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Why Do Progressives Keep Pretending To Be Black?

A bizarre news story, almost lost amidst the heat and light of the social chaos in our news cycle right now, comes to us from George Washington University. It seems that progressive historian Jessica Crug revealed, in a post on “Medium,” that she is a white person pretending to be a black person.

This came on the heels of an even stranger story involving a college professor in Arizona who… didn’t exist at all. A spokesman for Arizona State University revealed that the professor — who supposedly suffered from, then died of COVID-19, was wholly the fabrication of another some-time academic, BethAnn McLaughlin. As you might expect, McLaughlin was a progressive activist. What the fabrication of an imaginary bisexual college professor was supposed to do for McLaughlin’s career ambitions is not entirely clear.

The seemingly unrelated cases are connected, however, in that they represent people who laid claim — directly or indirectly — to supposedly marginalized, oppressed identities that were not their own. Given that we are told every day that America is the most wretched, institutionally racist landscape on the planet, a dystopian nightmare in which black people wake up every day fearing they will be hunted and murdered in the streets by cops, private citizens in MAGA hats, and cops in MAGA hats, the choice of fake identity is an odd one.

We could liken it to a time traveler voyaging to segregationist Alabama and disguising himself as a black felon recently freed from federal prison. If it’s so difficult to be black (or, in the case of the imaginary Twitter scientist, to possess an “alternative” sexual identity), why do people pretend to be black when they don’t have to be? And if it’s such a terrible, oppressive, boot-on-the-neck disadvantage to be black in the United States, why do so many people pretend to be black to further their career ambitions?

Jessica Krug, after all, is not alone. She’s not even famous compared to some of the other examples. Actress Mindy Kaling’s estranged brother, Vijay Chokal-Ingam, posed as black in order to get into medical school (and then dropped out). He published a book on the matter in 2016 — and, one could argue, writing the book might have been the impetus for his racial fraud in the first place. The thesis of the book is that even with mediocre grades, affirmative action for black students is the only reason he was accepted to medical school. A man with the same grades but of Indian heritage, he contends, would not have had such an advantage.

Then there’s Rachel Dolezal, former college professor and former chapter president for the National Association For the Advancement of Colored People, who was never black. Dolezal claimed to be “trans-racial” (a contrived term for “pretends to be another race”). Her years of racial fraud were uncovered after she claimed to have been the victim of racially motivated hate crimes. Until that moment, Dolezal had spent most of her adult life pretending to be a black woman specifically because this helped further her career aspirations. 

One could argue that claiming victimhood over imaginary hate crimes is itself a means of furthering one’s ambitions. Victimhood confers both attention and sympathy. This is because Americans are basically decent people, who hate to see others mistreated for no reason. Over and over again, race-hoaxers like Dolezal and Krug have fabricated hate crime after hate crime, all to garner attention and cultural leverage.

This is the purpose of every conveniently scrawled bit of racist graffiti put there by the hoaxer. This is the motivation behind every anonymous hate letter mailed by the recipient. This is the urge underlying every tall tale about monsters in MAGA hats and made-up Boogaloo Boys in flowered shirts. People fake hate crimes and pretend to be “oppressed” races because this gives them cultural leverage.

There’s no greater example of this than Shaun King, who is so invested in pretending to be black that he will block anyone on social media who reminds him that he isn’t.  (I know this from personal experience.) The blogger and race-baiting BLM activist has gone so far as to call for violence to continue in riot-torn hot spots this summer.

He also, more recently, threatened to release names of police officers at random, the implication being that violence would be done against these people unless the department named the officer(s) who actually shot Blake. Shaun King is, in short, a wretched, horrible person — but he would not have gotten nearly as far as he has, nor achieved the reach and fame he possesses, if he were not pretending to be a black activist. Race baiting is always more powerful when it comes from an allegedly oppressed source; King, pretending to be black, has more credibility in the eyes of his audience than he would if he admitted that he is white.

At a time when major publications are capitalizing “Black” but leaving “white” lowercase in the name of racial “justice,” in an era when mediocre white people pretend to be black in order to further their career ambitions, we are supposed to believe that all black people are oppressed and all white people are oppressors. We are supposed to believe that if you are white, your accomplishments mean nothing, because you have benefited from “white privilege.” We are supposed to believe that if you are black, and for any reason the police take any action against you whatsoever, you have been wronged and cities should be burned in retaliation.

Race hoaxing puts the lie to all these assertions. It shows us that the people complaining about racial discrimination do not themselves believe it. Quite the contrary. The people pretending to be black know quite well that they will benefit from the charade.

That is why we must view with skepticism all claims to racial oppression in modern America. You are not being oppressed because of the color of your skin. We know you aren’t, because when you pretend to be another race, it isn’t “white” that you’re choosing.


1 thought on “Why Do Progressives Keep Pretending To Be Black?”

  1. Back in the 70s a common joke was an interview with a man who wanted to become a woman so he could “be on the winning side.”

    Fast forward a few decades and women have the decidedly upper hand in divorce proceedings, police interactions, child custody, paternity fraud, work hours, and deciding if they are “offended” by random things at the office. Female behavior, regardless of how toxic, is rationalized away as being the fault of other people. Women are immune to military draft, are assumed to be always telling the truth about rape or assault, and are never expected to be anything other than a scared little girl if they happen to choose to be one at any time instead of an adult.

    Likewise, if you’re “black” you can claim discrimination randomly without challenge, are given preference over better qualified job applicants, freely engage in racism, riot with DNC approval, and generally dodge any negative criticism by playing the race card.

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