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Be Very Afraid Of Kamala Harris

A vote for Joe Biden, we learned yesterday, is a vote for President Kamala Harris. This is a fact; it is not in dispute. There is no way that Joe Biden can complete four years in the most stressful job that exists in American government. The tremendous cognitive decline he has experienced in the last several years is startling. Recently, Republicans ran an ad comparing recordings of Biden now to recordings of Biden from just a few years ago. The difference is stark and, while you could argue the examples are cherry picked, the reality is indisputable.

Every time Biden gives an interview he produces another gaffe and yet more proof of cognitive problems. He is not well and, if elected, his advanced age will be a significant problem. Given the demands on the president, there are only two choices. He will either be a puppet president, steered from controlled photo-op to controlled photo op while others set policy, or he will step down. He may even pass away of natural causes before his term is over. Regardless of the mechanics, he will not be president for long. That means that when you vote for President Joe Biden, you are voting for President Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris is remarkable in that she is actually less likable than Hillary Clinton. She is easily worse than Obama in terms of the policies she would enact. Obama was a racist who hated white people, a man who had spent many years attending a church whose leader preached anti-American, anti-white vitriol. He made no secret of his disdain for whites. His attorney general, also a black man, made no secret of his refusal to prosecute prominent black offenders, such as the armed men who blocked a polling place during an election.

Harris, however, is less politically savvy than even the sibilant Obama. She makes her hatred of whites much more obvious. As President, she would govern even farther to the left. She holds dreadful ratings from conservative groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the National Rifle Association, but 100% ratings from groups like Planned Parenthood. Her Democrat pedigree is thus firmly established. If you hated what Obama did, and wanted to do, to America, you will hate what Kamala Harris tries to do to this nation that much more.

We know Harris is a liar. She lies about even inconsequential things, the way Obama used to do. For example, she claimed to have smoked weed and listened to Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dog in college, but her college years predate either rapper’s first studio album release. This seems inconsequential until you realize that, as a prosecutor, Harris imprisoned people on drug charges for marijuana.

The hypocrisy at play has never really been addressed. Her casual lies over something as simple as music she listened to in college — because, let’s face it, she was pandering to a black audience during the interview on “The Breakfast Club” — are also disturbing, because someone who lies reflexively about little things cannot be trusted to speak with authority on important matters.

There’s something else we need to talk about, something that will be swept under the rug while the campaign moves forward. That is Kamala Harris’ new face.

The face she now wears is not the face with which she was born. She looks — and I am not making a joke here — like a woman wearing a Halloween mask of herself. I’m reminded of the DC comics villain, the Joker, who during one stint actually wore his own face stitched back onto himself. Kamala Harris’ face, coupled with her maniacal cackle, create a disturbing image, yes… but the issue is her judgment. Can a woman who would do this to herself be trusted to make decisions at the national level?

Granted, Kamala Harris’ new face, her casual lying, her hypocrisy, and her obvious hatred of white people are not the reasons you should fear her presidency. You should fear her presidency because, just like Obama, she hates this country. As she made clear during the primaries, she believes America is a horribly unjust place, a racist nation in which people of color cannot get a fair break. Only intrusive, increasingly authoritarian, totalitarian, socialist government policies can correct these injustices… and then only if these measures are salted with a generous helping of white guilt and self-loathing.

As Hillary 2.0 scuttles onto the national stage and begins running her misshapen mouth, her hatred for America will only become more clear. As she speaks, as the date of her coronation draws nearer, your own fear should increase. Yes, you should be afraid of President Kamala Harris. You should be very afraid. Because if Joe Biden wins, it won’t be long before Joe Biden is gone… and this wretched, communist Joker is all that remains.

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