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The Politics Of Punching People Who Disagree

One of the more startling revelations since the 2016 elections was the fact that so many people on the Left actively advocate for violence. When Trump won the presidency, a great number of people who previously chanted that “violence never solves anything” — and who lived in fear and hatred of firearms in private hands — suddenly discovered the power of physical force. They then decided that anyone who disagreed with them was bad, anyone who was bad was a “Nazi,” and that Nazis all deserve to be “punched.” After all, Captain America famously punched Nazis, they mused. Can we, they asked, do any less to preserve America?

This is what saw the rise of Antifa, the laughably named “anti-fascist” domestic terror organization that nobody in the United States had heard of before 2016. Donning black hoods and masks and seeing absolutely no irony in dressing like blackshirt stormtroopers, they proceeded to liberate the crap out of America by assaulting anyone whose opinions they did not like. This is, in fact, the group’s only stated and explicit goal: to use physical force to silence anyone to the right of Karl Marx.

When I spoke out about Antifa on social media, I was informed that this organization was not, in fact, an organization, but an idea, and that speaking out against “Antifa” was like speaking out against “Christians.” This, of course, is ludicrous. Antifa organizes its members in terror cells and conducts coordinated, physical attacks and acts of arson and vandalism toward the end of stifling the expression of political speech.  They are not merely an organization, but obviously a group devoted to organized terror. This is a fact. Anyone who tells you otherwise is dangerously stupid or believes you are.

With Antifa becoming prominent in the socio-political landscape, and with violence to silence political opinions thus normalized, we saw a string of attacks on garden-variety conservatives and even libertarians whom Antifa wanted to silence. We’ve seen horrifying assaults on people by Antifa, including a college professor who nearly murdered a man by striking him in the head with a bike lock. The assault was premeditated; the bike locks wielded by this professor and his allies were obtained specifically for that purpose.

No legal consequences of any substance were ever incurred by the attacker. Over and over again, leftists and Antifa terrorists who assault innocent people (including journalists) are allowed to get away with their crimes. They are released, their charges are dismissed, and no harm of any consequence comes to them. Meanwhile, members of the “Proud Boys” who kicked the hell out of Antifa attackers, were sent to federal prison for years for the crime of self-defense.

The authorities back the leftists, which is why police are so often told to stand down and let Antifa take over the streets (whereupon they attack motorists and spew racial hate). You have not truly seen racial hatred until you’ve seen a white Antifa member scream at a white man for being white, all whilst the Antifa thug is also shrieking threats of assault.

Creating this atmosphere has serious consequences — and not just in the near-term. Yes, in the immediate sense, normalizing violence to silence political dissent has a chilling effect on right-wing expressions of political opinion. You dare not wear a Trump / MAGA hat unless you are prepared to fight for your life. You dare not put a pro-Trump sign on your lawn, or even fly an American flag, if you are not willing to endure the threats of vandalism and arson. You dare not put a Trump bumper sticker on your car unless you are willing to wake up to slashed tires and broken glass.

In the longer term, however, normalizing political violence has become normalizing racial violence. As the same people making excuses and providing cover for Antifa violence have bent over backwards to accommodate BLM rioters, we have seen repeated assaults on innocent people by the rioters.

In almost every case, the victims will not get justice. And in what is becoming an increasingly common theme, we are told we should “understand” this rage, this racial animus, especially if the victim used a racial epithet like the “n-word.”

You read that correctly. Politically correct forces within society are now telling us that physical assault over words is justified. It is bizarre to have to say it, but our law recognizes no such exception, nor does any legitimate code of morality. When a man calls you the “n-word,” that does not justify a brutal physical assault or attempted murder. But because our media spends all day, every day telling you how evil you are for being being born white, and how much wretchedness is conferred on you for the sins of your ancestors, it is presumed that any level of physical violence is justifiable in the presence of the “n-word.”

Specifically, two cowardly men — who happen to be black — beat a white Macy’s employee in Flint, Michigan nearly to death. At least one of them is grinning in his mugshot. The man they beat, they said, used the “n-word,” which is why they chose to try and murder him.

The only problem is, it never happened.

Security footage of the incident does show the employee being mercilessly beaten. It does not show him using such an epithet. Thus, the excuse was made as a cynical attempt to deflect guilt for racial hatred and wilding — as a “get out of jail free card” for bigoted violence.

As long as our media continue to normalize and excuse violence for opinions and for words, this will continue happening. As long as that same media keeps pumping out a steady stream of propaganda whose basic message is, “F–k white people,” similar racial attacks will continue. The excuse will always be that we deserve to be beaten for having the wrong opinions, the wrong thoughts, the wrong emotions. The truth won’t matter, but of course, it didn’t matter before.

This is the politics of punching people. If you think you’ll never hold an opinion or express a thought that won’t get you punched, eventually, you’re very wrong. This type of hatred always circles back to eat its own. We’re already seeing that in the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in Seattle, as leftists shoot and kill each other over whatever it is that leftist rioters have disputes about. The head of their collective snake is gnawing on its own tail; the people arguing that we must punch Nazis and racists are now punching themselves in the face.

Let’s hope we learn that lesson — and put a stop to this trend — before it’s too late for all of us.

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