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Democrats Are Fantasizing About Overturning Elections (Again)

If you remember The West Wing, you remember that the show was a Democrat fantasy. It was a show about how they wished their president could be, as opposed to the reality that was, say, the oafish Bill Clinton. The show was just one program in a long history of Democrat straw men — attempts to lionize their own side while heaping scorn and defamation on the opposition.

For example, when Rush Limbaugh was rocketing to popularity in his heyday, ardent liberal Henry Winkler starred in a sitcom called “Monty.” The show was an attempt to attack Rush Limbaugh’s character by having Winkler, most definitely a Democrat, play an analog of the Republican Limbaugh. Winkler’s “Monty” was of course a scumbag and a hypocrite. He was what Democrats imagined the world’s most popular conservative talk host to be. Weirdly, a sitcom based on how much liberals hate conservatives was not particularly funny, and “Monty” was mercifully canceled with 7 of its 13 episodes unaired.

More recently, shows like Jeff Daniels’ “The Newsroom” allowed progressives to see their hate for America through the eyes of the type of hard-hitting journalist who exists only in Democrat fantasies. Daniels’ character’s rant about how much present-day America sucks went viral specifically because Democrats agree with it. These are people who hate the Constitution, hate the Founders, hate the liberties our nation has protected traditionally… but who hate, more than anything else, themselves.

That hatred keeps them awake at night. That hatred is what drives them to behave in such absurd, unhinged ways. Democrats who hate themselves defend, protect, and hold up as heroes criminal scumbags like George Floyd and Jacob Blake. Progressives and Democrats who hate themselves draw false moral equivalencies between the actions of bad people and the actions of decent Americans… because for there to be a moral distinction between bad and good would almost always place them in the “bad” category.

They can’t have that — but because it’s true that they’re amoral sociopaths whose only consistent ideological through-line is a desire to see all Americans in government chains from cradle to grave, there’s no way to “prove” they are good people. The only way to salve their hurt feelings when their patriotism is rightfully questioned, when their self-destructive policies are rightfully criticized, when their hypocrisy and double standards are called out, when their lawless acts of anarchy are condemned, is to retreat into worlds of fantasy.

Sure, the real Democrat presidents have been sexual predators like Clinton or sibilant racists like Obama… but if the Democrat president on “The West Wing” is a steely-eyed warrior for truth, then Democrats can feel better about themselves. Sure, Republican policies almost always make the country better off and its people more prosperous… but if a straw man “Republican” politician (played by a Democrat) on a progressive television show is a dirtball, why, that must mean Republicans are all dirtballs in real life. I mean, it wouldn’t be on the screen if it weren’t true… right?

It is with this long history of Democrat fantasies in mind that we must now contend with their latest works of fiction. Just as Adam Schiff manufactured from whole cloth a dialog between an imaginary Donald Trump and… whomever it was Schiff was trying to use to impeach Trump, the Democrats are now “gaming out” what will happen when Trump loses the 2020 election. Why, anything other than a landslide victory for Joe Biden will result in Trump barricading himself in the Oval Office like the Warden in “Shawshank Redemption.” His supporters in their MAGA hats and floral shirts will surround the White House with AR15s, and the ranks of this Trumpian militia will visit violence on anyone who dares try to dethrone their God Emperor.

It sounds absurd because it is absurd. If Trump loses the election, Republicans will complain. That’s what they do. They’ll then spend the next two years buying every survival product, firearm, and firearms accessory that is not nailed down… again, because that is what they do when they are scared. I work in the survival and self-defense Internet markets. I can tell you without hesitation that a Biden win will be incredible for my business. I can also tell you that there is no way on God’s green Earth that Republicans will EVER use violence to overturn an election. They simply aren’t wired that way.

The Left, by contrast, has vowed violence if the promised Biden landslide does not occur. As progressives fantasize about a Boogaloo Coup that will never happen and never would happen, our Democrat-controlled media are already priming us for the days and weeks of vote fraud that will culminate in a Trump win being magically transformed into a Biden victory. If at any point the Left is frustrated in its efforts to steal this election, they will again take to the streets to burn, loot, and murder. We don’t call them BLM for nothing.

That’s the reality. It stands in stark contrast to Democrat fantasies, but then, reality always does. A Trump loss will mean you should fear what your government will do next. A Trump victory, on the other hand, will signal Democrat riots and progressive civil unrest like we’ve never seen.

Understand that. Prepare yourself. Our popular culture may be saturated with Democrat fantasies, but the realities we’ll face in November promise to be much worse than anything progressive script-writers can dream up.

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