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26 Million “Peaceful” Grandma Murderers

Following a month of race riots in the United States, in which anyone who was born white is encouraged to bow and scrape and beg forgiveness for crimes he or she did not commit (against people who are not alive), a curious action line emerged. We were told that these protests — 26 million strong, conducted in abject defiance of an economy-crushing, world-ending, freedom-destroying pandemic — were “largely peaceful.”

We should not overlook the fact that for weeks we were told that protesting lock-downs and quarantines was selfish and wrong. People who gathered in groups were killing grandma. They “just wanted haircuts.” They demanded their rights to go to Applebees, and to hell with whomever died on a ventilator, choking on their own blood. They were stupid, MAGA-hat wearing, yee-haw shouting redneck scumbags who deny science and kick puppies. They were bad, bad people who should feel bad about being bad.

Well, setting aside more complex motivations like a concern for civil rights, and acknowledging the very real threat of COVID-19, how can two contradictory statements be true at the same time? If protesting lock-downs was grandma-killing recklessness, how are the BLM protesters  — even before the first brick was thrown or the first small business burned to the ground — anything but 26-million grandma murderers?

Our media bent over backwards to stress that the riots, the burning, the looting, the beating of white people in the street, the spreading of COVID-19 amongst thousand of closely-packed and screaming human beings, were not happening. Antifa, said Jerry Nadler, was “imaginary.” Trump’s insistence that America’s monuments should not be torn down was “racist.” Why, patriotism itself is racist, as idiot children on TikTok go viral for singing “F–k Trump” and “F–k the USA” to the tune of “God Bless the USA.”

Our media’s talking heads could not stress enough that the people threatening to murder you, the people screaming for race-based payback, the people marching to the war drums of racial resentment as fed by your media each and every night, were really “peaceful.” After all, while they burned 30 American cities and incurred millions of dollars in damages while ruining countless lives and killing more unarmed black citizens than were shot by police last year, they were “largely peaceful.”

No better example of this was the coverage of the mob descending on “Ken and Karen,” the wealthy St. Louis area couple who, barefoot and armed with an AR15 and a Walther PPK,  famously confronted a BLM mob that broke into and marched on to their property (while threatening violence against them).

The mob then vowed to return to threaten and intimidate the couple who dared defy them.. The police and the local government denied that couple any police assistance. “Ken and Karen” even had trouble hiring private security. Fortunately, they managed to retain a small force of armed men before the mob showed up to shake its fists at them — and that is the ONLY reason they are alive today.

Our media, however, could not say loudly or repetitively enough how nobody “threw anything” at them. Why, this mob of terrorists, whose sole goal was to threaten and intimidate two middle-aged liberals, was “peaceful” because they were prevented a second time from perpetrating violence against people who had guns at the ready. Of course, the talking heads were outraged by that, too — the notion that people with guns would actually stand in the way of mob rule, mob threats, and mob violence. How dare those privileged white people? Don’t they know they’re supposed to feel BAD for being born that way?

I’m constantly amused by people who claim to have some greater insight, some more objective view, when it comes to the socio-political landscape. It’s strange to me that the people who go out of their way to claim they’re not fooled by media narratives — that they’re somehow smarter, better, or more learned than the proles on whom they look down their noses — nevertheless seem always to gravitate to the same popular left-leaning dogswill that is the popular-culture default. To mindlessly smile and nod along with progressive orthodoxy is the easiest, most gutless thing you can do… but there sure are a lot of people who are proud of having done so.

In their pride, these same useful idiots will tell you all day long how very, very peaceful the 26 million protesters were. Let’s look at that for a moment. It’s a fact of human nature that in any group of people, there is a small percentage of “doers.” The remaining people are bystanders, also-rans, spectators. They are participants, but they are not really doing anything.

This is the most basic of human dynamics, as old as time itself. You’ve experienced it in school when doing group projects. You’ve experienced it in civic groups and clubs and special-interest organizations. You’ve experienced it on the job. Wherever human beings gather in groups — as much as such a thing is frowned on these COVID-laden days — this dynamic asserts itself.

THAT was the dynamic of the riots, too. Yes, only a small percentage of the people who turned out to “protest” actually bothered to burn and destroy and beat people whose skin color was wrong. But the people who stood by — the people who didn’t actively destroy — weren’t innocent bystanders whose noble movement was co-opted by violence. They were inactive participants, people who were consuming the same false narrative based on imagined racial resentment that motivated the most violent of the rioters.

Every one of the 26 million people marching to attack America as an unjust, racist place whose authorities regularly abuse people of color is participating in a lie. It’s false. It’s imaginary. It isn’t happening. Statistical analyses of law enforcement behavior bear this out. And as far as “systemic racism” goes, there is not one law, not one rule, not one guideline — not one system — that favors white people over people of color in the United States. Not. A. Single. One.

The racial resentment that is the driving force behind these riots is, in other words, false. But the 26 million peaceful protesters marching in service to that lie didn’t care that it was false. It’s not that they don’t believe the lie wholeheartedly; it’s that they don’t care to look further into the matter. They have their scapegoat; they have a target for their daily Two Minutes’ Hate. No more inquiry is necessary or desired. But hey, not every single person who gathered in those crowds personally threw a brick or beat a shop owner to death. That means, like Nadler’s “imaginary” Antifa, that none of it ever happened.

Move along. There’s nothing to see here. These “protests” were… mostly… peaceful.

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