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No, Trump Is Not A Dictator (And He Won’t Serve 3 Terms)

It’s been said that if it weren’t for double standards, the political left in America would have no standards at all. This has never been more true than when considering the Democrats’ fascination with overturning and stealing elections. Donald Trump was asked, in the debates leading up to the 2016 election, if he would “accept” the outcome. Trump would only say that he would have to see — a smart answer, when dealing with people who have no qualms about lying.

Disgraced groper Al Franken won his election when ballots were magically found to put him over the top in a close contest. In Georgia, gap-toothed Stacey Abrams lost the election for governor and has been grinding away pretending she really won ever since. Her delusions would be amusing if they were not shared by Democrats across the nation. Whenever a Democrat wins an election, the election must have been fair and just, to hear them tell it. Whenever a Democrat loses, something is very wrong with the system, some fraud has been perpetrated, and any action a Democrat takes to steal the election is justified in his or her mind.

We have Al Gore to thank for the Democrats using the courts to overturn election losses. While Gore was unsuccessful and was finally forced to concede to Bush, today’s Democrats have no intention of allowing that to happen again. They have been screeching impotently to the sky ever since losing in 2016. There is nothing they will not to do to steal 2020.

To that end, Biden has already announced that he’s hired an army of 600 lawyers to contest the outcome. You might think the time to hire lawyers is after you’ve seen the outcome, but of course, that’s not how Democrats operate. They will challenge the outcome if Biden doesn’t win, period. No less an evil shrew than Hillary Clinton has already given the game away, in fact, in calling for a “massive legal operation” to ensure a Democrat victory (no matter how fraudulent). She said the quiet part out loud, as Ben Shapiro is fond of saying, when she announced that Biden should not concede “under any circumstances.” That includes circumstances in which he loses the election.

Laughably, Clinton talked about the “force of intimidation” that “Republicans and Trump” would pout outside polling places — forgetting that the only memorable instances of voter intimidation at polling places were when armed Black Panthers tried to stop white voters from entering polling places (acts of naked voter intimidation that Obama’s Attorney General declined to pursue on the grounds that black people basically could commit whatever crimes they wanted while Holder held the office). When Trump said he would have to wait and see what occurred during the elections, Hillary intoned, “That’s… horrifying.” The same woman who screeched and screamed and demanded that Trump “accept the results” then spent the next four years whining and moaning that she was not president. (She managed to make Stacey Abrams look like an amateur by comparison, in fact.)

Meanwhile, a recent editorial in The Atlantic threatens violence if Democrats lose in 2020. The editorial promises more “street battles” if Biden does not win, and insinuates that the only way to prevent violence is to elect Biden. This is nothing short of extortion. “Nice country you have there,” say the Democrats. “Be a real shame if it burned down because you didn’t elect our senile idiot of a presidential candidate.” Even Biden himself managed to say that we “can’t take four more years of this.” The implied threat was clear. Give Democrats what they want or they’ll continue burning, rioting, and murdering anyone who does not agree with them.

These are the same people, mind you, who are absolutely convinced that Trump is a would-be dictator and a fascist. Never you mind that at almost every opportunity, Trump has refused to take more power for the federal government. The pandemic presented an unprecedented opportunity for this, but Trump deferred to the states instead. He has cut government regulation and seems repeatedly to dislike becoming entangled in foreign wars. These are not only qualities that few American presidents have shared (at least in recent memory). They are also qualities utterly incompatible with tyrannical dictators.

I know some of Trump’s critics are convinced that his supporters will ring the White House and attempt a coup if their God Emperor is not reelected. This is ridiculous. It isn’t Republicans who are in the streets burning cities. It isn’t Republicans who are rioting. It isn’t Republicans who are hunting and murdering Democrats in American streets (and no, Kenosha was not an example of that). Only Democrats are burning the country. Only Biden supporters are plotting to steal the election at any costs. Only Democrats have vowed not to accept the results if their candidate loses in November.

It isn’t Trump you need to worry about. He’s not a dictator — and he’s repeatedly demonstrated himself to be anything but. Yes, he enjoys trolling Democrats, which is why he has repeatedly joked about a third (or fourth) term. But nobody who is not completely blinded with hatred for Trump actually believes he means that. If you are worried about the integrity of American elections, worry not about Trump, but about the people who have promised, out loud, to steal the 2020 election. THEY are the would-be dictators — and they are the ones who will make us all pay if they take power.


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  1. Kennedy vs Nixon was the example I was raised on. Reputable historians will readily admit that JFK’s dad had engaged the Daley Machine to deliver Chicago, and therefore the state of Illinois, to push JFK over the edge. Nixon likely won in 1960.

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