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The Democrat Hypocrisy Is Only Beginning

As you read this, you may or may not know the results of the election. Either Trump has won by some miracle a second time — in which case the Left is violently rioting — or Biden and Harris have reaped the benefits of a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week media machine that did nothing but libel and defame Trump for four years.

No matter what the result, the Left will not be satisfied. There is nothing they will not do to destroy you, nothing they will not say in lying about you, no freedom they will not infringe, no action or object they will not ban. But as we begin the next four years of our lives, one thing is clear: The media hypocrisy is only just beginning.

Recently, a “study” was published purporting to tie a specific number of COVID-19 infections (including a specific number of deaths) to President Trump’s rallies. This is because one of the most glaring hypocrisies on the Left has been its treatment of mass gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. Anyone who gathered to protest the lockdowns choking our economy and hurting our citizens (in the name of making them safer) was practically a domestic terrorist, to hear the media tell it. Anyone speaking out against mandatory mask policies, placing our entire population under house arrest, forcing small businesses into bankruptcy and permanent closure, and the petty tyrannies of countless Democrat governors relishing their unchecked “emergency powers” was a very, very bad person.

By contrast, when thousands of people gathered to protest, burn, loot, and assault their fellow Americans in the name of a lie — specifically, the fairy tale that racist police were waking up every day to hunt and murder black citizens with reckless abandon — this was fine, according to Democrats in the media. More than that, the very medical professionals who supposedly stood in the street to protest people for standing in the streets protesting then said that protesting for civil rights was okay. It wasn’t just okay; it was more important than the pandemic, they claimed. They even tried to manufacture numbers claiming the protests had somehow reduced exposures, contrary to all logic and reason.

This wasn’t merely a double standard; it was not only hypocrisy; it was gaslighting. When Tony Fauci, de facto Plague King of the United States, refused to condemn the protests (while praising Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous coronavirus response), we should have known then that this was a political farce.

The same “protesters” gathering en masse¬†¬†to block highways, terrorize and point firearms at innocent drivers, drag people from their cars and beat them, and impede traffic to harass and annoy American citizens, suddenly became very, very concerned when some Trump supporters drove in proximity to a Biden-Harris bus. Why, the FBI — the same FBI that seems to exist now for the sole purpose of shielding Democrats from their perfidy, while “investigating” Republicans for imaginary crimes — decided to “investigate” this very dangerous case of multiple vehicles driving next to each other on the nation’s roadways.

Setting aside for a moment that the FBI tried to bury the evidence from the Hunter Biden laptop (while scrambling a small army of agents to investigate the rope pull in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage), Americans were forced to wonder: Why is it that protesting in traffic is fine… until Trump supporters do it? Why is it that gathering to the tune of thousands of people, ignoring the pandemic and defeating all attempts at “contact tracing,” is fine… until Trump supporters do it? Why is it that any group of Antifa or BLM thugs can fill the streets with their presence, menacing and assaulting the American people… but only Trump supporters are accused of trying to “intimidate” their opponents when they attend rallies?

If you thought this incredibly obvious double standard would improve after the election, you are wrong. The media hypocrisy is only going to get worse. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all employ “fact checkers” who are only left-wing political activists. Their only purpose is to shield Democrats from the truth, employing a kind of ludicrously literal credulity that allows them to proclaim any accusation against a Democrat “mostly false” or “lacking context.” Meanwhile, you will never see a “fact check” protecting Republicans… because that is not what these “fact checkers” are for.

Democrats do not like challenges to their dominance. They have been grinding their teeth for four years, eager for payback, eager for vengeance. The elections have given them the opportunity they need to seize power and punish you for daring to defy them. Regardless of the specific results, nationally or where you live, regardless of the rampant Democrat vote fraud (and whether this has changed the outcome), the Democrat machine will ONLY ramp up in the next four years. Their hypocrisy, their double standards, their gaslighting, their incessant attacks on Americans, American ideals, and American decency, will only worsen.

This is the reality we face. No, it is not a particularly happy one — but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight. It doesn’t mean we can’t win. It only means that we must recognize the double standard in order to continue exposing it. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. For the next four years, our job is to enlighten everyone we can as to the vicious falsehoods pouring from the Democrats’ mouths.

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