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The Coming Democrat Tyranny Starts With The Courts

Any reasonable person should be disturbed by the Democrat attitude toward power. Whereas Republicans have long understood that political power ebbs and flows, much like the movement of a pendulum, Democrats have given up on the idea. They have decided that it is their Divine Right to rule over us, to control our lives, to make us toe their line every second of every day. From cradle to grave, from dawn to dusk and overnight too, Democrats wish to make you comply. If you disobey, you will be punished — and if ever they lose an election, clearly, something must be wrong with the very electoral system.

This is the reason for their naked grab for power. Should the Democrats seize the Senate in November, they will immediately pack the Supreme Court by adding leftist judges. This is not “de-politicizing” the courts, as they have framed it. This is making sure that they will always be able to get their way.

Democrat judges do not like the United States Constitution. They see things in its wording that were not written there (such as the mythical “right” to kill your baby in the womb) and ignore things that are clearly written there (such as the First and Second Amendments). It is thank to leftist, activist judges that the myth of the Constitution as “living document” was established.

No, the Constitution is not a “living document,” open to reinterpretation at the whims of our judiciary. It says what it says and should be interpreted according to those meanings as written — meanings we may understand thoroughly thanks to writings like The Federalist Papers. The Constitution is only “living” insofar as provision has been made to amend it.

But Democrats rarely focus on making amendments. This is because amendments require overwhelming public approval, whereas what Democrats want to do is almost always unpopular. They thus turn to the courts as a kind of super-legislature, able to wish their left-wing policies into being, able to write law from the bench with a single ill-conceived decision. Left-wing judges always vote with each other; they rarely deviate. “Right-wing” judges, meaning those judges who adhere to strict construction of the Constitution, tend to be much more variable in their decisions. This is how you know the leftist judges are ideologues, while the more right-leaning judges are… well, right.

Democrats have demonstrated time and time again that they are happy to change the rules to ensure that their grip on power will never again be broken. Packing the court is the start of their strategy, the beginning of their plans to establish Democrat tyranny forever. They will make left-wing territories like Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia into states, ensuring a Democrat majority in the Senate. Their unconstitutional legislation will never be challenged by their lib-packed Supreme Court. Their illegal alien constituency will continue pouring into the United States and voting illegally for Democrats to the tune of millions. This is their plan. In admitting that they will pack the Supreme Court (and in trying to redefine “court packing” as simply Republicans filling vacancies on the courts), they have told us explicitly what is going to happen.

If Trump loses in November, there will never again be a Republican president. If Trump loses in November, there will never again be a meaningful Republican majority in Congress. The Democrats simply will not tolerate it. I am old enough to have endured eight years of Bill Clinton and eight years of Barack Hussein Obama. Somehow, the country survived these despots’ time in office. But we will not survive a Biden-then-Harris presidency. Will will not survive a Democrat majority in Congress in 2021. We will not survive the structural changes Democrats will implement in order to lock out of political power anyone who disagrees with them.

Yes, Democrats are petulant children. They scream impotently at the sky when they do not get their way… but then they begin to conspire. The last four years have seen the results of those conspiracies, as Democrats sought to usurp power and sweep Trump from office by any illegal means possible. In fact, the Democrats impeached Trump for the very crimes their presidential candidate committed. Now, as Democrats and the press (but I repeat myself) coddle the senile infant Joe Biden and shield him with their bodies, the road ahead could not be clearer. The path to the 2020 elections and the 2021 administration leads us straight to Democrat tyranny if Biden wins. There simply is no other way this plays out.

It is said that when people tell you they mean you ill, you should believe them. The Democrats have told us how they intend to hurt our country, damage our government, and subvert our Constitution. They’ve laid out their plans for ensuring their total control of our government, now and forever. Their past tyrannies will pale in comparison to the totalitarian control they will exert in 2021.

If all that scares you, good. It should. You should vote for Trump and Republicans in November like your life, your lifestyle, and your livelihood depend on it — because they do.

2 thoughts on “The Coming Democrat Tyranny Starts With The Courts”

  1. Good article articulated well. However I wrote a 628 page book entitles, “The Coming Tyranny: How Socialism Will Lead to Civil War in the United States”. American values are incompatible with far left policies, socialism and Marxism. My book describes step by step how the left will try to attain a perpetual power grab that will lead to another civil war in the US. The book can be found at, http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore.

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