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Stop Treating Trump Supporters Like They’re Evil

I remember the moment I realized that a friend I’d had for 20 years was no longer speaking to me. Over the years, the fact that I’d spent almost a decade writing political columns had occasionally caused friction between us. I have always believed that adult friendships are based on the ability to walk away from a conversation thinking, “Well, that guy’s wrong,” and not let it bother you. But as many a right-winger has discovered, left-wingers are not comfortable with diversity of opinion. You either agree with them or you committing an affront against them. To a leftist, your opinions are not just wrong; they are actively dangerous, and that makes you “deplorable” and an “enemy of the state.”

This matters because it has come to justify infringements on the rights of the Right. If you are a conservative, if you are a Republican, if you are a libertarian, there is a measurably greater chance you will be censored on and ejected from social media. More importantly, however, you may well have your ability to make a living impaired when your bank or your payment processor decides that you are persona non grata. This is because these institutions respond to the faintest pressure from popular culture — and popular culture is controlled by the Left. If a hate group like the Southern Poverty Law Center declares your opinions “hate” (because they are not left-wing enough), your life and your livelihood will be injured. Period.

In other words, those on the Left effectively have more rights than those on the Right.

This is the direct result of the effort to marginalize all opinion that is not “progressive.” At one time — and I don’t pretend to know exactly when that was, now — it was understood that there were two sides to any political issue. Those on the Right believed one thing. Those on the Left believed another.  We knew, as a society, that both points of view were within the realm of mainstream thought, that a reasonable person could hold either set of opinion and not be “expunged” from society. We knew that both sides held potentially valid points, regardless of where we landed in drawing conclusions about politics.

All that has changed. Now, the Left treats the Right as just so many monsters — an infestation that must be fumigated out of polite society. Multiple high-profile Democrats have claimed that Republicans should be made to feel unwelcome and unwanted in every walk of public life, from restaurants to gas stations to the public square (online and in person). Fringe groups like Antifa have said that anyone they mischaracterize as “fascists” — meaning anyone who does not agree with their Communist political ideology — should be “afraid” to be in public. They have pursued multiple violent attacks toward this end.

Social media, owned by Leftists, is not just actively shielding the senile infant Joe Biden in censoring any topic deemed harmful to Biden’s campaign. They are also actively removing from their platforms any high-profile Republican individual or group who might constitute an obstacle to Biden’s coronation. Even The Babylon Bee, a satire site, was mischaracterized by Facebook as a “dangerous group.”

You see, any time you make a Democrat feel criticized, you make them feel “unsafe.” On these flimsy grounds they may justify any number of acts of censorship. Why, the very words you are reading must be carefully selected lest some petty censor conclude they are somehow harmful and thus prevent you from reading them.

All of this, this thought control, this enforcement of thoughtcrime, this marginalization of anyone who is not a panting, bedwetting Marxist, this vilification of Republicans in every walk of life and in every outlet for news and entertainment, is the direct result of Democrats deciding they must never see or hear an opinion with which they disagree.  When my friend of 20 years decided that my Republican opinions were personally insulting to him and dangerous to the world at large, he was not only judging how my beliefs “affected” him. He was also concluding that no one in his sphere of acquaintances has the right to come to different political conclusions and express them.

This attitude, writ large, is the Democrat approach to politics. They presume that only their opinions are right, but further, they assert that only their opinions are legitimate. It’s not that your wrong if you disagree; it’s that you don’t have the right to dissent. This is why they have conflated speech and violence. It’s why they have conflated criticism and “hate.” This is why they have mischaracterized any disagreement with their orthodoxy as “dangerous.” And this is why they sneer at us and call us “deplorables” and “MAGgots.”

A free society that has marginalized dissent is no longer free. A free people who vilify one set of opinions are no longer a community. The drawing up of battle lines, the balkanization of American politics, is the direct result of Democrats’ inability to cope with disagreement. In their hatred for free speech, in their desire to silence all dissent, in their demonization of their ideological opponents, they have made their position very clear.

They do not like you, and if they take power in November, they are going to punish you with the law. They will do it, not because it’s Constitutional (it isn’t) and not because it’s good for the country (it won’t be). Instead, they will do it for the reason they pass every infringement on your individual rights:

Because they can.

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  1. I clearly remember it was in the 70s the first time I heard some hippie declare that someone was actually “evil” because of their political beliefs. Apparently, even though he spent what cash he had on beer and weed, he was “entitled” to unlimited medical treatment with any expectation of payment and only a “monster” would believe otherwise.

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