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We Were All Fooled About George Floyd

When the George Floyd video first hit the Internet, I saw it and was horrified. What the video appeared to show was a man begging for his life while an uncaring cop knelt on his neck. Knowing that Floyd died, apparently asphyxiated by the police officer, made me sick to my stomach. Nobody likes to think about a human being dying that way.

Except that it didn’t happen.

More accurately, Floyd was held on the ground with a knee on his neck. Floyd did die. But the circumstances in which Floyd died, the context surrounding his death, and the events leading up to his death have all been ignored. The media have shown you the end of the event in an attempt to outrage you. They have been successful — and American cities have burned because of it.

What the George Floyd video amounts to, we now know, is a staggering act of media deception and manipulation. This manipulation has horrifying consequences, consequences worse than the death of a single man on the pavement next to a police car. Hundreds of millions of dollars of damages have been done. Countless Americans have been living under siege. Many businesses, already suffering during the pandemic, have closed forever because of the rioting, the burning, and the violence. And multiple people have been murdered… all in service to a lie.

The lie is not unlike the one told before the Rodney King riots. We now know the complete context of the beating of Rodney King. King, high and aggressive, was speeding at over 100 miles per hour when he was pulled over. He fought off multiple police, shrugged off attempts to tase him, and simply would not go down. The officers, prohibited from using choke holds to subdue a suspect, had only one department sanctioned option: beat him into submission with their nightsticks. They were not beating him to beat him; they were not beating him because they hated him; they were not beating him out of malice. They hit him because it was the only option left to them for subduing a violent, chemically altered, aggressively resisting suspect.

When the media played only the portion of the tape showing King being beaten, without this context, you know the outcome. Across America, and particularly in California, passions were inflamed. When the trial was held and the context of the incident came out in court, the officers were acquitted — and rightly so. Because the public had ONLY been told a lie by omission, they rioted. A LOT or people suffered because of it.

We’re now seeing exactly the same lie by omission. You’ve only seen Floyd begging for his life; you’ve only seen the end of the recording. But the media had seen the rest of the video. They knew the rest of the story — and they ignored it for weeks. The knew that Floyd had started wailing and freaking out while he was still on his feet, from the first moments he came into contact with police. They knew he was not “cooperative,” but instead resisting, delirious, and hysterical. They refused to tell you that. Instead, they furthered the myth that this drug addict and porn star, this petty criminal, this man who pressed the barrel of a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach, was some kind of sainted martyr.

We now know that Floyd was on so much deadly fentanyl that he probably would have died sitting alone in his car. It was, reportedly, enough to kill a large animal. We also know Floyd’s lungs were ponderously heavy. He was experiencing “excited delirium” — a state Floyd’s defenders claim does not exist, but which perfectly describes his bizarre behavior. It is unlikely that the knee on his neck, an approved departmental procedure used in accordance with police training, is what killed him. It is much more likely that he died as a result of the drugs in his system, possibly spurred on by the physical exertion and strain of first fighting with police and then being subdued.

What happened to George Floyd was not murder. The police who subdued George Floyd did not behave in any way that was not in accordance with their training We only know this now, after the full details of the encounter have come out. For weeks, we were told that they callously held him down and ignored his pleas for help… but this was at best a lie by omission, and at worst a blatant fabrication.

“Black Lives Matter” is built on a series of lies, chief among them that people like George Floyd and Jacob Blake were not misbehaving in any way. We know now that this isn’t true. When people resist the police aggressively and make stupid decisions, bad things will happen to them. This does not justify police misconduct or abuse… but the deaths of men like George Floyd most certainly do not justify mass rioting and arson.

You were sold a bill of goods where George Floyd is concerned. You were told a tall tale. This lie has had very serious real-life consequences — consequences that will be felt for months and even years. This does not change the fact that the media’s narrative about George Floyd was, and is, a lie.

We were all fooled. This mistake was understandable. But we now know the truth — and it’s up to us to reject the lies our media continue to tell.

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  1. The issue has become one of “You touched a black person. The reason why is immaterial.” In their mind blacks are to be given an unconditional free pass for everything, up to and including murder. Out of your skull on meth in public while waving a knife around? No problem. Kill that baby mama ho that won’t let you sleep it off on her floor? Legit – that bitch totally had it coming.

    It is, apparently, part of black culture to engage in unrestrained criminal behavior without consequences.

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