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The Double Standard Against Republicans Is Exhausting

At some point, you have to laugh. The absurdity with which anyone in the “mainstream” media pretends that the major networks are not biased against Republicans would be hilarious if it were not so alarming. Some of the networks, in part if not in whole, have given up on any pretense of objectivity. Others insist, even as they are shielding the senile infant Joe Biden with their bodies, that there is nothing to see here. The overall effect is that of constant gaslighting, in which every element of popular culture and news has ringed every Republican to pee on his or her leg and claim that it’s raining.

The most obvious example of this was the recent censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Democrats don’t actually have to come up with excuses for their corruption anymore. All they have to do is point and reeeee! like Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. “Russian disinformation! Russian disinformation! It’s Russian bots! It’s Russian bots!” This is sufficient to deflect any and all criticism, while social media’s overlords make it very clear which candidate they want to win.

No amount of “hacked” information (such as Trump’s stolen tax information), no amount of misleading and unsourced propaganda (such as the made-up story that Trump insulted veterans), no amount of baseless speculation (such as media histrionics over Trump’s mental state, complete with “experts” who have never met Trump pretending to “diagnose” him) has been censored. On Facebook, where “fact checks” are nothing more than naked lies meant to protect Democrats, there has not been a single example — not one — of information deleterious to Republicans hidden behind a “false information” flag. This is because, social media “fact checks” do not exist to determine facts. They exist to protect Democrats.

Even Fox News is responsible for a vast amount of prejudice and bias against Republicans. (See also Chris Wallace.) The other media are worse; the recent dueling town halls were yet another example. Biden was tossed softballs by a known Democrat operative who praised Biden for his great Americanism, his soothing tone that of a nervous parent or a hospice nurse. Trump, meanwhile, was hectored by a shrill, combative harpy who was determined to catch him, to trip him, to expose him, before the man even had an opportunity to take his first question from the audience.

The upcoming debate features a means of muting microphones only to silence Trump. Biden was given free reign, previously, to insult and lie and interrupt. Trump did his fair share of interrupting, but was interrupted all the more by Wallace — who was clearly in the game to fight alongside Joe Biden. “What, are you Republicans always going to complain about the moderator?” cry the partisan Democrats on social media — as they, too, engage in the farce that is pretending the game is not rigged.

Trump made great hay of the illegal votes — cast to the tune of millions, we now know — in the 2016 election. Absent those illegal votes, he may well have won the popular vote in addition to the electoral college.  This is a great metaphor for the uphill climb any Republican faces in media and popular culture today. You don’t just have to win, if you are a Republican. You have to win by a margin so large that it obviates the legal challenges, the illegal votes, the open voter fraud, the Democrat vote suppression, the destruction of Republican mail-in ballots, and the misdirection of military ballots.

There is no place in any media (apart from talk radio and a limited number of content creators on YouTube and other platforms) where a Republican is not outnumbered. There is no place in popular culture where a conservative is not overwhelmed. There is no place in our society where someone who believes in the Constitution and in its guaranteed and protected liberties is not operating from behind enemy lines. Constitutional Republicans, conservatives, libertarians… we are a minority. We are always outnumbered, always attacked, and always mistreated.

We have no choice but to soldier on, barely a plurality of Americans who believe in the freedoms on which this nation was based. Democrats do not believe in any rights; they believe only in abortion and sexual confusion. Democrats despise the Constitution; they believe it is an obstacle to the utopia they will legislate into being. Democrats despise your freedom of action, too; they believe it prevents them from achieving their dreams. Only if they chain you sufficiently can their perfect society be made real.

This is the uneven landscape Republicans face every day. This is the bias through which we slog. This is the prejudice we face, taking our very lives into our hands if we wear so much as a hat that proclaims our political beliefs. Our enemies have no regard, no consideration for us. They wish we did not exist. They are, even now, working to make that happen, working to ensure that by design there will never again be a Republican majority in Congress.

It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. It’s infuriating. And that, dear friends, is what it’s like to be a Republican.  Yet despite all that, we are happy while Democrats are miserable. If that doesn’t say something about how right the Right is… well, I don’t know what could.

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