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Trump Debates The Media (Oh, And Biden, Too)

The bizarre spectacle of Trump debating Chris Wallace with Joe Biden looking on is nothing new. The major news media have been in the tank for Biden from the moment this feeble, senile old man was selected — inexplicably — as the Democrat candidate for president. When they’re not running interference for Biden by actively shielding him from criticism, asking him softball questions one literally might ask a small child or an imbecile, they’re attacking Trump and “fact checking” his opinions to declare, falsely, that Trump is wrong and Biden is right.

Never has this been more obvious than the first (and perhaps last) debate between Trump and Biden. Before the debate, a number of pundits were talking about how respected and objective Chris Wallace was expected to be. After the debate, however, it was clear that Wallace was anything but impartial. Even Trump acknowledged, in open debate, that he was debating Wallace, not Biden. Not only did Wallace let Biden get away with the “very fine people on both sides” lie that has been a pillar of Biden’s campaign, but he actively interrupted and talked over Trump every time Trump started to make Biden look bad.

Oh, is Slow Uncle Joe feeling the pressure? Wallace must have thought to himself. Better move on and change topics, then, while continuing to pretend to be the moderator and not a participant in this sham of a debate.

Worse yet was the fact that Biden was very obviously wearing a wire and, at one point, got caught adjusting it. The Biden campaign refused to submit to an earpiece check, as their candidate is a puppet who simply recites lines fed to him. He’s been caught several times using teleprompters to answer questions. It works like this: He’s being monitored the entire time he’s on camera, and when he’s asked a question, he has to wait for his handlers to scroll up the appropriate block of text so he can read it.

Not only has Biden, on camera, asked his handlers on-mic to scroll up his answers for him, but he’s also mistaken the headings in the script for actual things he’s supposed to say out loud. It is no secret to anyone at this point that Biden’s cognitive decline has left him an absolute shell of a man. It’s all he can do to perceive cues, recite the necessary talking points on those cues, and then resort to blurting “C’mon man!” and “Here’s the deal!” at inappropriate volumes to hide when he loses his place.

It isn’t a surprise, then, that a man best known for dropping out of the presidential race previously for getting caught plagiarizing speeches has resorted to cheating now. Without help, there’s no way this particular candidate could be propped up long enough, Weekend At Bernie’s -style, to drag President Elect Kamala Harris across the finish line. Harris is an authoritarian Democrat’s dream, after all; she’s a shrill, off-putting hypocrite who will use the power of the government to force our populace to obey Democrat dictates, no matter how unconstitutional, no matter how destructive.

Given that Harris could not even make it to the first votes of the Democrat primary, her only hope of taking the Oval Office is to clutch at Biden’s marionette strings and then cut herself loose when he collapses on the White House lawn. At that point she’ll have four years, perhaps less a few months of an ostensible Biden presidency, to destroy the country — continuing the “fundamental transformation” that Barack Hussein Obama desired so much for our nation. They are cut from the same cloth. Both of them hate the United States, hate the US Constitution, and despise American liberties.

Obama’s most frequent complaint was that the Constitution was constantly an obstacle to the power he wanted to grab for himself and the government. Harris has the same attitude. But for Kamala Harris to rule with an iron fist while cackling her obnoxious cackle from Pennsylvania Avenue, she must first attach herself, remora-like,  to the wizened belly of the dementia-addled shark that is Biden. And for Biden to carry her into the White House, his only hope is for the playing field to be as unfair as humanly possible.

That means Trump cannot debate only Biden; he must debate Biden and whomever is “moderating” the debate. That means Biden cannot be asked questions by the media; he must be asked questions to which the “journalist” asking then supplies the answers. This is done, of course, while gently patting Biden on the head and telling him what a great fellow he is, then steering the conversation to more obvious lies about Trump.

Trump doesn’t just need to win the election. He needs to win the election by a large enough margin to overcome both legitimate votes and Democrat fraud. The first is within Trump’s grasp; the second may not be. But then, no human being should be expected to fight both his challenger and the people supposedly refereeing the contest. That is where we now find ourselves — and that is why the election in November will be anything but “free and fair.”

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