desire to impose sanctions. But Mexico knows President Trump would.

For this reason alone, we can expect to see the Mexican government encourage cartels to scale back their smuggling and trafficking operations in the short run, in hopes voters forget the current border security disaster ahead of election day. 

If Biden wins the 2024 election, the cartels will be completely unleashed. Lame Duck Biden will do even less than he does now to rein in their criminal operations, if that’s possible, and Americans will continue to pay the deadly price. 

It’s time to pluck Daffy Joe’s feathers and send him into retirement. Let him eat ice cream. 




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