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Gaslighting And COVID Hindsight

The execrable Dr. Fauci, de facto Plague King of the United States, reportedly praised New York’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This simple statement tells you everything you need to know about the often-wrong Dr. Fauci, whose proclamations about what Americans can and cannot do became almost daily occurrences for a time. Fauci certainly seemed to be enjoying his unelected authority in telling Americans the many ways their lifestyles must change (and actual data about the pandemic be damned). But Fauci’s praise highlights the gaslighting that Governor Cuomo and our news media have done where COVID-19 is concerned.

For perspective, New York has more than 30,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19 — twice that of its nearest competitor, New Jersey, and six and ten times greater than Florida and Georgia (states with Republican governors whose COVID-19 response has been pilloried in the media). By any measure, New York is not a success story, and its response is not something to emulate. Cuomo waited too long to initiate a lockdown, by which time the lockdown accomplished nothing. New cases during the lockdown were coming primarily among those who claimed to be staying home, too.

Add to that the fact that the subways stayed open (and Cuomo didn’t start having them sanitized until the peak of the outbreak) and you have a formula for failure, but Cuomo didn’t stop there. Oh, no. He issued an executive order that nursing homes could not refuse COVID-19 patients and could not, in fact, even test for COVID-19 before admitting those patients. This guaranteed that the coronavirus burned through New York’s most vulnerable populations, killing thousands of people.

When you look at the graph, the “curve” so often mentioned during this trying time, what you see is that Cuomo’s New York exemplifies the very thing we were trying to prevent. Rather than a slow, gradual curve, which is “flattened” and “lengthened” in order to avoid overwhelming the state’s hospital infrastructure, New York saw the very high spike and then gradual fall-off that is the coronavirus’ natural trajectory when it rips through a populace.

Fortunately, even though we did nothing to flatten the curve, we did not overwhelm our health system. While Cuomo was for a time trying to steal ventilators from private hospitals in order to confiscate them for New York City, it quickly became apparent that ventilators aren’t the best treatment for coronavirus. A hospital ship moored off New York City went unused. Field hospitals set up elsewhere likewise saw no patients. The virus did what viruses do, people died, and while things were very bad, they did improve slowly.

With the most vulnerable New Yorkers largely dead, Cuomo then started taking victory laps while simultaneously shifting the blame for his wretched handling of the outbreak. No, New York is not now seeing the types of spikes that other states are seeing — because those spikes are much farther behind the natural COVID-19 progression than New York. We didn’t “flatten” the curve; we hastened it, encouraging it through our stupidity to make its way through the state. In population-dense New York City, there is a very good chance the majority of the city’s residents have had it and don’t know it.

That is the reason increased testing is not showing massive new jumps in cases in New York. In other states, this deadly virus is indeed spreading to others… because their flatter, elongated curves demand it. By death toll, they are faring no worse than New York, and arguably orders of magnitude better.  But we are told a nipple-pierced freak who presided over 32,000 dead New Yorkers and counting is an exemplar of coronavirus response, while governors in states with ten percent of New York’s death toll are reckless idiots who deny science.

No, New York did not “crush” its curve. No, New York is not the model other states should follow. No, New York did not “handle COVID-19 correctly.” And no, the horrifyingly tone-deaf posters Cuomo is selling on his website, which attempt to lionize his mishandling of the pandemic in New York State, are not something of which to be proud. They are a testament, not only to Cuomo’s failure, but to the willingness of our news media to play along with his fantasies.

There can be no greater compliment to any state governor than for that man or woman to be told, “You did not handle this the way Governor Cuomo did.” There can be no greater indictment of Dr. Fauci’s already paper-thin credibility than for him to praise Kim Jong Andy. It’s clear that people who enjoy the arbitrary and capricious use of executive power, without check and without control, are likely to be ideological fellow travelers. In this, it should then come as no surprise that murdering a-holes like Andrew Cuomo and incompetent tin-plated dictators like Dr. Fauci have mutual regard for each other.

Never forget, however, that Fauci admits the government lied about the utility of masks to retard the spread of coronavirus. Always remember that Sir Andrew Of Nipple Ring himself gave the order that condemned thousands of vulnerable nursing home patients to die. Even as Cuomo struggles to lay the blame on anyone but himself, the reality of his culpability in this disaster does not change.

Andrew Cuomo is not a hero. He is not a leader. And he most certainly is not an example to be followed — unless your goal is to kill innocent, vulnerable people by exposing them to a deadly virus.


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