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Why Biden Supporters Are Cowards Who Attack Children

Not long ago I saw a version of the Steven Crowder “Change My Mind” meme that was particularly insightful. “You’re safer at a Trump rally wearing a BLM shirt than you are at a BLM protest wearing a MAGA hat,” it read. This is, of course, completely true. That’s because Trump supporters don’t tend to physically assault people who disagree with them, by and large… while Democrats cannot say the same.

Biden supporters love using violence to silence, harm, and even try to murder people who disagree with them. This has been obvious since 2016, when Antifa and other violent Democrat groups came to prominence. I’m fairly certain the BLM riots of the last few months have managed to claim several lives. Before then, if there was no official death toll associated with Biden supporters, it wasn’t for lack of trying. There are countless viral videos of Democrats and Biden supporters physically attacking people who are offering them no threat at all — not even so much as raised voices. Remember, for example, Jordan Hunt, the lefty known as “Cuck Norris,” who nailed a woman with a roundhouse kick for no reason?

That was almost quaint compared to the violence Joe Biden supporters have been doling out in the last few weeks. Perhaps the most horrifying example, however, was the relatively mild attack on a 7-year-old boy and his mother. The boy’s crime? He was wearing a MAGA hat. Nothing triggers Biden supporters faster than MAGA hats. Democrats lose their minds when confronted with another human being’s expression of political support for an opposing candidate. One presumes this is an example of the great compassion and tolerance they claim to espouse.

The boy in question was waiting for a table at a restaurant across from the site of the DNC convention. The boy, Riley, and his mother, Abbey, were part of a contingent of protesters set up in the area, most likely to wave pro-Trump signs at Democrat attendees in the vicinity. They were assaulted by two nominally female Democrats who tore up signs belonging to Abbey and stole Riley’s hat. As Riley cried, the women taunted him by saying, “We don’t give a f—, your mom likes Trump.” When the boy tried to take his hat back, one of the brave Democrats threw a kick at him that almost connected. Imagine kicking a child because you hate his mother’s political opinions.

Various Democrat news outlets — of the few who reported this incident at all — tried to put “attacked” in scare quotes as if that’s not what happened. It’s always interesting to see Democrats squirm when confronted by the barbarous, cruel behavior of their fellow Biden supporters. Trying to defend the indefensible either drives them to furious “whataboutism” or prompts them to ignore what’s in front of their eyes altogether. They become just so many Westworld androids looking at anachronistic artifacts. “Doesn’t look like anything to me,” they mutter, as their fellow Democrats disgrace themselves.

The sheer number of attacks by Democrats on people wearing MAGA hats — peaceful people just going about their business, expressing their support for their chosen candidate — prompts us to ask aloud: Why is it that there are no corresponding attacks by Trump supporters on Dems? Oh, sure, there may be isolated incidents in which we can connect the aggressors to Republican politics… but there is absolutely nothing like the sheer number of incidents in the other direction.

The best Democrats can do is manufacture a series of fake hate crimes in which imaginary white supremacists and MAGA hat wearers perpetrate a variety of increasingly absurd offenses against them. From hanging nooses in their NASCAR garages, to yanking off their head scarves, to scrawling support for Trump in spray paint on black churches, not a single one of these hate crimes has been real. Jussie Smollett continues to insist that men in MAGA hats attacked him. If you still believe him, you’re just stupid enough to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Most recently, Sabrina Belcher — an alleged rapper and candidate for mayor in Sumter, South Carolina — went so far as to fake her own kidnapping.  This came on the heels of reporters breathlessly repeating the rumor that an unidentified “Robert Trump mourner” had punched someone following the funeral for President Trump’s late brother. That, too, was probably a hoax… but that’s the best the Democrats can do.

There’s only one reason that assaults on MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporters are so one-sided. There’s only one reason that Democrats and Biden supporters delight in physically attacking children and senior citizens. There’s only one reason that every Trump supporter who is attacked is invariably overwhelmed, hopelessly outnumbered by a mob of Democrats. It’s because Democrats — and Joe Biden supporters in particular — are cowards.

Cowards prefer weak victims. If they can’t find weak individuals — such as women, children, and the elderly — they’ll bide their time until they have superiority of numbers. This is the reality of politics in the United States. In 2020, you are in physical danger if you express Republican opinions in public. The same is NOT true of Democrats, no matter how many hate crimes they imagine and manufacture.

In a world of double standards that favor Democrats, this is the most dangerous one. You do not dare forget it. Your life, and the well-being of your loved ones, depends on your understanding of this chilling fact.

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