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Why Are So Many Progressives Linked To Sexual Predators?

Previously I’ve asked why the “Republicans” of the Lincoln Project hate themselves so much. Here was an ostensibly “conservative” group that spent all its time attacking conservatives in general and Donald Trump specifically. I’ve since learned that The Lincoln Project isn’t really a conservative or Republican group at all. It’s a grift, a con, a bunch of bitter political operatives masquerading as Republicans because this gives them more perceived credibility when attacking the GOP.

This was John McCain’s shortcut to relevance. The man spent his career pretending to be a Republican, much like the members of The Lincoln Project (who take their name from that most famous of Republicans, of course). He was adored by the media because he could be expected to attack the GOP reliably and regularly. (It’s somewhat hilarious listening to his plump, embittered daughter pretend to be a conservative Republican these days, too, given that she holds almost no views in common with the GOP.) The old joke is that the Navy can’t name a battleship after John McCain because all it would be capable of is “friendly fire.”

Thus, the Lincoln Project carries on in a grand tradition of RINOs and grifters (an overused term, these days, that nonetheless applies) who attack Republicans while pretending to be Republicans. As much as the media hate the GOP, they love seeing the attacks come from a “friendly” source. Such attacks are gold to them, and any RINO who wants to catapult himself to the forefront of today’s news cycle need only attack his own party. That’s why you’re hearing the name Liz Cheney for the first time in years these past few days.

Yes, the media hated John McCain for those few months that he ran badly for President. There was almost no threat he would actually win, however. That’s how the media likes their Republicans: feckless and self-loathing. Even as they focus on how evil Republicans are supposed to be, they always seem to miss the constant proximity of Democrats to sexual predators.

It turns out that the Lincoln Project’s co-founder John Weaver is, allegedly, a predator accused of harassing multiple men. According to the accusations, he supposedly promised them help with their political careers in return for sexual favors. This would be a surprise if the accusation had been leveled against the founder of a legitimately conservative organization. Leveled against yet another member of the Left, however, it barely moves the needle.

This a real problem for Democrats, though. Why, why, why are so many Democrats secretly sexual predators, or at the very least, so eager to defend them? Let’s not forget that Al Franken, that unfunny, loudmouthed progressive, was accused of groping multiple women. He stepped down, only to regret it later when he realized that laws are for little people and Republicans. He genuinely experienced regret over having done the “right” think after his serial groping problem came out… because had he only hung in there, he could have weathered the storm. Bill Clinton was credibly accused of rape; Joe Biden has been mauling, touching, and sniffing little girls in front of television cameras for years. Biden was also credibly accused of sexual assault.

Harvey Weinstein was not just a Democrat; he was also one of Hollywood’s most powerful men and, for years, his fellow Democrats looked the other way while he preyed on attractive young actresses. Anthony Weiner is a punch line, and a famous one, but there are so many other Democrats who’ve been accused of sexual misconduct. Remember John Conyers? He was forced into early retirement because of the allegations against him.

But the list of progressives who have been accused of molesting and harassing women (and men) isn’t limited to just politicians.  It pervades popular entertainment, too. Progressive “journalist” Don Lemon allegedly sexually assaulted a man in a bar. Matt Lauer allegedly had a remote-control villain door in his office so he could trap women inside with a touch of a button. Director Bryan Singer has long been rumored to be a predator who likes young men; Les Moonves of CBS has been accused of sexual assault. Even current and once-prominent YouTube progressives regularly get accused of sexual crimes, including a “male feminist,” Aleksander Kolpakov, who actually murdered his pregnant girlfriend.

Yes, there are Republicans who get accused of sexual crimes, too… but the Left definitely has a much, much larger problem. When your party aligns with sexual hedonism and deviancy, when your ideological standard-bearers defend misbehavior of every kind (and shield the perpetrators from consequences), it is no surprise when your ranks are full of such miscreants.

More to the point, I’m not at all surprised that a co-founder of the Lincoln Project was a sexual harasser who pursued young men. I’m just surprised it took this long for the news to get out, even with our media doing everything in its power to shield The Lincoln Project from the fallout.

1 thought on “Why Are So Many Progressives Linked To Sexual Predators?”

  1. I always assumed it was because they were looking for some sort of acceptance and a platform to espouse their personal form of mental illness. The only group that wouldn’t set fire to a NAMBLA convention if given half a chance are the various stripes of progressives, so that’s where all the perverts, degenerates, molesters, rapists, and other assorted types of human garbage accumulate.

    Not that most liberals are willing to accept them in reality, but they’ll make a public show of “not judging” them while never in a million years allowing them around their children or pets unsupervised.

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