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BLM is Now Rioting For No Reason

Thirty police officers were injured in Philadelphia a couple of nights ago. The videos of the rioting, the attacks on cops, the mayhem and the hooting and the hollering and the laughing, laughing, always laughing, was typical of these scenes.

A great many people in the United States — who have been exporting internationally their hatred, their entitlement, and their willingness to do violence to others — feel justified in burning, looting, and trying to murder both police and civilians for literally no reason. They are doing it, now, because they want to. They are living their preferred lifestyle. There is no other explanation.

Black Lives Matter arose from a series of lies, some of which go all the way back to the Black Panther movement, all of which have one thing in common: They are built on outrage for events that never happened. The Trayvon Martin shooting, the incident in Ferguson, the deaths of several other “unarmed” men… the circumstances repeated as the grounds for riots are all lies, fictions that painted the cops as malevolent murderers who woke up one day and decided to take the life of someone with dark skin.

The reality is that in almost every high-profile case over which BLM has protested, the actions of cops were entirely justified. This has not stopped BLM from basing its outrages on the stories of “witnesses” who simply made things up (the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative among them). In other words, there has been no justification, no legitimate outrage, for the majority of these widespread acts of violence.

This summer alone, Black Lives Matter has done two billion dollars worth of damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure. The overwhelming majority of the commercial interests damaged or utterly destroyed had nothing to do with the incidents over which BLM said it was “protesting.”

As no less an ingrate than Michelle Obama — one of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world — goes online and tells tall tales of racism she supposedly experienced at the hands of imaginary white women who failed to recognize her, as the media excuse as “mostly peaceful” the riots that have killed dozens of people and done this two billions dollars in damage, normal people are left to scratch their heads. Why is it that whenever police enforce the law or even defend their own lives, mobs of people claiming affinity for BLM start burning, screaming, attacking cops, and stealing things?

This was the case in Philadelphia. A knife-wielding man charged police and was shot for it. This is what one does when charged with a knife. There are, in fact, entire police training videos devoted to the extreme danger posed to police by a man with a sharp blade. If you draw a knife on police officers, you will be shot. Bullets will be put into your body until you stop moving.

And no, police cannot “shoot to wound” or target your legs or your arms, like trick-shooting cowboys. That’s not how deadly force works. The hands and arms alone move faster than a firearm can cycle a shot through. Police are trained to shoot for the center of the body’s mass — and keep shooting until the threat is neutralized.

If you don’t like it, you know nothing about the use of force. If you can’t fathom it, you are not necessarily stupid — just ignorant. I have taken many hours of force-on-force shooting classes. I can tell you with certainty that in the adrenaline rush of a real-life encounter where deadly force is on the line, you’ll be lucky just to hit the center of the target, much less shoot for his limbs as that senile infant, Joe Biden, suggests.

Of course, Biden is the same man who counseled people to “buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun,” chanting like a retarded person, who then advocated “firing two blasts” blindly into the air — an act that will get you arrested in every single state in the United States. Biden was an idiot where guns and use of force are concerned before his demonstrable cognitive decline — a decline the media continues to shield with their bodies, pretending that we’re all just making fun of Biden’s imaginary childhood stutter.

But I digress. The point is not the overwhelming ignorance of use-of-force issues. It’s that any idiot should be able to tell that a man with a knife is not an innocent angel who has been shot down by racists who just wanted to kill him for being black. A man with a knife who charges police is effectively committing suicide.  That’s reality. That’s how the world works. These are facts and they are not in dispute.

If Black Lives Matter is going to burn and attack and assault over the shooting of an armed attacker, they are rioting over nothing. They are telling us that their cause is meaningless. They are explaining to us that certain people should be allowed to commit any crime for any reason, and if they are stopped in the commission of these crimes, it is time to riot.

If that is what BLM now proposes, it’s time we all stopped pretending these are “protests” at all. They are demands for crime to become a racial entitlement — and I’m sorry, but that’s simply not going to work.


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