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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is A Weak Bimbo

The horse-faced idiot that calls itself Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently accused a fellow Congressman of “violence” for — wait for it — saying mean things to her. Apparently Republican Congressman Ted Yoho “accosted” her and called her “disgusting” (which she is), “crazy” (which she’s shown herself to be) and “dangerous” (another statement of fact, though never for the reasons Ocasio-Cortz would like to believe). Honestly, I’m not seeing anything in Yoho’s alleged “attack” that isn’t true… but of course, Ocasio-Cortez ran for all she was worth to the nearest microphone to whine about it.

Clutching imaginary pearls and doing her best not to collapse on an equally imaginary fainting couch, Ocasio-Cortez decried the “violence” against “all women” that is one man telling one specific woman that she’s a moron. This is an important point. Ocasio-Cortez is, most assuredly, one of the stupidest people ever to hold Congressional office.

No, she’s not as box-of-rocks stupid as, say, Maxine Waters, or that one fellow (Hank Johnson) who was worried Guam would tip over and “cap-size” if too many people stood on it. Those people are genuinely retarded, a testament to the fact that Democrats really will vote a bowl of excrement into office if it has a “D” next to its name on the ballot. But Ocasio-Cortez’ stupidity is noteworthy because she so beautifully exemplifies the Dunning-Kruger effect. She is ignorant, in that she is uneducated; she is stupid, in that she cannot reason; she is foolish, in that she conflates her emotions with reason; she is aware of none of these things.

Consider for a moment that shortly after her election, when her excellent rack and fresh-faced, loud-mouthed demeanor made her the darling of the new, ever-more socialist Democrat party, she was so ill-prepared for her new job that she complained she couldn’t afford the rent in her posh new DC apartment. After moving in, she marveled at the mystery that was her garbage disposal, a device that frightened and puzzled her — when she wasn’t doing live Instagram videos sitting on the floor drinking wine.

These hints at just how profoundly stupid she is could be dismissed easily enough, but Ocasio-Cortez’ knowledge of geopolitics, economics, or even current events cannot withstand even the slightest scrutiny. Pressed on weighty matters of foreign policy, she can offer no answer at all. When screeching her uninformed opinions about domestic matters, she has committed a series of gaffes that would make her an idiot more legendary than Dan Quayle (if she were a Republican and not a Democrat). This is a woman who thinks rioters and looters burning America’s cities are just “shoplifting bread to feed their families” like so many dispossessed cast members of Les Misérables.

So, why do I call Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a weak bimbo? Let’s look at the second word first. A bimbo is defined as “an attractive but unintelligent or frivolous young woman.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all of these things, to a tee. She is reasonably attractive, with the aforementioned excellent rack, a fine figure that includes a shapely rear end, and an attractive face. She accentuates her appearance with incredibly expensive designer clothes, watches, and jewelry (all while crying poverty, of course). She wants to be looked at.

You see, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, for all that she complains about being objectified (recall the contrived outrage over her college dancing video, a video that literally no one on the Right complained about, but which she insisted was the cause of much consternation among her enemies), delights in the attention. Yes, when she opens her mouth to speak, her prominent teeth make her look like a horse (or, perhaps more appropriately, a donkey), but that’s not actually her physical appearance. That’s her spiritual appearance, her personality coming through to spoil the aesthetics of her face.

This is because, spiritually, Ocasio-Cortez is the embodiment of “unintelligent or frivolous.” She is both. She is a stupid little girl who speaks loudly and shrilly, making angry demands about things of which she knows little to nothing. She beclowns herself almost every time she speaks in public, her ignorance of most socio-political concepts and events (to include basic economics) humiliating her. A more self-aware young lady would hide in shame over how badly qualified she is to be a congresswoman — a title of which she is ostentatiously proud.

That is why she is not merely a bimbo, but a weak bimbo. A young lady who will bark and squeal and mewl about how strong and empowered she is, how important she is, must run to hide behind the skirts of her peers, complaining that mean words are “violence” and that criticism is synonymous with “attack.” She can’t handle being pressed on what she believes. She can’t handle being told she’s wrong. She can’t handle anything less than constant adoration. She is mentally and emotionally weak, a complainer who stomps her little feet and shakes her little fists because the big mean men won’t give her what she wants.

The best thing that could happen to the Democrats, and to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’ constituents, would be for her district to be redrawn in a manner that eliminates her seat. We would all benefit from being rid of her. She is stupid, because the policies she advocates are unworkable and destructive. She is dangerous, because stupid people in positions of power can do great harm in their ignorance. She is disgusting, because she believes herself to be a much smarter, better person than she truly is.

That’s what matters here: Yoho was right. Ocasio-Cortez is, as she always has been on nearly every issue, wrong. One of these two representatives is much smarter than the other.

Only someone as stupid as Ocasio-Cortez would think that it’s her.

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