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We’re All On The Democrats’ Enemies List

That horse-faced, pretentious, petulant child, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, tweeted recently that she wants to put Trump supporters on an enemies list. She wasn’t the only one. Now that they’ve successfully stolen the election from the American people, usurping the presidency and turning America into a banana republic, Democrats want payback.

They’ve vowed all manner of violence against Republicans, including putting us on blacklists, spreading those lists (complete with maps) around society, and presumably denying us jobs, housing, food, and our lives. They want to punish us for daring to disagree with us. They want to put us in camps. They want to make us pay for daring ever to dissent from their glorious communist revolution — and they’re not even trying to pretend this isn’t true. They’re using terms like “Truth and Reconciliation Committee” without any hint of irony whatsoever. Now that the masks have come off the Communists in the Democrat party, they feel completely comfortable baring their vile souls to us.

It became fashionable recently to accuse Republicans of calling for “unity.” This lie — for no serious Republicans have made any such call in the face of the Democrats’ naked theft of the 2020 election — is a means to an end. It’s a way to build a straw man, to accuse Republicans of being hypocrites for laughing in Democrats’ faces over their inability to accept their defeat in 2016. Why, if Republicans were now calling for unity in the face of losing the White House, that would make them craven cowards indeed.

The only problem is that this isn’t what happened. It’s possible that the cowards of The Lincoln Project — a scam peopled by individuals who claim to be Republicans, but who support Democrats exclusively — made such calls, but not actual conservatives, no legitimate Republicans, no earnest libertarians did so. Anyone who is actually right of center (and therefore right) is outraged at the theft, at the statistically impossible “magically found votes” that catapulted Biden-Harris to an illegitimate “win.” There’s probably little we can do to overturn this theft now (which is not to say we shouldn’t try). But even if the Democrats had actually won, rather than stealing the White House, we’d still be in the same place.

That place is a distinct lack of unity. We’ve always known that Democrats are hateful, angry people, people who hate the use of force unless they are doing the forcing. You cannot unite with people who call you deplorable, irredeemable enemies of the state. You cannot unite with people who encourage their mind-numbed followers to confront you and attack you in the street. You cannot unite with people who think any and all dissent must be driven violently from the public square. But most importantly, you cannot unite with thieves.

“But, but, but,” they cry, as an army of unemployed millennial virgins type furiously from their mothers’ EBT-financed apartments and condos, “Hillary won the popular vote, so we were correct not to accept the results of 2016.” Again, one is forced to ask: Were they wrong for four years, when they insisted that they could reject the results of an election they simply did not like… or are they wrong now, insisting that we do what they would not?

This doesn’t touch the vastly different context of the two elections, of course. Republicans won in spite of Democrat perfidy in 2016. Democrats “won” exclusively through theft and deception in 2020. The only people with any moral grounds on which to proclaim “Not My President” to the rafters are Republicans in 2020.

Biden-Harris, a senile infant and a cackling whore, are not president and vice president, nor will they ever be so. They may claim the title for themselves, yes, with all the arrogance of a man grabbing a crown and pressing it firmly on his own brow. But they have won nothing.

Against this backdrop, the hate-filled followers of the Thieves In Chief want us to pay for disagreeing with them. They want to put us on a list. They don’t merely want to force us to comply with their unconstitutional laws; they want to hurt us for ever daring to say that we thought those laws were unconstitutional in the first place.

These are the drones of the Democrat party. These are the faces distended in hate, the lips turned down in perpetual scowls, the empty, vacant stares of people who have no souls. Where other people have spirit, these people have ideology. Where other people have thought, these people have outrage. They know nothing except that you are bad for disagreeing with them. This is their only principle, their only conviction. It’s why they’re speaking openly of putting you on their blacklists now.

This was never about Trump, you see. It wasn’t only that the bad orange man was bad and orange. It has always been that they hate you for your dissent. For the next four years, we would all do well to remember this… and we had all better watch our backs. No matter who you are, no matter how you voted, if you’re not one of the Biden-Harris mob, you are their enemy.

They’ve told you so.

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