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No, Trump’s Impeachment Trial Isn’t Constitutional

The Democrat-controlled Senate just voted that Democrats think Trump’s impeachment should be constitutional. That is the only thing they determined. Democrats hate Trump because Democrats hate anyone who does not obey them, anyone who dares defy them. Now that they have seized total control of our government, they intend to punish the thorn that was lodged firmly in their flanks for four years.

It’s ironic that news that “Trump’s impeachment is constitutional” is being carried on the same breath as reports of the “shadow cabal” that somehow “fortified” the 2020 election. Comparison’s to OJ Simpson’s book, If I Did It, were immediate and warranted. The Powers That Are are laughing at you — and now they’re rubbing in your faces the fact that they manipulated the election to put their puppet Joe Biden in power.

This, you see, is what Trump’s impeachment is all about. It’s about getting revenge.  That is all that Democrats think about, after all: power, control, and punishing anyone who denies them the first two. They live, sleep, and breathe the fear that somebody, somewhere, is living his or her life in a manner of which Democrats do not approve, and thus any means justifies the end of putting Democrats in power.

This is why the Democrats rigged our media to censor stories harmful to their candidates. This is why Democrats removed so many election integrity measures before the 2020 elections. This is why social media and the Big Tech oligarchs play their “fact check” games to shield Democrats (and Democrats only) from the consequences of their words.

There is no better example of this constant abuse of Democrat control than the inescapable labels of “missing context” that appear on the image of Joe Biden telling a factory worker, “I don’t work for you!” It’s clear that Biden is angry, as he so often gets when confronted by his voters (whom he genuinely seems to despise). Anyone who does not bestow on that senile infant sufficiently adoring praise can expect to be insulted with some bromide from 1940s news reels.  “Look here, Jack, you dog-faced one-trick pony soldier fat, I don’t work for go you know the thing!” Biden might say. That sentence is as cogent as many things he’s uttered in the last few years.

You and I both know Biden said, “I don’t work for you,” angrily dismissing the worker’s concerns over Biden’s hatred for the Second Amendment (and his woeful ignorance on guns overall). This is, after all, a man who chanted creepily, “Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun,” before telling people to fire recklessly into the air in order to “scare away” intruders (in lieu of buying an AR15. In fact, entire compilation videos of Biden employing his unnerving pedophile-whisper could be (and probably have been) put together, but they, too, would be “fact checked” as untrue… even though we can watch the videos for ourselves.

The Democrat “fact checkers” delight in gaslighting us with their defenses of Democrats. They rated an article as “mostly false” because it pointed out that Alexandra Ocasio-Smollet-Cortez wasn’t in the Capitol during the riot, despite all her lurid reenactments of her alleged brush with death. No matter what a Democrat says, Snopes and other Democrat “fact checking” organizations can find a way to spin it in defense of Democrat politicians and media figures. No such defense is ever made where Republicans are concerned, even though there are plenty of posts and memes on social media defaming us. The fact checkers aren’t there for you, silly right-wingers. They exist ONLY for “liberals.”

All these efforts at propaganda, all these elements of the Democrat-controlled levers of power and institutions of culture and government in our society, pale in comparison to the lies of Democrat politicians themselves. These politicians have absolved themselves of any responsibility for following the Constitution. These politicians have declared, in their great wisdom, that Trump can be impeached even though he’s no longer in office. The High Priests and Priestesses of Woke have spoken! Trump can be impeached because the people impeaching him say so!

While this circus is ongoing, therefore, it is very important that we remember that it is completely and utterly unconstitutional. Even the judges of the Supreme Court understand this, which is why the Chief Justice (himself an ardent Democrat) is not presiding over this farce of a “trial.” There is nothing legitimate about this impeachment trial, just as there is nothing legitimate about the machinations that put Democrats in position to ram the trial down our throats.

No, Trump’s impeachment trial is not constitutional. Do not ever dignify it by believing that it is. This is political revenge and nothing more, worth less than the paper on which Democrats scribble their indictments of Trump. And while these idiots fiddle to accompany their hymns to their own righteousness, our nation continues to burn down around our ears.

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