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The News Media Hate That They Can’t Censor Everybody

Watching the major news media whine over the last two weeks has been absolutely fascinating. For years, now, the censorship, gaslighting, and propaganda tactics by all the major news networks (and the Internet’s most prominent leftist websites) has increased at an exponential pace. All the most popular social media outlets, the social media sites that have become an integral part of both commercial marketing and America’s “public square,” censor what you are allowed to say purely on political lines. They don’t stop there, though; while preventing truths they dislike, they also elevate lies they support, creating a monstrous echo chamber in which all dissent is grounds on which to lose access to your account.

According to capitalists, this creates a market opportunity. If the major social media sites all censor and manipulate subjective opinion, surely this means that the market is ready for a new site that supports the opposing points of view? The only problem with this is that Big Tech regularly engages in collusion to support its oligarchy. Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Apple’s app store, Android’s app store, all the major payment processors… they all work together and coordinate their efforts to deplatform and “unperson” anyone who has opinions they dislike.

This includes exerting pressure on payment processors and even domain registrars to shut down any and all “free speech” competition. Most recently, it has included censorship by emailing services such as MailChimp, who now shut down any account containing any opinion of which their management disapproves. This is exactly, precisely like the phone company turning off your service because they don’t like the content of your conversations. And no, we aren’t talking about denying service to, say, terrorists or gang members conspiring to commit crimes. We’re talking about denying public accommodation, and discriminating illegally against your customers, based solely on who they vote for and what they think about.

In other words, it isn’t enough to create your own site. You have to create your own payment processor, your own domain registrar, your own hosting, your own server for emails. If we keep going in the direction we’re headed, the Internet will be completely balkanized, with parallel services set up based on your political opinions. Democrats will consume one set of heavily censored news and opinions, while purging from all infrastructure and public services anyone who does not march in lock-step with their hateful ideology. Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians will patronize a different set of decentralized and less controlled news, opinion, and service providers.

When the 2020 election was stolen by Democrats who magically “found” a mathematically impossible number of votes cast 100% for Biden and nobody else, many right-wingers had had enough. They were sick of the lying “fact checks” on Facebook — censorship that serves only to protect Democrats by siding with their subjective views. They were tired of the shadow-banning and biased management of Twitter and YouTube, tactics that never seem to touch progressives. They were tired of the businesses who seem to exist solely to inform the public who is not allowed to use their services, rather than actually engaging in  commerce. So they started leaving.

Membership grew so fast and by so much that Parler essentially broke, taking a few days to increase its capacity to match the new demand. Other alternatives like Gab, MeWe, Rumble, and BitChute have all seen gains. Many of their most prominent content producers are people who have been driven off YouTube and Facebook, particularly, for no other reason than their opinions are “wrong.” This was what happened to lunatic Alex Jones, for example, when Big Tech colluded to take away his access to every outlet simultaneously. If these sites and services are going to continue enjoying legal indemnity for third-party content, they must be prevented from operating like publishers instead of neutral platforms.

This is why it is so amusing to watch pundits in the major media wring their hands over the rise of sites like Parler. I wrote yesterday that Democrats hate nothing so much as they hate free speech. Closely related to that hatred is the distress Democrats feel when they cannot control something or someone. Democrats lie awake at night, furious that somewhere in the world are people who, given the freedom to choose, are choosing wrong. Their most ardent desire is to force people to obey them. A Democrat believes in a perfect world that is achievable only if everyone is in chains.

“Free speech” platforms like Parler and Gab drive Democrats insane because the Left cannot censor and control these outlets. Above all else, human beings must not be free to speak their minds, according to Democrats. “Echo chamber! Echo chamber!” scream the leftists, as they censor all dissent and purge from their “platforms” anyone who does toe the Democrat party line. But even as they shriek and cry and Reeeee! from within their bubbles, it’s obvious who is actually living in an echo chamber.

It is, and always has been, the Democrats, who hate the thought of ever being exposed to opinions they don’t like. They have destroyed every “platform” they control through this urge to censor, this compulsion to control. They are only going to get worse. Our only option, if we want to speak our minds, is to continue to support free-speech tech alternatives. To be free, to enjoy our Constitutional rights, we must remove Democrats from every position of power they occupy, in all aspects of our lives.

The fact that this makes Democrats furious is just a bonus.

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