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Why Are Democrats So Full Of Hate?

News that President Trump had contracted coronavirus was met with the usual chorus of hatred on social media. No sooner had the news broken than various news outlets were publishing editorials with themes like, “Imagine never having to think about Trump again.” That’s an important clue, and we’ll come back to that. First, though, I have a confession to make.

When I heard that Trump had the virus, my first thought wasn’t, “Oh no. He’s old and I’m worried he won’t pull through.” I figured that any man with the full force and might of every elite medical care system in the Washington, DC area behind him would probably be okay. It was touch and go when, say, Boris Johnson caught it, but he was Prime Minister of the UK, and their medical system has been crippled by years of socialism. Still, even Johnson managed to pull through, so I figured Trump would be all right.

No, my first thought was to worry about whether this would help the other side.

We’re supposed to put our concern for human beings first, and my thoughts were primarily political. I worried that this made me a bad person, especially Because our side has made quite a lot out of the fact that Democrats are constantly wishing death on those with whom they disagree.

The conclusion to which I came, though, was that the Right is not motivated by hatred for the other side. In the case of Biden, for example, he’s not evil; he’s a useful idiot, a senile puppet who, while he’s been a mediocre liar all his adult life, is in the end just some guy. We as Republicans don’t think of him much at all, other than to worry what will happen to this country if his handlers get into power.

Similarly, Republicans worry about the actions of politicians like Andrew Cuomo, his brother Chris, the sibilant Obama and his America-hating wife, and the corrupt Hillary Clinton… but again, this is concern rooted in outcomes. I don’t like what these people would do to our nation if they held power. I resent their smug hypocrisy, their lies, and (particularly where Andrew Cuomo is concerned) there willingness to aggrandize themselves while doing such terrible jobs as “leaders.” Never have so many been so arrogant with so little to show for that arrogance. But this concern is not the hatred exhibited by the Left.

This is the difference. Republicans and conservatives may not like those they see destroying — or threatening to destroy — America. Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent her life hurting the Constitution, but we don’t hate her and we didn’t wish her death. (I imagine more than a few of us hoped she’d retire while Trump was president, though.) 

I do not lie awake at night obsessing over these people (even though I write political columns every day). I do not wake up in the morning screaming at the sky and wishing something horrible would happen to these leftist politicians. Most of the time, I have more important, more personal things to think about. When I do think about them, I think about whether it is possible to vote them out of power.

Leftists — Democrats, in other words — are different. Trump was nobody to them before he ran for president. He rubbed shoulders with any number of Democrat politicians and left-wing activists. He’d spent his whole life, nominally, as a Democrat, and that’s why Republicans like me were reluctant to support his primary bid in the 2016 elections. I was surprised when he took the primary — and then pleasantly relieved when he governed as the most conservative president we’ve had since Reagan.

Democrats began heaping hatred on Trump before he’d even taken office. They had no way of knowing how he would govern, really; they were simply outraged that Hillary had been denied what Democrats see as their divine right to rule us. If a Democrat loses an election, there must be something wrong with the system, to their minds. There must have been corruption or cheating. It couldn’t be that Democrats just lost. They cannot wrap their heads around the idea.

Because Trump represents this failure by Democrats to crush America under their boots, they hate him. Because Trump is not swayed by their hysterical demands, they hate him. Because Trump repeatedly defies their politically correct ideology, they hate him. And so Democrats wish death, disease, prison, and worse on this man who has done so little hurt them and so much to help them, improving the American economy and putting America’s interests first.

Democrats hate America, but Trump loves America. That is why Democrats hate Trump so much, and why they’ve invested so much of themselves in their fear and loathing for a Republican leader. Republicans don’t like what Democrats are doing to the country, so we vote against them. This is a critical difference.

Democrats, by contrast, believe — correctly — that Trump and the US Constitution are obstacles to their quest for unlimited power. There is no angrier individual, no more hateful person, than a would-be dictator whose rise to power has been halted. In the mind of a Democrat, the problem isn’t that you disagree; it’s that you dare to disagree. To the Democrat, Republicans aren’t merely wrong; they are bad people.

This is why Democrats are so full of hate: Because Trump has his hand in their face, stopping them from rolling over the American people. He is one of the few obstacles between them and the First and Second Amendments — and even he has said so, in an early morning tweet storm from Walter Reed Hospital. As good Americans pray for Trump’s recovery, bad Americans scream to the sky for his death. They will not stop screaming until he is gone… but once he is, their hatred will have to find a new target.

That target will be you and me. Don’t forget that. 

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  1. Yet nobody I ever ask can tell me specifically why they hate him so much. They only answer in generalities or sound bites. Their tiny minds have been twisted by the incessant attacks on President Trump from the media and the “educated” classes.

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