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No, Trump Is Not A “Climate Denier” or a “Climate Arsonist”

Stuttering, stumbling, slurring, muttering, and mumbling his way through yet another teleprompted speech recently, Slow Joe Biden accused Trump of being a “climate denier” and a “climate arsonist.” The logic seems to be that if you don’t agree with crippling our economy in the name of stopping “global warming,” you hate science, puppies, apple pie, and all that is good in the world. Climate change, we are told, somehow magically causes forest fires, in the way that climate change magically causes everything.

You may have noticed that climate activists only use the term “global warming” when talking about fires (and sometimes storms). For the most part, they pivot to “climate change” whenever contentions of global “warming” are easily mocked. They’ll talk about “extreme weather events” as a way of blaming anything and everything on what Michael Knowles calls “the sun monster.” It is as close to a cult as any sort of environmental belief, because it is rooted in the deep and abiding faith that no matter what occurs, it is man-made climate change causing it.

Too warm? Climate change. Too cold? Climate change. Too much rain? Climate change. Not enough rain? Climate change. Horrible winter storms? Climate change. Mild winter? Climate change. Hot summer? Definitely climate change. A plague of locusts, rivers turning to blood, and toads raining from the sky? Probably climate change, but more likely that Trump was elected and the Sun Monster is angry.

Only the thinnest of evidence is ever offered — if we can even call it “evidence” — for this contention that global warming causes wildfires. Yes, California is on fire… but then, California always seems to be on fire. How a fractional increase of an aggregate degree over such-and-something-or-other time period is supposed to lead directly to fires rampaging out of control is never quite specified. But then, climate activists can never quite articulate why how fracking causes earthquakes or how “global warming” causes increased hurricanes, either. They’ll occasionally offer a theory for which there is little actual substantiation, but honestly, it mostly comes down to them wringing their hands and believing that these things are true.

You know what’s actually causing fires in California? Decades of poor forest management, in which environmentalists — desperate not to interfere with Mother Nature — allowed California’s forests to fall to neglect. This neglect creates conditions that inevitably lead to fires. This, in the absence of human habitation, is the eventual life-cycle of all forests, after all. But there’s another reason that Biden calling Trump a “climate arsonist” is such a laughable bit of projection and fantasy. That’s because California’s fires are also the result of actual arson — by Democrats.

Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media have been quick to call Democrat arson a “conspiracy theory.” Why, never you mind that multiple people with ties to Antifa and BLM have been arrested for arson in California. If we stick our fingers in our ears and hum really loudly, we can pretend that didn’t happen. It’s also a bit… inconvenient… that BLM and Antifa activists have been caught on camera chanting that they want to burn down the entire country. Yes, they’ve said so explicitly (while rhyming). Then there are the hundreds of millions of dollars in arson damage they’ve already caused this summer. Does “climate change” cause mass gathering of violent Democrats? It would appear so.

Democrats use terms like “denier” very intentionally. The word is evocative of “Holocaust denier,” so it immediately paints the target as a bad person. It also presumes the truth of their assertions. If you disagree with any tenet of the climate change activists’ faith system, you “denying” the undeniable truth, rather than simply coming to a different conclusion. You are not permitted to disagree. There are no other sides to the issue; there is what climate change activists fervently believe, and then there are all other “wrong” opinions.

Even if we were to stipulate that “global warming” is man-caused and that we could do something to change it, the activists’ solutions always seem to be to cripple our economy and plunge millions of people into abject poverty. We’ve had our six-month free trial of crippling the economy, thanks. I don’t think we can afford to sign on permanently. Presented with the reality of this situation, climate activists never have an alternative, either. They are more than willing to chop off their own noses to spite their faces — if only they can then feel good about how they’re “saving the Earth.”

Donald Trump is not a “climate denier.” He certainly is not a “climate arsonist,” whatever that ridiculous term is meant to mean. Donald Trump is a businessman, who believes the American economy should be allowed to thrive. If he loses in November and the Democrats get the chance to implement their beliefs, we will all suffer. The Cult of Global Warming hates humanity, including its own adherents. It falls to us, in November, to stop them from “saving” us to death.

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