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We’re All Patriots Of “The Resistance” Now

Some of the more amusing aspects of the four-year Democrat temper tantrum since 2016 were the antics of the progressive rank-and-file. The purple-haired feminists, the Caucasian BLM activists, the black-masked fascists calling themselves “Antifa”… they all fancied themselves part of “The Resistance,” a vague sort of displeasure with the duly and democratically elected President of the United States.

This displeasure expressed itself, most often, as hashtags and Hitler comparisons on Twitter. Less frequently, it manifested as broken Starbucks windows. In all cases, it was performative, not substantive. It was play-acting. It was LARPing — a term that refers to Live Action Role Play. It wasn’t just imaginary, something that Democrats did to soothe their anger over losing an election. It was also illegitimate because it was based only on losing.

For four years they’ve screamed “Not My President” — only to then claim that anyone who speaks of “resisting” Biden-Harris is a “hypocrite.” Which is it, Democrats? Were you wrong for four years when you insisted that Trump was not your president, and now you’re telling us that whomever wins must be respected as the duly elected leader of the free world? Or are you wrong now, hypocritically insisting that it is not proper to “resist” an elected president, despite the fact that you’ve been doing it since 2016?

The biggest problem with Democrats attempting to apply any standard of civic propriety to the election — or to politics generally — is that they’ve long ago given up on any such rules. They respect no dissent; they consider all opinions they dislike to be “hate.” They’ve said that Trump is as bad as Hitler, that Trump is literally Hitler and, most recently, that Hitler was actually better than TRUMP.  They’ve called Trump supporters deplorable, irredeemable, and enemies of the state. They’ve called for physical confrontation and even for physical assault on any who oppose their agenda. They have, in short, given up any grounds on which to lecture anyone about political propriety in any circumstances.

Democrat hypocrisies on the matter can be set aside, however. In light of the naked theft of the 2020 election — because of the obvious and transparent voter fraud perpetrated in real time before the public — the shoe is on the other foot. What the Democrats did illegitimately, we must now do in earnest. What the Democrats did out of shame and malevolence, we must do with pride and righteousness. We must, without reservation, resist the Biden-Harris “win” as the illegitimate usurpation of power that it is.

How does a Republican, a conservative, a libertarian “resist” corrupt politicians? We do it by speaking out, at every possible turn and in every conceivable venue, about the fact that these people have no right to rule us. They have no legitimate authority. Any orders they issue are unconstitutional. Any laws they sponsor are moot. Any power they grab is fraudulently acquired. This does not mean we disobey the law, for Republicans are all about law and order. Rather, we make it clear that, while we are complying because we are not criminals, we are complying under protest. We then work to change the law. At the first available opportunity, we vote against this illegal administration — doing so in the knowledge that, yes, the Democrats will ramp up their fraud machine for every subsequent political contest.

They’ve stolen this election. That’s clear. What we must now do is work to make sure the public knows this theft has taken place, while we fight against subsequent thefts of our Republic. We must stand up and make ourselves known, as we did during the days of the Tea Party. We must form, as we have in the past, a popular movement of resistance against this tyranny.

As a symbol of this resistance, I can think of no better symbol than the Betsy Ross Flag, a flag they have maligned as “racist,” a flag that represents a return to our government as defined in the Constitution. At PatriotsOfTheResistance.com, you can get a Betsy Ross flag while supplies last. Fly it. Fly it proudly. State your love of this country — and your contempt for an illegitimate administration that will never have a mandate to lead this nation, a nation whose leadership Biden and Harris have stolen through obvious, transparent fraud.

We are not given to screaming impotently to the sky as Democrats have. We are not given to their histrionics. We are not weak like they are. Unlike them, we love our country and do not seek to destroy it, to “transform it,” to rip out its Constitution by the roots. But what the Democrats play-acted, we must embrace with earnest devotion. What the Democrats conceived to salve their wounds after their loss, we must invoke to fight against the theft of our America.

The Democrats are thieves who have stolen the White House. We are ALL patriots of “The Resistance” now — and this time, it’s not a fantasy. This time, it’s the political reality we face.

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