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Did Althea Bernstein Fake Her Hate Crime?

Some time ago I wrote a column about Althea Bernstein, the 18-year old “biracial woman” who claimed to have been set on fire by a car full of racist “Boogaloo” bogeymen in Hawaiian Hate Shirts. Nothing about Bernstein’s story made sense at the time, prompting countless people to conclude, “I’ll take Things That Never Happened for 500, Alex.” Nonetheless, the authorities in Madison, Wisconsin insisted on investigating the obviously made-up story and, months later, they have concluded it did not happen.

Now, there’s no way to “prove a negative,” so the best the authorities could say is that there is absolutely no evidence of Althea Bernstein’s alleged attack. Anyone who is not a gullible moron could have looked at Bernstein’s story and poked holes in it. Back in June, she claimed this attack happened while BLM rioters were busy attacking other parts of Madison. It was very obvious to anyone with a brain that Bernstein probably concocted her story to cover the true source of the injuries to her face.

The mechanics of the crime were suspect from the outset. Bernstein claimed that she rolled up to a traffic light, only to wait patiently while a car full of racist, white supremacist, Boogaloo extremists in Hawaiian shirts called her mean names. Bravely waiting to take exception to being thus labeled, she continued to wait patiently as they sprayed her with lighter fluid. Still waiting, Bernstein watched a magic, disappearing cigarette lighter fly through the air while remaining lit. When it set her head on fire, she drove on, patting out the flames and probably vowing to get justice for George Floyd, or something.

For me, the single most telling indicator in Bernstein’s fairy tale was the Hawaiian shirts. Leftists love manufacturing hate hoaxes, but they can never resist peopling their made-up stories with Evil Racists straight from Central Casting.

Jussie Smollett’s attackers couldn’t just be racists; they had to be two men wearing matching MAGA hats. The imaginary “Trump mourner” who allegedly punched someone following the funeral for President Trump’s brother couldn’t just be random guy; he had to be tied to the Trump family, somehow. Althea Bernstein’s attackers couldn’t just be white; they had to be wearing the most recent made-up “hate symbol” the Left has decided should be forbidden, namely, Hawaiian shirts.

It sounded absurd because it was absurd. It sounded made up because it was made up. Police investigators have now announced they found no evidence of the presence of Althea Bernstein’s attackers on the night in question. They found no fire damage to her car. There was no evidence of the magic cigarette lighter. An “arson dog” found no evidence of accelerant (the lighter fluid) in Bernstein’s vehicle. In short, there is absolutely no corroborating evidence for any single component of Althea Bernstein’s fanciful narrative, much less any evidence for the story as a whole.

And there will be no legal consequences for Althea Bernstein.

This woman — still a teenager — has kept elements of the Madison police force (and presumably federal investigators) occupied for months as ghost hunters. They are investigating a crime that never happened, searching for criminals who do not exist.  But because she is a Democrat, because she is yet another leftist activist with an elaborate tale of woe, there will be no consequences of any kind for the crime she appears to have committed.

The crime goes beyond merely the misallocation of law enforcement resources. Fake hate crimes gin up anti-white violence, something that has plagued the nation for the last half year. The lies, and the violence produced by the lies, go back much farther than that, of course. They include lies like Mike Brown’s “hands up, don’t shoot” myth and even the narrative surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting. They include the white shop owners assaulted and killed by mobs of arsonists this past summer. They include the police shot in Dallas years ago by a BLM supporter, too.

Over and over again, fake stories about alleged white racism have resulted in very real violence against white citizens — perpetrated by outraged citizens whose rage has been provoked by “fake news.”

Every single hate hoax, therefore, is incitement to violence against the intergalactic oppressor figures in all these imagined stories. Much was made about the rash of new “hate crimes” after Trump was elected, the obvious implication being that Trump and his “racism” were inciting violence. There wasn’t, in fact, an increase in hate crimes. There was an increase in hate crime hoaxes, which in turn spurred real violence against anyone the Left decided to defame as the attackers.

For these reasons, Althea Bernstein those who manufacture “hate crimes” should be brought up on charges. She won’t be, just as countless rioters and arsonists have been let off the hook by Democrat prosecutors across the country. When leftists learn that they can burn, destroy, and assault with impunity, they will always do more of the same. When their racial hostilities — already fed by a steady diet of hate-those-who-aren’t-you narratives in our media and popular culture — are fanned by hoax hate crimes, violence will always result.

If Althea Bernstein made up this story, she could very well have blood on her hands. People who fake hate crimes get people hurt and killed. It should worry you that our media were much more worried about treating Bernstein like a hero than they were in investigating the details of her story. Now that police have all but proven she lied, her story will quietly disappear — and the people hurt in her name will remain the real victims of racial hate.

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