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AOC Is The Jussie Smollett Of Congress

The horse-faced pair of boobs in a designer pantsuit that is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in the news even more than usual recently. She has always been a go-to figure for media attention, mostly because she says some of the stupidest things to come from a Congresswoman’s mouth. Democrats (and AOC herself) like to mischaracterize the attention she gets as some form of “obsession” over Ms. Ocasio-Nina-Pinta-Santa-Maria-Inigo-Montoya-Cortez as a woman. What they never seem to realize is that we’ve all seen beltway sixes before.

To believe that Republicans secretly fantasize about her is to give herself far too much credit. Ms. Cortez is reasonably good looking if she keeps her mouth closed and that alien-inner-jaw of horse teeth firmly inside her mouth, but Kayleigh McEnany was arguably more attractive and just as politically polarizing. Ms. McEnany, however, never had to opine about whether Democrat men were obsessed with her looks… because she was a considerably more substantive, qualified person when it came to her job. Cortez complains about sexism and the presumed leers of her GOP betters because she doesn’t want to acknowledge — or doesn’t realize — that the attention she gets is because she’s an imbecile.

I don’t mean that as an insult. I mean that she is genuinely, profoundly stupid, completely unqualified for her job, and so ignorant of basic civics, economics, and both domestic and foreign policy that she regularly beclowns herself. To distract and deflect from her constant self-owns, she is forced to spin a variety of tall tales. This was why, for example, her camp leaked the college video in which she dances provocatively on a rooftop, or something… and then claimed (without substantiation) that her GOP critics were “obsessed” with her dancing.

Nobody actually cared about that video. What we do care about are both the stunningly dumb things that come out of her face-hole with tedious regularity… and the fact that she is constantly lying. But Ms. Cortez doesn’t merely lie. She lies with such elaborate histrionics that one is forced to wonder whether she has started to believe her own fictions.

Remember that this woman staged a photo-op in which she cried in front of a fence facing an empty parking lot. This was meant to be her crying at the imprisonment of illegal aliens in a detention center, or something. No doubt some helpful social media “fact checker” will stumble along and, as literal as Drax the Destroyer, claim that Ms. Cortez was not lying even though she clearly was. The painful reality where she is concerned, though, is that she loves to spin yarns and fairy tales for her adoring Instagram fans. What has to be missing from your life that you would volunteer to spend time watching this little fool sit on her floor drinking wine is a mystery to me, but she does have followers.

Allegations that Ms. Cortez has exaggerated her childhood disadvantages, when in fact she grew up privileged, are nothing new. Embarrassing video in which Ms. Cortez fakes a “blaccent” in order to condescend to a black audience doesn’t even move the media’s collective meter. Even the fact that Cortez supported and encouraged the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots this summer, only to wail and weep after the January 6th incursion at the Capitol, is not a surprise. This type of self-serving hypocrisy is a defining feature for most Democrats.

No, what’s truly remarkable is the fact that AOC engaged in an elaborate reenactment of the supposed death threats made against her. As she trembled behind a door, listening to the thugs hunting her, hearing the “hinges cracking” as the zombie horde tried to batter down the doors, she was seconds from death, to hear her tell it. The only problem is that the rioters were never nearby, nor was she ever in any actual proximity to what was happening. She was evacuated form a different office building (not the Capitol itself) and never came into contact with the rioters in any way.

Upset that the hashtag #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett was trending, AOC took to social media to demand her idiot followers report anyone who mentions that she lied. At no time did it occur to her to take responsibility for her lurid imagination. Knowing that Big Tech exists to shield Democrats, she simple doubled down, muddying the waters a little bit in the bargain. (She now claims that the angry demands of “Where is she? WHERE IS SHE?” were actually the big, mean Capitol police, whom she mind-read as hostile to her when they whisked her to a place of greater safety. No good deed goes unpunished, even if your a cog in the machine that protects Democrats from the hoi polloi.)

Cortez has used her made-up stories as leverage to shake her little fists and point her overbite across the aisle, demanding that all Republicans everywhere resign for the crime of disagreeing with her. They tried to murder her, you see. The only problem with every component part of AOC’s story is that each one is fictional… which renders that much more absurd her pitiful attempts to make being a Republican illegal.

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