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Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Chris “Fredo” Cuomo

One of the political “legacy” families of the United States is, without doubt, the Cuomos. Mario Cuomo was longtime governor of New York State, a swaggering idiot who mismanaged New York (and who, notably, despised gun owners). Today, Mario Cuomo’s son, Andrew Cuomo, is governor. The fact that New Yorkers voted into office two members of this dreadful family tells you everything you need to know about the place.

Andrew has outdone in his father in many ways. He is more corrupt than his father, having repeatedly put a stop to investigations in New York that might have exposed his corruption. He is even more contemptuous of Republicans in New York than is father was; Andrew said, in as many words, that there is no place for conservatives in New York. If they didn’t like his mandates, why, they should just get out. (New Yorkers have been taking Andrew’s advice and fleeing the state in droves).

Andrew Cuomo is also notable in that he is the worst governor in the United States — the governor who has overseen the deaths of the most Americans from COVID-19. No less a moron than old “often-wrong” Dr. Tony Fauci praised Andrew Cuomo for the great job Cuomo did in ordering that COVID-19 positive patients be sent to the state’s most vulnerable institutions. The wholesale slaughter of nursing home residents is thus firmly on Andrew Cuomo, who — when he’s not adjusting his nipple rings, presumably — published a poster and a book on leadership celebrating his triumphant handling of the pandemic.

My point is that delusion, contemptible corruption, and vile self-conceit run in the Cuomo family. It is a long-standing tradition among these mobsters, these Democrat gangsters, to lord their power over others, deny reality, gaslight their constituents with the help of complicit news media, and generally do as they please. You might assume, then, that hypocrisy is one of the defining characteristics of “men” like these — and you would be right.

Andrew Cuomo is one of those drones given to chanting “wear a mask, wear a mask, wear a mask.” If pressed, he will proclaim in his gangster accent that “It’s science! It’s science!” But multiple times, Cuomo has been filmed wandering about New York without a mask, including at least one visit to a hospital. He’s been seen on the street among other people more than once without his precious mask. His attitude is the usual, “Rules for thee but not for me” that we are so accustomed to seeing from Democrats.

Given how truly awful Andrew Cuomo is  — and how awful his father before him also happened to be, before Andrew lowered the bar for mismanaging New York State — you’d really have to work at it to be somehow worse. Yet Andrew Cuomo’s brother, Chris Cuomo, manages to do so.

Chris is the “Fredo” of the Cuomo family. If you’ve seen the Godfather films, you know that Fredo was the lesser brother, the weak brother. He was the brother who had to insist that he was smart, that he had ideas, that he was capable of the same greatness as his siblings. Unfortunately for Chris, when he’s not getting caught walking around nude in the background of his wife’s live-streamed yoga videos (yes, this actually happened), he’s hosting a show on CNN. Compared to his governor brother, Chris Cuomo’s achievements pale in comparison… and it’s clear this bothers him.

When Chris Cuomo isn’t joking around on air with alleged sexual predator and incipient alcoholic Don Lemon, or using his CNN show as free political advertising for his brother Andrew, he is wringing his hands about President Trump. Chris “Fredo” Cuomo hates Trump almost as much as he hates being called Fredo. (Chris once threatened to throw a man down a flight of stairs after the man called him “Fredo” at a beer garden.) When President Trump contracted, and quickly overcame, COVID-19, Chris Cuomo went on a lengthy diatribe about how Trump was endangering his supporters.

What everyone seems to have forgotten is that while Chris Cuomo was himself suffering from the coronavirus, he decided to take a day trip with his entire family. The Cuomos piled into a car and drove from their home (in violation of both COVID quarantine and brother Andrew’s restrictions on “unnecessary” travel) to the even more opulent home they are building.

You may recall, also, that Chris Cuomo’s whole family contracted coronavirus while he was supposedly quarantined in his basement. It was during his family’s outing that a neighbor by the construction site confronted Cuomo about being out and about. The contagious Cuomo got into a loud argument with the neighbor, for nobody loves challenging people to fist fights more than Fredo Cuomo.

Cuomo later opined that he didn’t like having to hold his temper, musing about whether he might quit his show. My theory is that he feared he might be terminated for his latest confrontation with a CNN viewer, so he was trying to make it look like his own idea.

The icing on the cake is that even after everyone knew Cuomo had violated his quarantine and infected his whole family, he staged an “emergence” from his basement on CNN. The absurdity of this little pantomime was matched only by the indifference with which his family treated him on camera. It seems they, too, knew this was all political theater.

Chris “Fredo” Cuomo may be the weakest of the Cuomo brothers, but his on-air histrionics put him ahead in one category. As bad a tyrant as his brother was, as dreadful a failure as his father was, Chris Cuomo is without a doubt the biggest hypocrite of his family. He has no business lecturing ANYONE on COVID-19… and no business pretending we don’t all know the truth about him.

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