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The Democrats Are The Party of Extortion

There is plenty of hypocrisy to go around in Washington now that the arguing is underway over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat. When it benefited them, Democrats wanted a judicial nomination “jammed through” the Senate. When it doesn’t benefit them, Democrats want the nomination delayed. Republicans felt the same way, of course. Both sides are accusing the other of wanting power above all else, as an army of pots calls a legion of kettles black. The only people coming out ahead in this exchange are the meme makers, something we’ve come to expect in 2020.

It would be tempting, yet again, to proclaim “A pox on both their houses!” It’s extremely fashionable to condemn both sides — yet I note with some interest that most of those doing so inevitably lean a little farther to the Left than to the Right while trying to remain above it all. The same people who seem to have an abundance of political opinions always seem to be demanding that Republicans apologize for theirs. This, however, is not the big difference between Right and Left.

No, the big difference between the two sides — and, make no mistake, they could not be more different — is that only one side is trying to extort America. We’ve reached a remarkable tipping point over the last four years, one that has been coming for a very long time. Democrats have discovered the power of violence. They are now threatening to burn and loot and murder (BLM, you might call it) at the drop of any hat that threatens to roll in a direction they dislike. In other words, whenever Democrats do not get what they want, they threaten to destroy the country.

The destruction is not always through arson, gunfire, and beatings. Sometimes, it is institutional.  Democrats, who are no strangers to changing the rules to benefit them, are now vowing a host of political dirty tricks to punish anyone who defies them.

Why, if Trump nominates a Supreme Court justice, they threaten, they will impeach him for no reason to disrupt and delay the process. Then, when the Democrats successfully steal the election through massive mail-in vote fraud, converting a Republican victory on election night into a Democrat “win” in the subsequent weeks of fraudulent counts, they’ll pack the court by adding an undefeatable supermajority of leftist judges.

But Democrat threats don’t stop there. They’ve also been threatening (and committing) violence for weeks. Their willing accomplices in the major network news media have been priming us for the carnage that is coming. BLM and Antifa rioters — really just subdivisions of Democrats, of Biden supporters — have done two billion dollars in damages to this country in the last few months. That’s the single greatest spate of manmade destruction in the history of our nation. The implication?

“That’s a real nice country you have there. Be a real shame if anything bad happened to it when you didn’t elect Biden and Harris.”

If you look at the two parties — and yes, the Republicans are not not perfect, nor are all Republicans particularly conservative — you can see the difference easily. It isn’t Trump supporters burning and murdering in the streets. It isn’t mobs of Trump supporters harassing people in their homes, intimidating people while they’re trying to eat in restaurants, blinding police officers with lasers, or destroying lives and livelihoods by wrecking small businesses. It isn’t Republicans demanding that you kneel, screaming at you to repeat “Black Lives Matter,” holding a metaphorical knife to your throat and ordering you to raise the black power fist or get beaten to death.

It isn’t Republicans who have turned every major sporting event into a series of lectures on how awful white people are. It isn’t Republicans who are threatening to lock down the country again and finish the crippling of the economy that began this past summer. It isn’t Republicans vowing to ban your guns and make you a felon. It isn’t Republicans promising to raise your taxes. And it isn’t Republicans promising more violence if they do not get what they want.

It has become fashionable among Democrats to spin fantasies about the “fascist” President Trump refusing to leave the White House if he loses the election. This is because Democrats know that when they win in November, it can only be through vote fraud. Their fear is that Trump will not go quietly because he, too, will know he’s been robbed. Democrat threats of violence now are an attempt to ensure your compliance with the totalitarian regime they intend to install.

This is why the Democrats are the party of extortion. They are the party of the mob. They are the party of threats. They are the party of censorship. Democrats have made it clear that any attempt to thwart their lust for power will result in you, and those you love, being hurt. If they can’t hurt you physically, they’ll hurt you economically. They’ll hurt you with the law. They’ll hurt you in any way they can — and this is why they must never be permitted to seize power.

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