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Progressives Hate Masculinity Because They Have None

A recent controversy over some pop star or other wearing women’s dresses on the cover of Vogue magazine has touched off something of a national debate on masculinity. Clearly, real men don’t wear garments created and intended for women.

You’re free to do so if you wish; I don’t care. Just don’t try to tell me that what you’re doing represents some “new” standard of masculinity. It doesn’t and it never will. Masculinity is hard-wired. It’s a function of biology, a product of evolutionary psychology. You can pay lip service to denying it all day long, but you will never change it.

I’ve often wondered what sort of “man” you have to be in order to be male and an ardent Democrat. Where traditional “gender roles” are concerned, Republican values — conservative ideals — coincide with masculine values. Republicans value strength, independence, self-reliance, and individuality. They reject collectivism, socialism, Marxism, and the various other creeds of weakness that encourage humans to prey on one another.

Democrats, in their support for these collectivist values, are basically aligning themselves with weakness, with dependence. While those aren’t feminine values, neither are they masculine ones. What this means is that you can’t be a real man and also be a zealous Democrat.

By this I mean I mean that traditionally masculine values, the core of what it means to be a real man, precludes voting for Democrat politicians. I know that sounds deliberately provocative, but hear me out. The two belief systems — masculinity versus the Democrat party platform — are mutually exclusive. I will explain.

Men don’t fear guns; Democrats do. To become conversant in weapons, to train in their use, to learn how to defend yourself with the tools of force, is a decidedly masculine value. It speaks to the traditional role of the man as warrior and protector. Men are larger and more aggressive than women; it stands to reason that men would fill this role as a facet of biological reality. A man who fears weapons, who wants to see weaponry banned, who thinks warriors are scary or even obsolete, is not a man at all. In his fear he has given in to weakness, the opposite of the masculine ideal.

Men know how to fight; Democrats don’t. This is closely related to Democrat support of “gun control.” Most Democrats can’t fight to save their lives. Most of them are extremely weak people. Oh, they’re dangerous in mobs, such as when Antifa or BLM get together to assault someone for wearing a MAGA hat, but individually they’re extremely weak, frightened people. The confidence that comes from knowing how to fight, and the ideal of the self-assured fighting man, are traditionally masculine values.

Yes, there are exceptions. Occasionally you’ll meet a Democrat whose masculine nature is at war with his progressive brainwashing. That produces anger and aggression; it’s why Alec Baldwin occasionally roughs up a paparazzo. There exist in this world men who have tamped down their natural inclinations in order to comply with Democrat indoctrination. The result is that when they do act out, they do so violently and irrationally — as any man would who is at war with his own nature.

Men provide for their families; Democrats expect somebody to take care of them. This is why Democrats endorse robbing people who produce to give free money to people who don’t. It is simply morally wrong to take from one man against his will in order to give it someone else. Charity, to be charity, must be voluntary. If it is involuntary, it’s theft.

Men don’t fear free speech; Democrats do. Democrats, and only Democrats, are calling for widespread censorship of opinions they dislike. A real man does not fear dissent. He does not live his life sweating bullets at the thought of overhearing an opinion of which he disapproves. He either argues his case or he doesn’t, but he doesn’t fear speech. If you’re a Democrat, you support censorship by definition. That’s a function of the party’s platform and a frequent demand of its exponents. Censorship is contrary to any masculine ideal.

Men don’t consider traditional masculine values to be toxic; Democrats do. The phrase “toxic masculinity” is a favorite straw man of the Left, in fact. It is a meaningless term; it is an attempt to redefine as undesirable the traditional behavior of masculine men.

Real men go after what they want; real men speak their minds; real men don’t care what you think about it. These are all traits considered “toxic” by Democrat cowards. If they can’t redefine masculinity as toxic in and of itself, they conflate criminal behavior with masculine ideals, hoping for guilt by association.

What all this means is something you won’t like if you voted for Biden. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but men don’t vote Democrat. Men vote for Republicans, conservatives, or libertarians. They vote to protect individua liberty. They vote for independence. They vote for self-reliance. They vote to protect the Constitution as written. They do not vote for Democrats, for socialists, for weaklings who want to ban anything they do not like.

Democrat males have abdicated their masculinity. Progressives therefore hate masculinity, because they possess none themselves.

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