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No, The BLM Protests Weren’t “Peaceful”

The “mostly peaceful” trope has become so ridiculous that it has achieved self-parody. As Democrat-controlled media outlets bend over backwards to lie, deflect, and make excuses for the rioting animals who are burning down our nation’s cities, destroying its small businesses, and murdering individuals based on the political statements on their baseball caps, the media has turned its gaslighting up apace. When they’re not looking us in the face and swearing that what we’re seeing is not what we’re seeing, they’re inventing new tortured phrases to dissemble and obfuscate when reporting the “news.”

These attempts have failed and, worse (from the perspective of the Democrats) have given their enemies ample meme fodder. When a man stands in front a building engulfed inflame, destroyed by rioting arsonists, and tells us that what we are seeing is “mostly peaceful,” we rightly make fun of him. Given how many times these “peaceful” protests have “intensified” (somehow magically becoming violent, murderous riots in which mobs bully and assault innocent people), it was only a matter of time before the Democrats went back to another deceitful tactic: statistics.

You know the phrase: There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. It isn’t that statistics don’t tell the truth. They can and they often do. The problem is that most people never read beyond a headline, never analyze how the study was conducted, never look at the sample or whether it was controlled, never consider whether conclusions drawn from the statistics are justified. Most people can’t separate causality from correlation; most people can’t tell when a stastical sample is skewed; most people can’t be bothered to look any farther than a number that supposedly “proves” what they want it to prove.

That is why the Democrats, desperate to persuade the American people that violent race riots are not happening in the United States, have turned to the lies, damned lies, and statistics to “prove” their point. The latest action line is a report that “finds that 93% of Black Lives Matter protests in the US were peaceful.” From this we are supposed to conclude that all the media reports of violent riots and assaults are right-wing, white-supremacist fabrications. The riots aren’t happening, the protests aren’t violent, and Black Lives Matter and Antifa aren’t domestic terror organizations. After all, “independent” fact checkers on Facebook say so.

The problem with this particular statistic is that it is utterly meaningless. Nobody is complaining about the 9 out of 10 protests consisting of groups of entitled people chanting mindless slogans about how they are oppressed and demanding that due process and free speech be denied the objects of their ire (all while they demand the former and engage in the latter). No, we are complaining about the slightly less than 1 time out of every 10 in which these “protests” became violent riots that killed people, burned property, destroyed small businesses, indebted dozens of cities across the country, and which saw the Democrat-controlled authorities in those cities look the other way while a mob behaved as violently as it wished without any fear of consequences.

Stated another way, nobody is concerned about the overwhelming majority of airliners that take off and land safely. They are concerned about the small percentage that do not. If an airliner crashed at the airport where you were waiting for a plane, you would not tell your friends and family that it was a “mostly pleasant” day. You’d be very, very worried about that one case from among many that ended in destruction and death.

We can play this statistical game endlessly. I don’t CARE that the “majority” of protests aren’t violent. To paraphrase Chris Rock, your protests are SUPPOSED TO BE non-violent.  The reason decent people are upset is because the statistical “minority” of BLM and Antifa rioters have inflicted staggering amounts of damage on our nation in a surprisingly short amount of time… and nothing, it seems, will appease them.

In Minneapolis, where the riots first began in May, total damages could cost the city as much as $500 million. In Chicago, property damages alone were estimated to be worth approximately $20 million. Portland, Oregon, has seen at least 23 million in total damages. The total cost of the riots, nationwide, will likely be higher than ANY protest in American history, and that includes the nearly one and a half BILLION dollars of damage done in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots. In Manhattan, BLM rioters caused nearly $100,000 in damages in a single weekend. The numbers will only climb higher.

No, the riots are not “peaceful.” They are not even “mostly” peaceful except strictly in the statistical sense.  If one member of a family of five is murdered, we do not say that the family is “mostly” fine. If only two of a half dozen home invaders raped members of that family, we do not say the invaders were “mostly harmless.”

These race riots have done hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to the cities of the United States. They have killed dozens of innocent people. They have led to the injury and even death of multiple police officers. They are undermining our nation’s faith in law and order, destroying our infrastructure, disenfranchising our law enforcement, and terrifying the people of the United States.

No, that is not “mostly peaceful.” That domestic terrorism, and that is what BLM and Antifa have inflicted on our nation.

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