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No, Republicans Don’t Need A “Safe Space”

It’s been said that “The Left can’t meme.” This is very true. Democrats are a humorless, easily offended, brittle, fragile group of people. For this reason, they get very upset when they are criticized. When a criticism sticks, they fly into their usual histrionics, venting their spleens as they dive for their fainting couches.  Very few things bother them as much as being called “cucks,” “soy boys,” “snowflakes,” or other terms that stuck hard where leftists are concerned. One criticism they’re particularly sensitive to, though, is their need for “safe spaces.”

Democrats and their safe spaces grew out of the incessant need for progressive “intellectuals” to have zones where they could be safe from even accidentally confronting an opinion they dislike. When the first stories of literal safe spaces, physical boundaries on American college campuses where certain people or opinions were forbidden, the idea was so perfectly absurd that the stories spread quickly.

Progressives hurt their own cause further by demanding any and all dissent be censored and incorrectly characterized as hateful. This is the rationale through which they even now abuse the third party protections of social media “platforms” while behaving like partisan publishers.

Criticizing them for this hypocrisy, for this weakness, hurts them very much. Democrats are, as a general rule, particularly weak people; it’s why they embrace the ideology of fascist government control. When you’re a  whiny baby, you need Uncle Sugar to control everything. When you’re a mewling man-child or a shrieking harpy, you need Big Daddy Government to free you from the horrible, horrible burden of being free to make your own choices. The benefit of living in a totalitarian police state — the utopia leftists seek to create — is that you never have to take personal responsibility for anything. Leftists hate taking responsibility almost as much as they hate free speech.

It is in this weakness that leftists get so very hurt when you criticize them. I remember when the party that blames America first in all things, the party that makes such loud noises about how much they hate America and its Constitution and the protections of the Bill of Rights, got their noses bent out of joint when Republicans actually started criticizing Democrats’ patriotism. This was why the Democrats tried to redefine patriotism as standing up against the government and criticizing the president… until Obama was elected. Then all that changed. (Why, after Obama was elected, if you dared criticize the president, you were a racist.)

But I’m starting to veer off topic, and this is important. Leftists get very angry when you criticize them for their pitiful weakness. They’re very weak as individuals; it’s why they draw so much strength from the mob, why they show so much false bravado when they have a pack of fellow communist animals to back them up. There’s a reason that any time a mob of Democrats attacks a conservative, they vastly outnumber their victim. Democrats do not like it when the odds are fair.

In their hatred for criticism, in their burning anger over being called out for their intellectual and ideological weakness, they are constantly trying to turn the insults around. It amounts to a kind of Pee Wee Hermanesque “I know you are, but what am I?”

This is literally all they can do. So it is that leftists, who are constantly outraged — or “triggered” — over the slightest things, will claim that Republicans must be “triggered” if a Republican dares express even the mildest disagreement over anything. The contexts are completely different; it is not the the case that you are “triggered” if you simply disagree. But liberals are nothing if not completely unable to reason, so they persist in their failed memes and their attempts to redirect biting insults.

Most recently, this took the form of accusing Republicans of needing a “safe space.” After social media censorship on Facebook and Twitter grew so obvious that it became a farce, the biased and distorted coverage of the 2020 election was the last straw. So many conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans got so fed up with Facebook’s lying “fact checks” that they decided to leave for sites like Parler, Gab, and MeWe. So many people joined Parler, in fact, that they broke the site. It took a few days for the management to ramp up capacity to meet the new demand.

Liberals were quick to sneer that Republicans leaving Facebook and Twitter for sites like Parler meant that conservatives need a “safe space.” Nothing could be further from the truth. When the rules are applied fairly, when their accounts are not shut down out of bias and political prejudice, right-wing thinkers dominate social media. They get more likes. They get more shares. They command more traffic. They’re more than happy to be confronted with opinions they dislike — and to argue their convictions. It is the leftists, the liberals, the progressives who demand a “safe space,” and who (because they control the major social media sites) have been abusing their “platform” status to purge dissent.

Nothing says “I need a safe space” quite like lying with “fact checks” to disclaim all opinions you dislike. Nothing says “I need a safe space” quite like colluding with other tech giants to “deplatform” people who have broken no rules. Nothing says “I need a safe space” quite like all the shrieking by liberals to censor conservatives on Facebook and Twitter.

No, progressives, it isn’t Republicans who don’t feel “safe” confronting dissenting opinions. It’s you. It’s always been you. You’re angry, not just because you’re weak, but because conservatives humiliate you and own you with painful regularity online. You’d like to stop that from happening — and the only way you can do it is by changing the rules to favor you. You may well succeed in driving conservatives from social media — but if you do, it will be for the same reason that you “won” the 2020 election: you cheat because you can’t win a fair fight.

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