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The Election Was Always Rigged

One of the more interesting outcomes of the 2020 election has been the unbridled optimism of so many of my well-meaning friends, all of whom told me months ago that Trump would win easily (and possibly by a landslide). When I then insisted Biden would win, they bet me he wouldn’t.  I always wanted to be wrong about the election, but I knew that I wasn’t.

You see, I have been predicting for months  that the Democrat political machine would never allow President Trump to have a second term, never give him another four years to bull his way through their delicate china shop. This election was over before it began, the outcome preordained and the trajectory set.  In other words, the fix was always in, starting with the suppression polls of Biden’s imaginary lead — and ending with the execution of the most massive voter fraud in American history.

The media have begun touting the lie that Joe Biden received more votes than any president in history. He certainly did — it’s just that so many of those votes are fake. It’s easy to break voting records for quantity of votes when Democrat states are recording more ballots than registered voters.

Democrat hypocrites have been quick to insist that, after four years of their temper tantrums and their #NotMyPresident hashtags and their screaming impotently at the sky, we must now embrace the illegitimate presidencies of Joe Biden (and soon) Kamala Harris, lest the proggies brand us “hypocrites.” In truth, the opposite is true; it is the Democrats who are always so eager to apply their ever-shifting double standards to changing circumstances, where as the Republicans (with the exception of their too-clever-by-half denunciations of voting on Supreme Court judges during election years) believe the rules should be followed as written. This has always resulted in Republicans losing with dignity, rather than winning… and never has this lesson been more painfully clear than it is now.

What Democrats do not understand is that there is a marked difference between being so unhappy with the results of an election — in this case, 2016 — that you never accept those results, and understanding that the an election was clearly and obviously rigged through voter fraud (2020). The social media fact checkers are already working overtime, claiming that there’s no proof of Democrat voter fraud. They claim this despite the multiple dead voters who’ve been uncovered through casual analysis, despite the statistically impossible thousands of ballots being magically “found” and which do not contain a single Trump vote, and despite the fact that Democrats have been telling us for months exactly what they were going to do.

A friend of mine, on the phone, referred to the “conspiracy theories” about voter fraud. But this is not a conspiracy theory; it is a mugging. By that I mean that if you were looking out your window at a parking lot and watching a man being mugged for his wallet, you would not claim it is a “conspiracy theory” that muggings occur in your neighborhood.

We are watching the Democrats commit their fraud in real time, without any attempt to conceal it. These actions are occurring exactly as they told us they would occur, starting with the push for mass mail-in ballots (which we knew were susceptible to widespread vote fraud) and ending with their priming, through news media, of the events on election night.

Specifically, the Democrats told us that Trump would appear to be ahead, but that a swell of “found” ballots would then change the outcome. In other words, President Trump would win the election before he lost it… and this is precisely what happened. The election’s inevitable is, quite obviously, flagrantly, and transparently, a naked act of theft. The Democrats are thieves — illegitimate rulers who have stolen their way into the Oval Office.

Democrat vote fraud has longs been a cultural and political institution. Every Republican president who has won to date has won despite Democrat efforts to steal the election. Without millions of illegal alien votes — which we now know occurred, the analysis of which raised a mighty “yawn” from our corrupt, lying press — Trump would have won the popular vote in 2016. He won the electoral college despite Democrat attempts to subvert the election. This has always been obvious, but it has never been more obvious than it was last Tuesday.

Where does this leave us? It leaves us with the sad recognition that, yes, we live in a banana republic — a totalitarian autocracy in which the votes of the people now mean nothing. Communists have taken our government, and over the next four years will actively work to injure our nation. Barack Hussein Obama worked tirelessly to harm America and diminish American might during his time in office; this will be the agenda of a Biden-Harris administration. We may well survive them as we survived Obama… but the fact that we would have to endure them was always in the cards.

The inexplicable behavior of our governmental machinery becomes entirely understandable when you realize it has the simplest of explanations. Nothing about what’s happening now is “weird” or “unusual” if you recognize that it’s simply fraud. It’s theft. It’s corruption. And that is why, while Trump was president even as Democrat weaklings whined he wasn’t, Biden-Harris will never hold legitimate claim to the Oval Office.

Trump won despite Democrat fraud. Biden-Harris have seized the White House because of that fraud. This is the difference between the two administrations. Trump has been robbed; Biden-Harris are the thieves. For as long as that senile infant Joe Biden and that worthless, cackling whore Kamala Harris hold office, their reign will always be through perfidy and deception. They will never have a legitimate mandate to rule us. For as long as they try, it will be our solemn duty to remind them of this fact.


2 thoughts on “The Election Was Always Rigged”

  1. I suspect that these election shenanigans will ultimately bite them on the ass. What’s happening is so grossly evident that I’ve yet to see anyone deny it. Everyone KNOWS that what is happening is election fraud.

  2. Talking to some Democratic friends (most refuse to talk about fraud in election), they admit that clearly there was fraud in the election, but they hate Trump so much that they say they do not care. Without the extra 20 percent of dead, illegal, and other invalid votes, Trump would have won by a landslide.

    Such a short sided opinion ignores what this has done to our “democracy” in the long run. Basically it means we do not live in a democracy at all and the democratic elite socialists will dismantle and destroy our country as fast as they can.

    Our only hope is for the conservative American voters not to take it any more, but to rise up and throw the bums out of office. This could be done, and the first place to start is with the House. Loyal Americans need to start petitions in every state to have their democratic House members, kicked out of office.

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