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Tomorrow Is Our Moment Of Truth

It has been a long, difficult four years for Republicans. This is because for four years, the Democrat machine has maligned Republicans generally — and Donald Trump specifically — to no other end than complete destruction. No president in history has faced the number or frequency of attacks that Donald Trump has. No party in history has been so completely, so falsely, and so dishonestly attacked in popular culture and the press.

You can be forgiven for being weary. This would be a lot — too much, really — for any individual. It is thus amazing that Donald Trump has endured these incessant attacks while achieving victory after victory for the United States. The Democrats have tried to lay the China virus at his feet, have tried to blame him for the deaths of Americans that no politician, no matter how totalitarian, could have prevented. We have done remarkably well despite the self-destructive lockdowns that did nothing to quell the spread of coronavirus, but did much to harm our economy. And we have continued to succeed, to improve, despite the cheerleading of Democrats who know America’s failure is their only path to regain total power.

The last four turbulent years, years that seem far more chaotic than they’ve truly been thanks to the lying press, culminate tomorrow. Tomorrow is election day, when the rest of America will cast its ballots. We won’t know who’s won after tomorrow, of course; the election will be litigated for days if not weeks after November 3rd. While Al Gore tried to steal the election and ultimately was forced to concede, the Democrats will not admit defeat this time. They will fight bitterly to steal the election for as long as it takes. They have already admitted to — and been caught several times in — the rampant voter fraud that will characterize this contest.

I am not optimistic that Trump can overcome these hurdles. He does not just have to win (which, in a fair contest, he probably could). He has to win by a margin large enough to obviate the Democrat voter fraud, the illegal alien votes, the mail-in fakes, the Democrat voter suppression (including the suppression polls of the media declaring that Trump cannot win, just as in 2016), and the destruction or “misplacing” of Republican ballots. This is too much to ask of any man, even a man who has been as successful as Trump has been. The results have yet to be seen, but right now, I do not like our chances.

I say this as someone who stands to gain financially from a Trump failure. The industry in which I work thrives when it has a figurehead for opposition. Just as Barack Obama was the best salesman the gun industry ever had, just as the initial weeks of the pandemic drove buyers in the survival and self-reliance markets to buy anything that was not nailed down, a Biden-Harris win will provide me with ample marketing fodder for future Internet marketing efforts. Yet I will gladly trade that future potential for sales success. I gladly vote for Trump to what will be my (minor) financial detriment… because overall, the country will be far better off if Trump wins.

The chaos won’t stop, of course, The media will be more outraged than ever before if Trump wins again. The Democrats will be apoplectic with rage. The riots will be immediate. The “occupy” forces will be out in… well, force.  The only good thing about a Biden victory, by contrast, will be that the media will start spinning the events of the day positively, giving you the illusion that things are getting better. In reality, things will get worse, particularly where the economy and your liberties are concerned. The opposite would be true under Trump, because the media will scream that things are worse while Trump works to improve the economy and your life.

The Republicans In Name Only at “The Lincoln Project” recently released a hilarious ad portraying Trump as an impossibly popular fascist dictator who’ll keep running and winning for term after term. It’s hard to know which of those multiple points of absurdity to attack first. There has been no better encapsulation of what “The Lincoln Project” doesn’t understand about Trump, even as they pretend to be Republicans. Trump is neither a dictator nor a juggernaut. He is simply an American who loves this country — compelling enough for many Americans, but outnumbered by almost as many (if not more) residents of this country who hate the Constitution.

We can count on these latter Americans —  Democrats, in other words — to vote to cut off their own noses to spite their faces. They’ve always believed their fantasy worlds are real; they’ve always believed Democrat policies will magically lead to success, rather than leading, demonstrably, to destruction and failure. Tomorrow, as these two visions of America face off for the last round of voting, we face America’s moment of truth. Will we have four more years of prosperity despite external adversities… or will we vote to chain ourselves to the cinder block of the Democrats before hurling ourselves into the black waters of despair?

Time will tell. I’m not optimistic. But I’d love, more than anything, to be wrong.

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