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It’s Not Trump You Should Worry About

In a recent train wreck of an interview with the sloppy and partisan Chris Wallace, President Trump deflected when asked if he’ll accept the results of the 2020 election. Should he lose, Trump told Wallace, he’d “have to see” about whether simply to accept the results.

If you’re quickly checking for stutters or duplicated alley cats because “Déjà vu is what happens when they change something in the Matrix,” don’t worry. You’re not a human battery trapped in a malfunctioning simulation (I think). No, the question sounds familiar because Wallace contrived the same “controversy” ahead of the 2016 election. It was Wallace who teed up the identical question to Trump during a debate with Hillary Clinton. You’ve probably heard the sound clip of Hillary saying, “That’s… horrifying” in response to Trump’s identical answer.

It’s a manufactured controversy because only an idiot would agree simply to accept the results of an American election without first examining those results for voter fraud.

Vote fraud is as American a tradition as apple pie… if apple pies were made exclusively by Democrats. No Republican will ever win a national election again in the United States — and that’s largely because every Republican candidate must not merely win. No, he must win by a margin decisive enough to overcome the hundreds of thousands of illegally cast, fraudulent, and otherwise manipulated votes of Democrats.

We can dispense with the fiction that vote fraud does not happen. In the last few weeks we’ve seen news story after new story of Democrats caught rigging votes. Mail-in votes are particularly susceptible to Democrats’ fraud, obviously, but there are plenty of other examples.

Have you ever once heard of a voting machine accidentally changing votes in favor of a Republican? No, you haven’t. I had never seen a single instance of Republicans falsifying votes until last month, in fact, when there was finally a news story to that effect.

Now, statistically, I’m sure Republicans do occasionally get snared up in voter fraud. The overwhelming majority of these crimes, however, are committed by Democrats, a fact that is borne out by even a casual examination of the many stories of people caught engaging in this behavior.  The best Democrats can manage in response is to accuse Republicans of “voter suppression” by insisting on such draconian restrictions as that voters be alive, that they vote only once, and that they be American citizens.

Against this backdrop, only an idiot would smile and nod and say that the results of the American presidential election — which takes place after four years of unhinged Democrat screaming over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss — are beyond reproach. Democrats today have forgotten that it was Al Gore who gave us the endless litigation strategy of American electioneering. After he lost, he tried unsuccessfully to engineer more votes for himself by demanding selective recounts in only those counties that might favor him. The Supreme Court had to shut down that effort, but Democrats have wailed ever after that Gore should have won.

Then there are democrats like Stacey Abrams, who is — and there is no way to say this with kindness – a gap-toothed moron. Abrams has engaged in the fantasy that she is the rightful governor of Georgia ever since losing to Brian Kemp in 2018. In this, she exhibits the poor statesmanship of so many of her Democrat peers, who never met an election they could not contest if it did not favor them.

Abrams, however, is an amateur when it comes to delusions of grandeur. It is Hillary Clinton who holds the unquestionable title of Queen of the Sore Losers. Since losing to Donald Trump after the media assured us this was quite impossible, Hillary has been bitching that she was not, in fact, one of the most unlikable candidates ever to screech and cackle her way onto the national stage.

No, it was fraud that cost her the election. It was Roger Stone. It was Russian collusion. It was voter suppression. It was racism. The sun was in her eyes. The dog ate her homework. It was like that when she got there. It was the lizard people living at the Earth’s core. It was anything other than what it really was: She lost a fairly conducted election because she was a terrible candidate.

The irony here is that the very people who clutched their pearls and collapsed, aghast, atop their fainting couches when Trump said he’d “need to see” concerning the results of the election are the very same people who refuse to accept the results of 2016. 

They are the sore losers. They are the deluded authoritarians. They are the ones who believe any election they lose MUST be evidence of fraud and malfeasance. They are the ones who believe it is their divine right to rule us, and any obstacle to that goal must necessarily be evidence that the system is broken.

Where peaceful transitions of power are concerned, it isn’t Donald Trump you need to worry about. Worry instead about Biden and the Democrats, who will cling to power with the tenacity of a rabid, deeply disturbed, thoroughly deluded, and horrifying embittered Hillary Clinton.

But I repeat myself.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Trump You Should Worry About”

  1. Right after Gore the democrats perfected the “recount until we win” strategy in WA state. It was used to get Christine Gregoir installed as governor in an extremely tight election in which she fell short a few hundred votes in the legitimate count, but miraculously made up the difference when “absentee” ballots were counted days later. A few short years later even she admitted that she’d lost that election and it was DNC fraud that put her in the office.

  2. Before Gore, there was the Minnesota election that inflicted Al Franken on us in the Senate. After what looked like a close Republican victory, boxes of votes kept miraculously turning up, all of them—by an AMAZING coincidence—for Franken.

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