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Why Democrat Hypocrisy Matters

You don’t need me to tell you that Democrats are hypocrites. It’s one of the hallmarks of the Democrat party, the activating spirit of the party that defended, first slavery, then segregation. This hypocrisy, this “do as I say, not as I do” attitude, is driven by hatred for constraints on their power. Stated differently, Democrats want to make you do what they say, while exempting themselves from those authoritarian rules. The only thing slowing them down is the Constitution of the United States.

Democrats hate the Constitution because it represents obstacles to their power. Barack Obama lamented many times that the Constitution stipulated what his precious, precious federal government could not do, rather than enabling him to force Americans obey him. The sibilant Obama was repeatedly described as a Constitutional scholar, in fact — when his scholarship extended only to abject loathing of the document he is alleged to have studied. This became abundantly clear during the COVID-19 pandemic, when Republican governors (and President Trump) resisted taking more power for themselves, while Democrats at every level of government fell over themselves grabbing for more control.

After locking down the states and cities in their control — functionally forever — and after dictating at the smallest, most granular level what their subjects were allowed to do, what they were allowed to buy, where they were allowed to go, and even if they could spend time outside, these dictators proceeded to do whatever they wanted. When confronted with their hypocrisy, they sniffed that while all animals are theoretically equal, some animals — Democrat animals in power, specifically — are definitely more equal than others. They did not even try to hide what they were doing; they have dispensed with any pretense of representing the benighted public they now rule with iron fists.

Most recently, this took the form of the goggle-eyed, slack-mouthed Nancy Pelosi — a woman who makes Tales from the Crypt‘s Crypt Keeper puppet look healthy — booking an in-person salon appointment despite the fact that Democrats have ordered such businesses stay shuttered. Democrats do not care how businesses under their rule suffer; they do not care that countless companies are closing and the families and entrepreneurs running them are ruined; they don’t even really care about the deaths from COVID-19. What they care about is control — about making you do as they say — and continuing to live their lives however they wish.

This was obvious when Pelosi proudly displayed her fortune’s worth of gourmet ice cream, from the kitchen of her mansion, while Americans were all under house arrest. It is even more obvious when she engages in the very behavior you are not allowed to engage in, by force of law, because of the danger of contracting COVID-19. Pelosi, who did not even wear a mask, does not give a damn about coronavirus. We can conclude this based on her behavior. What she cares about is forcing you to hurt your own interests by forbidding you to work — for no other reason than that she can.

The list of other Democrat hypocrites is a long one. We cannot possibly cite them all. Just off the top of my head, though, here are a few:

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney (a Democrat, of course), banned indoor dining, crippling the restaurant industry in Philadelphia. He was caught dining indoors in neighboring Maryland. When called out, he offered a lame non-apology, claiming that the infection rates were different and thus what he did wasn’t really wrong (but he’s sorry you were offended that he got caught).

Lord Farquaad, also known as Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, heavily (and arbitrarily, and capriciously) restricted boating in Michigan — again, because she could, just as she told her residents they were not allowed to buy seeds to grow gardens because she considered this “non-essential.” Her idiot husband was caught trying to use his marriage to the governor to force a marina owner to launch his boat ahead of a long line of delayed customers. When called out, he claimed it was a “bad joke,” an obvious lie that Whitmer repeated.

Lori “Beatlejuice” Lightfoot not only got her hair done (and defended this by saying she had to look good for press conferences — a physical impossibility lost on this bug-eyed alien of a mayor) but doubled down exponentially on her hypocrisy by banning protests in her neighborhood. While Lightfoot allowed rampaging riots and day-to-day murders to turn Chicago into a war zone for everyone else, she claimed she had a “right” to a secure home.

Emperor Andrew Cuomo of New York has been repeatedly photographed out and about in his state without a mask, despite the fact that he has persistently hectored New Yorkers to wear them (and previously spent a great deal of time hand-wringing over Trump’s refusal to wear a mask). When Trump visited a hospital without wearing one, Democrats were aghast; there were no such objections when Cuomo, the worst governor in the country, did precisely the same thing.

There are countless other examples of Democrat hypocrisy. These are power-hungry, tin-plated dictators who love to lord their power over others — and who have been quick to grab almost total authority over the day-to-day lives of the serfs in their fiefdoms. The excuse of “public health” was all these Democrats needed to completely suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

They’ve clamped down particularly on churches, applying restrictions not applied to other public gatherings and businesses, only because Democrats hate Christians and God (not in that order). (Is it any wonder that they repeatedly removed “under God” from the pledge of allegiance during their Zoom-meeting national convention this year?) Worse, the courts have repeatedly upheld these double standards, because Democrat judges have no more regard for the Constitution than Democrat mayors and governors.

All this matters because it speaks directly to the fabric of the once-free society that is the United States. Democrats, given a little power, will always take more. They will do whatever they can to force you to obey their arbitrary dictates… and not once will any of these orders apply to them. If you wish to live in a world where Democrats follow this “rules for thee, but not for me” philosophy, you are free to vote for Joe Biden in November.

If, on the other hand, this hypocrisy outrages you, you’d be much better off voting for Trump. You may not like the choice, but it isn’t a difficult one. It could not, in fact, be any more clear.

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