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Living Under Democrat Rule

When Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, the world was treated to images it had not seen before: Distraught Clinton supporters screaming and wailing to the sky in their rage over Hillary Clinton’s loss. In many ways, they behaved as if they had never lost an election before — and some of them were young enough that this might well have been the case. They simply could not wrap their minds around the fact that they could not have what they wanted… and they spent the next four years mounting incessant, dishonest, and even criminal attacks against the President of the United States.

This behavior seems alien to most Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians because we aren’t mentally weak in that way. We’re used to being disappointed. I have been a conservative Republican (with libertarian leanings on some issues) for all of my adult life. I lived through eight years of Bill Clinton and eight years of Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary Clinton was my carpetbagging senator before she ran for President on the grounds that, hey, she lived in the White House when somebody else did the work, so she deserved a chance to rule the country with an iron fist.

This means I live, and have lived for all my life, in New York. It is not possible to get any farther behind “enemy lines,” when you are a conservative, than to live in the Empire State. There should be signs at the border that read, “Welcome to New York; You’re Under Arrest.” Nothing is legal here, everything is strictly controlled, and our governor as of this writing — Andrew “Il Duce” Cuomo — is part of the one of the most corrupt legacy power families in American politics.

Cumo’s father was governor before him (there was a RINO and a couple of corrupt Democrats in between, including one idiot who was blind and another loser who was buying high-priced prostitutes and keeping his socks on during sex) and he basically holds his position for life. This is because, in New York, there is no such thing as representation for Republicans. Cuomo, in fact, said several years ago that if you have a problem with any of his Democrat policies, there is no place for you in New York.

That’s right; a man who was supposedly elected to be governor of all the people of New York basically told about half of them to get the hell out. If the political parties were reversed, prejudice like this would be national news. Because Cuomo is a Democrat, however, he can do whatever he wants. There will never be any consequences for it, because the population density of New York City guarantees that only Democrats win positions of power in this state.

I say all this because I want to stress that I, like all Republicans living in the post-2020 era, live in enemy territory. I live in a fallen land ruled by corrupt power-brokers who issue unconstitutional edicts while exempting themselves from their own rules. I have many years of experience with the psychological effects of living somewhere over which Democrats have power. I understand what it’s like, I know what it’s doing to you, and I know how it makes you feel.

And I want to help you.

In the coming weeks I will be writing, and making available for purchase, the book Living Under Democrat Rule: A Survival Guide For Republicans, Conservatives, & Libertarians. The purpose of the book is to give you strategies you can use, coping mechanisms you require, and inspiration you desperately need to get through the next four years. It isn’t easy to acknowledge, without depression or anger, that we live in a fallen world. It isn’t easy to accept the fact that our presidential election can be stolen — or that we’re all in danger once Democrats take control.

That is the point, after all. We’re entering an unprecedented time of danger. A syndicated talk show host I used to listen to was fond of saying, “When Democrats are in charge, bad things happen.” There’s very true. We’re going to see damage to our economy; we’re going to see destruction abroad; we’re going to be in a worse position in terms of our foreign policy. When Biden is pushed out of the White House and Kamala Harris seizes power, things will be that much worse. We’re going to have to live with all this AND with the specter of our electoral process having been usurped. If the Democrats can steal this election, they’ll work to steal every subsequent one. That’s going to be hard.

Difficult, however, is not impossible. Just because the fight is hard does not mean we should not fight in. In fact, we must fight it — and we will. I, and Red As Hell, will help you in every way possible. That starts with a book like Living Under Democrat Rule… which will equip you with strategies, methods, and coping mechanisms to get you through these dark times, Until Republicans once again have power, we’ll become “the resistance.” That’s not by choice, but by necessity.

We can do it. I know we can. I’ll help you.

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