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Dollar Shave Club And The Mystery of the Disappearing Paragraph

A couple of days ago, a friend brought this Dollar Shave Club blog post to my attention. The first paragraph of the post, he said, was yet another of Dollar Shave Club’s regrettable statements pandering to Black Lives Matter:

These last few months have really tested the boundaries of our ability to be stressed. Just as you think you couldn’t possibly feel more emotionally taxed amidst thousands of people dying every day from coronavirus, bam! We’re confronted once again with the systemic murder of Black people by police and increasingly blatant fascist suppression of the protests surrounding them. It feels… um…. really bad (words fail me).

Imagine my surprise, then, when I looked at the post myself later that day… only to find that it now begins like this:

Stress will literally make you sick. You feel it emotionally, of course, but its effects creep into your ability to eat well, get enough sleep or maintain healthy relationships. Over time, stress can even kill you. But for some people, one of the more immediate manifestations of stress appears right on their skin, in the form of stress hives. “Stress hives” is basically a blanket term for any type of…

Sadly, an examination of the page address on the Internet Archive shows no snapshot of the earlier version of the page; only one crawled on July 27th, which shows the new version. One might be tempted to think that this is a hoax, and that of course a piece on “stress hives” for a razor company’s marketing blog would not need to force-feed the reader BLM propaganda or anti-Trump rhetoric.

You’d be wrong. DSC came out in favor of Black Lives Matter several weeks ago, issuing a syrupy denunciation of racism that basically said there’s no difference between overt acts of racial prejudice, and the innate, presumed implicit racism of which all white people are supposed to be guilty. That morning, after reading that email from DSC, I canceled my subscription before even getting out of bed.

Now it seems the newly empowered wokesters at Dollar Shave Club felt compelled to issue yet another proclamation in support of BLM and in condemnation of the allegedly “fascist” Donald Trump. (No word from Dollar Shave Club on the fact that the “peaceful protesters” used lasers to permanently blind several “fascist” officers trying to stop the protesters from burning down a federal courthouse.) What are we to make of the fact that, if my source is correct and the article originally began with the statement quoted herein, DSC subsequently scrubbed it from their website?

One is tempted to think that, following another spate of cancellations by their customers, DSC thought better of wedging yet another political statement into a blog meant only to sell overpriced razors and peppermint-scented butt-wipes. The problem with that guess is that we simply cannot assume profit means anything to these people. Over and over again, corporate wokesters have demonstrated that they value ideology over money. They don’t care how much money they lose as long as the correct virtues have been signaled.

When it canceled Live PD to pander to the current anti-cop sentiment, network A&E lost a staggering half of its viewership. The NFL, Major League Baseball, NASCAR… none of these sports organizations seems to care that in shoving Black Lives Matter propaganda down the throats of their fans and viewers, they will inevitably lose money. This is simple math, after all. When organizations that are not explicitly political make political statements, they risk alienating the half of their customer base that disagrees.

There is literally nothing to be gained by getting political if your brand is not involved in politics… and a considerable amount to lose. Yet these entities continue to cut their noses from their faces in some bizarre attempt to prove to people who will never be satisfied that the brands are sufficiently worshipful of, and obeisant to, the scions of political correctness and “woke” popular culture.

So… did Dollar Shave Club lose enough customers that they finally decided to stop flogging BLM talking points? It seems unlikely. Could some editor have seen how ridiculous the article on stress hives looked, in that this political message was forced awkwardly into it? That, too, is unlikely, given that this company thought telling all of its customers that America is a horribly, systemically racist place would do anything but hurt it commercially.

In the end, we cannot know what the folks in charge of the DSC blog were thinking. We can’t know what they believe. We can’t know why they first insulted their customers by telling them how racist they all are… then deleted this insult (if that is, in fact, what happened). No, we can only speculate.

What we do know is that if you are a white man who needs to shave his beard, wipe his butt, or moisturize his hands, Dollar Shave Club doesn’t want your money. That is, unless you enjoy being accused of systemic, implicit, ever-present, incessant racism. If that’s your thing, I guess you should sign up. Me, I’ll be spending my money with a company that doesn’t support racist, Marxist political activists.

But again, that’s just me.

5 thoughts on “Dollar Shave Club And The Mystery of the Disappearing Paragraph”

  1. Yesterday I cancelled my continuing subscription to TotalFark, a website I have visited for 20 years, though with greatly decreasing enthusiasm starting about a decade ago. All because it has become completely taken over by woketard fascists both as mods and as general audience; when pointing out that a former presidential candidate and likely VP choice for Biden publicly admitted the she sucked and fucked her way up the work food chain is randomly labeled “misogyny” by the moderators and posting rights are removed, it is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    They don’t even know what the word means any longer.

  2. I canceled our substitution as well, I’d lost my debit card and before I could send them my new card #, I ended up seeing their propaganda. I got an email saying that they couldn’t process my upcoming order, so I replied back saying “Yeah, about that…” then I explained because I didn’t appreciate their posts on BLM and the way they blasted police officers, I would be canceling my membership . I also pointed out that they only seemed to advertise to men in the newsletters they email to customers each month and that I didn’t need to m see articles on how to shave your balls correctly. Along with that, I only saw crude articles that I didn’t want to read and nothing directed at their female customers which isn’t very woke of them. So my daughter and husband are using up the last of the DSC blades we have and I’m going with The Defender for now at least. They support police officers and the military and they advertise to women as well.

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