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Trump Murdered My Father And Poisoned My Crops

One of the more vile appearances at the online Democrat National Convention was a self-serving and ghoulish speech by a woman who claims Trump murdered her father. She spun a horrifying yarn about how her beloved dad, a misguided Trump supporter, allegedly told her (while he was alone and on a ventilator, presumably) that he felt betrayed by Trump.

Why, Trump said the Chinese virus was under control. He said it would disappear. He said the economy would reopen. So it was that this young lady’s benighted dad went to a karaoke bar, where he contracted what Andrew Cuomo still insists on mischaracterizing as the “European Virus.” While cursing Trump with his last, feeble breaths, the poor man expired, leaving only his daughter to gleefully tell the tale before an audience of politicians.

The fact these same Democrat politicians urged Americans to gather in Chinatown and to travel on the subways, while the ChiCom-corrupted WHO lied about person-to-person spread of the Wuhan Flu, was lost on her. The fact that the same politicians encouraged and, in many cases, participated in mass protests of thousands of people gathered in close proximity during the pandemic was also lost on her. No, it was Trump, that miserable bad orange man who is bad, who personally introduced the Chinese virus into her father’s failing immune system. He was, she said, a perfectly healthy man of 65 years old, and never you mind that this means he was within the coronavirus danger zone. No, it has to have been his faith in Donald Trump that caused him to die.

Similarly missing from this young woman’s speech were tears, any hint of remorse, or any feeling that was not self-righteous and smug. She didn’t honestly seem all that broken up about the passing of her poor father; she seemed, instead, delighted at the opportunity to use his death as a political weapon against a man she obviously hates. But while she was busy enjoying her moment in the spotlight, she also  forgot the thirty thousand dead New Yorkers in the country’s Wuhan coronavirus epicenter.

There are no Republicans in New York state — at least not in control. The state votes overwhelmingly Democrat in every election. So rare are Republicans in New York, in fact, that New York’s execrable governor, Andrew “Kim Jong Andy” Cuomo, said explicitly that there is no place for conservatives in New York. If any Republican governor had told the Democrat voters in his state, in effect, “Up yours, get out,” that would be national news and there would be calls for investigations, recall, and/or impeachment. In New York, this bigotry, this abject hatred directed toward a portion of Cuomo’s constituents, raised scarcely a yawn from the media.

How, then, did thirty thousand New Yorkers die, when so many of them obviously mistrusted and opposed Donald Trump? Given the witch hunts blaming Trump for any and all ills, real and imagined, it’s almost as if politics is irrelevant to the spread of a virus imported from a Communist nation who lied and dissembled about its origins and its danger. One might argue, given the high death tolls in Democrat-run states compared to Republican-run states, that if any policy can be held responsible for the spread of (and death toll associated with) COVID-19, it is Democrats who should be blamed.

In this bizarre clown world we occupy, Governor Cuomo has been given a book deal to pontificate on his grand leadership during the pandemic. Cuomo is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents, given that he ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients and forbade them to test and screen those patients before admitting them. He thus guaranteed that this virus tore through our most vulnerable populations… and now that most New Yorkers have contended with the virus already, Cuomo dances in the end zone over the relative lack of more recent infection spikes.

The dirty little secret is that no politician, Democrat or Republican, can stop a pandemic. The few steps a leader may take — such as closing the country’s borders — Trump did take, and early enough that the Democrats called him a racist and a xenophobe for doing so. Add to this the fact that the WHO, which is supposed to prevent and deal with pandemics, instead helped China lie about the dangers of COVID-19, and you have an impossible situation. Trump has done as well as any politician could, under the circumstances… and in the bargain, has refused to grab more federal power during the crisis.

Instead, Trump has let individual governors make decisions we would normally reserve for rulers of fiefdoms. Cuomo, and Democrats like him, have reveled in the power they now hold over every individual aspect of our lives. There is little evidence their actions have prevented infection; certainly nothing Cuomo did “flattened” the infection and death curves in New York. But Cuomo is feted as a hero in the Democrat-controlled press, while sour-faced feminist daughters dance on the corpses of their fathers for the benefit of Democrat barking seals.

If the Democrats had any shame, they would feel it while viewing this reprehensible spectacle. They don’t, though, and the fact that they don’t is not a surprise. Trump will go down in history as the most unfairly maligned president in American history — and it is a testament to the man’s bizarre stamina that he has not cracked under the pressure before now.

Meanwhile, Democrats will continue accusing him of crimes he has not committed. They will hold him responsible for things in which he has no part. They will still be wrong. Come November, we’ll see if Democrat lies win out over Republican truths. Trump will retire from politics, in November or four years hence. But that woman who used her dead father as a weapon will live the rest of her life with the stain of that wrong on her soul.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the correct terminology is “orange-man-bad” and it must be accompanied by looking triggered to such an extent that your liver bursts out in rage….

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