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Democrats Have Made “Racism” Meaningless

Fallout from the debate between Trump and Biden continues to feed the news cycle. The primary takeaway from the debate, you are supposed to believe, is that Trump refused to disavow, condemn, or otherwise repudiate “white supremacists.” This refrain has been repeated ad nauseam by the Democrats since before Trump became president. In the minds of a Democrat, every white person — and plenty of people who aren’t white — is a “white supremacist,” where “white supremacist” is defined as “anyone who disagrees with Democrats for any reason and under any circumstances.”

Trump has spent years disavowing everyone from David Duke to white nationalists to white supremacists. This doesn’t matter to the Democrats, of course, who are of the opinion that every Republican is a racist by definition. So often have they accused their opponents of racism, in fact, that allegations of racism have utterly no meaning now. When Democrats started talking about “unconscious bias” and “microaggressions,” when racism became “innate” instead of overt and anyone with white skin was declared to have “white privilege” from birth, the argument became entirely pointless — and entirely stupid.

Interestingly, there is no better example of the collusion by the news media with Joe Biden’s campaign than the repugnant spectacle of Chris Wallace badgering Trump with Joe Biden barking along. The pair were like something out of an old Fred Quimby cartoon, in which a large dog and his yapping sycophant try to bully another anthropomorphic animal. Trump wasn’t having it, and thus most of the members of the news media retreated to their fainting couches. There they clutched their pearls with great and elaborate histrionics, demanding that Trump’s microphone be shut off in future debates… all while ignoring the fact that Chris Wallace was not a moderator, but a participant in the debate.

“Say it! Do it! Say it!” chattered Biden as Wallace hectored Trump. Over and over again they demanded that Trump say the words they wanted — and no matter how many times he indicated he was perfectly willing to disavow white supremacists, that didn’t satisfy them. Trump is a racist, Trump has always been a racist, and Trump will always be a racist, according to Democrats. There is nothing he can do, no bowing and scraping he can perform, no act of obeisance he can make, that will satisfy his dishonest critics.

“How many times do I have to reject?” Trump has said of David Duke, the KKK, and the rest of these imaginary forces of white racism. “…I have rejected it so many times.” But no matter how many times he disavows the KKK and white nationalism, Democrats continue to point and screech like so many Donald Sutherlands in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 

This, of course, is the dirty little secret. White nationalism, white supremacy, the KKK… at this point in America, these are imaginary threats. There aren’t enough white supremacists in the United States to fill a football stadium. There aren’t enough KKK members in North America to constitute a threat to more than a local neighborhood, much less every corner of ever major city in Jussie Smollett’s fever dreams. Yet over and over again we are told, by hysterical Democrats, that white hatred and white violence and white supremacy lie under every rock and behind every tree.

Our government bureaucrats have not helped matters. Various authorities within our own government have issued heavily manipulated reports that start with the conclusion that white supremacy is a threat, then heavily redact and distort the numbers to support that assertion. They do so through a variety of means. This includes everything from changing, inappropriately, the definition of “right wing” and the inclusion of groups under the “white supremacist” umbrella, to carefully selecting the timelines of terror attacks to, for example, exclude 9/11 but include the OKC bombing.

Every time this lie is repeated, it remains a lie. White supremacists have not contributed significantly to terror attacks in the United States — with the singular, notable exception of Oklahoma City. White nationalists have not caused any notable deaths during the years of the Trump presidency — unless you falsely characterize Kyle Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” while continuing to mischaracterize the car accident in Charlottesville as a deliberate attack. (And yes, it was an accident, caused when leftist protesters attacked a Dodge Challenger with baseball bats and the driver panicked, driving into a crowd in the street.)

It was not “white supremacists” who caused 2 billion dollars in damage to the United States over the last half year. It was not “white supremacists” who hunted and murdered a man in the street for the hat he was wearing. It was not “white supremacists” who permanently blinded federal police with high-powered lasers. It was not mobs of “white supremacists” who intimidated people in their homes, woke them from sleep at night, raided businesses, stole food from the mouths of outdoor diners, and blocked traffic while pointing guns and demanding that drivers verbally affirm the mob’s philosophy.

All of these acts of violence were committed by Democrats. Democrats are the real cause of street violence in the United States. Democrats and, most significantly, religious beliefs supported by Democrats are the preeminent domestic terror concern in the United States.

It is Democrats who hate the Constitution and want to destroy the Bill of Rights. It is Democrats who advocate for racial quotas, racial discrimination, and racial hatred. It is Democrats who have been caught committing countless “hate hoaxes” in the United States.

It is Democrats who have done, who are doing, and who will do every act of racial prejudice they now attribute to Trump and Republicans – and this remains true no matter how often they lie about it.

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