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Leo Guinan Exposes The Emotional Terrorism of Democrats

His name is Leo Guinan and he is a horrible person.

Writing in Medium.com late last week, Guinan wrote a “column” — really a short screed hoping for affirmation — titled, “Today I Gave My Dad A Choice: Trump or His Grandkids and His Son.” After discovering that his father had — gasp — put a Trump sign in his own yard, Guinan got “really pissed” and sent both his parents a hateful text message. In the wall of text that followed, he informed his parents that Trump is a bad orange man who is bad, and therefore, because Leo Guinan is such an upfront and honest person, he would be withholding from his parents any contact with their son or their grandchildren.

“I felt the need to let him know what the stakes really were,” wrote Guinan (who, incidentally, looks exactly like you think he does; he is a moon-faced schlub with a vacuous grin, the sort of “man” who describes himself as a feminist and who tells you his preferred pronouns before you speak to him).

The piece perfectly exposes the brittle, arrogant self-absorption of Democrats. These are people who believe they have the right to dictate to others what those others are allowed to believe. If you express any political opinion with which a progressive Democrat disagrees, you are not just wrong; you are a bad person. Worse, your dissenting opinion is a personal affront, a direct and intended insult, to that Democrat. They will take offense accordingly, as if you have deliberately wronged them through the sin of having your own position on politics.

Can you imagine the emotional terrorism, the unfathomable arrogance of a son presuming to dictate to his parents what they are allowed to believe? Can you imagine the hateful act of extortion that is denying your parents — and your own children — a relationship? Remember, Guinan is not just withholding his children from his parents; he is withholding his children’s grandparents from them, all because his petty political feelings are hurt.

Leo Guinan is so small, so weak, so wretched a human being that believes he can dictate what his family members may think. He demands they vote in solidarity with him, or not at all. I can only imagine the massive disappointment this “man” must be to his dad.

After the piece earned Guinan almost universal condemnation for his hateful, controlling, intolerant behavior, Guinan started lying about it. Three days after the first piece prompted him to lock down his Twitter account (because he couldn’t handle the backlash he was getting ), he wrote a long-winded rationalization, essentially a Pee Wee Hermanesque “I Meant To Do That,” in which he claimed his hateful post was meant to be seen as hate (and thus to drive clicks).

Now, hate clicks are a known phenomenon. “Rage porn” is an art form online. There are many masters at it, some of them more talented than others. Matt Forney’s brilliantly manipulative piece describing why women with tattoos and piercings are “broken” comes to mind; there are few writers more reviled, in some circles, than Forney, and one gathers that this is by design. Writers like that design articles intended to make you mad and to drive your behavior. This is not what Guinan was doing.

Guinan’s attempt to¬† claim he meant to become loathed online simply doesn’t ring true. It would have been brilliant had he written, three days before publishing his first piece, that he was going to show you all how to go viral and get hate clicks, then proved it with his Trump screed. But no; he never meant to do any such thing. He’s only saying that now because he can’t handle the heat and light of having exposed himself as such a terrible person.

On the same day that he published his lengthy list of excuses, Guinan posted another attempt at damage control, this time claiming he apologized to his father — the same man he condemned to a national audience, the same man he ordered to give up his political beliefs and suspend his own opinions because Leo Guinan was holding that man’s grandchildren hostage. Reading between the lines, the only reason Guinan had his miraculous change of heart was that Rush Limbaugh covered the story. Guinan couldn’t handle the attention, so he started furiously typing mea culpas in an attempt to get ahead of the backlash.

Guinan blames “social media,” citing a recent¬† documentary that claims all social media is manipulation (while using the same manipulation techniques to sell its dishonest assertions to the viewing audience). Why, it isn’t that Leo Guinan is a petulant, soy-infused nu-male who believes he has the right to control what others are allowed to think and believe, who arrogantly believes no one with whom he comes into contact may disagree with him. Why, no, it must be social media that gave him the power to disrespect his father to a national audience.

Leo Guinan says he is “sorry that [he] influenced your thoughts and actions via social media.” He says he has deleted all his social media accounts, which were “toxic” to his life. “I found balance in my life through my writing and lost it when I started to involve social media,” he claims.

These, of course, are lies. Guinan isn’t sorry he “influenced” anyone who read his article. He’s sorry that he vented his spleen and that nobody affirmed him for it. He’s sorry he got, not accolades for his declaration of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but criticism for his disrespect and extortion of his own family. He’s not sorry that he’s done irreparable damage to his relationship with his parents; he’s sorry that his national condemnation of the man who raised him did not bring him more positive celebrity.

This is the arrogant, hateful, self-absorbed pettiness of progressive Democrats. These are people who demand you agree with them — or they will punish you. These are people who will put any relationship after their ideology. These are people who care about nothing and no one if they cannot have what they want.

Leo Guinan, and other Democrats like him, are emotional terrorists. We should not negotiate with them.

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