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The Limitless Arrogance Of Democrats

The new, much less qualified White House Press Secretary recently took a moment to address the assembled journalists about her hilarious nickname. It seems that Jen “Circle Back” Psaki is miffed that “conservative Twitter” is making fun of her constant evasions of tough questions. It’s rare that Psaki gets a question more pointed than variations on, “What are President Biden’s opinions on Trump being a terrible person?” or the ever-favorite “What’s President Biden’s favorite ice cream flavor?” She is, however, not yet completely shielded by “fact checkers” and biased moderation on social media, so she walked into one of her recent briefings fresh from an upsetting session of name-searching herself.

Her excuse boiled down to, “While people make fun of me for saying ‘I’ll circle back’ all the time, it is a fact that I will indeed have to circle back.” That’s not a direct quote, but it makes as much sense as what she actually said. More telling than her words, though, was her tone. She was haughty and smug, as if you peasants out there in “Conservative Twitter” were fools for even bringing up the fact that she keeps saying the same thing over and over again.

You see, it only took a week of Psaki stumbling and stammering her way through press briefings for somebody to put together a montage of Psaki endlessly promising to “circle back.” This is her favorite evasion. Whenever she can’t answer a question — which is very often — she will say she doesn’t “have anything more” and will promise to “circle back.” She will not, in fact, “circle back,” but that’s not the point. What she’s basically saying is, “I have no answer, so stop asking me mean questions.”

In a way, the task before Psaki is an impossible one. Her immediate predecessor was one of the best and most prepared press secretaries ever to stand at that podium. By comparison, Psaki is expected to make excuses for a cadaverous and senile infant with a long history of inappropriately touching and sniffing the wives and daughters of his constituents.  It’s all Sleepy Joe can do not to blurt out the instructions being piped into his earpiece; one can hardly blame Psaki for having to mumble something about “celebrating” when asked why Biden immediately violated his own mask mandate on federal land.

No, what I find more telling is just how arrogant Psaki manages to sound when she’s doing her job so incompetently. In this way she’s immediately comparable to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman so profoundly stupid that she is blissfully unaware of her ignorance. The first rule of Dunning-Kruger Club is that you don’t know you’re in Dunning-Kruger club, as they say. This is why AOC makes so many grandiose, arrogant proclamations about how wrong her opponents are… all while beclowning herself because she’s so dumb. Never have people who knew so little been so proud of their uninformed opinions.

Psaki and AOC are indistinguishable from their fellow Democrats when it comes to this smug, self-righteous posturing. Andrew “Il Duce” Cuomo, Dictator for Life of New York State, recently proclaimed that incompetent government gets people killed. Well, Cuomo would know, given that his incompetent decisions condemned thousands of New Yorkers to die of COVID-19 in nursing homes… and Cuomo did his level best to cover up and distort the actual death tallies. Then he had the astonishing audacity to write a book about his great leadership during the pandemic (in his position as governor of the state with the highest COVID-19 death toll). He even released a bizarre, tasteless poster whose graphic design is essentially a death curve of New York’s hapless serfs.

I saw an article recently that claimed Cuomo’s arrogance had doomed his future political aspirations. Nothing could be further from the truth. In states like New York, where cancerous urban centers boast dense populations of ardent Democrats, the rest of the state’s denizens will never be free of Cuomo and his ilk. This is why Democrats are so arrogant. Ensconced in their power centers, they can never be voted out, and thus will never suffer any consequences for their decisions. This is how that horse-faced imbecile barmaid, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, got elected; it is why Andrew Cuomo will be governor of New York for exactly as many years as he desires.

Democrats like Psaki, AOC, and Cuomo (along with their fellow smug, self-righteous spires of garbage in human form, such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) are arrogant precisely because they will never be held accountable. No matter how terrible their decisions, no matter how harmful their policies, no matter how unconstitutional their dictates, nothing bad will ever happen to them. They are insulated — by the morons who vote for Democrats, by the media who protect Democrats, and by the corruption that bolsters Democrats. No criticism, no consequence, will ever get past those shields to reach the person grinning stupidly from their aegis.

This is why Democrats are so obnoxious. This is why Democrats are so pleased with themselves. If you, too, could do whatever you wished without consequence, you would be that arrogant, too. This is the sad reality of our world. Laws are for little people and Republicans, but so, too, is humility. Neither apply to Democrats, nor will they ever.

2 thoughts on “The Limitless Arrogance Of Democrats”

  1. The answer is for the Republicans to have a louder voice in deep democrat enclaves like New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc., and for the Republican party to do more voter outreach in these places.
    Unfortunately, it looks as though the Republican party has just thrown up its hands, shrugged its shoulders and given up on these places.

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