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Why Do The Cuckolds of the United Kingdom Live in Denial?

The United Kingdom is a police state. That it is a police state is not in dispute. All that one requires to understand this fact is to observe the news coming from across the pond. This is a country where Muslim immigrants, particularly those from Pakistan, figure prominently in rape gangs operating almost with impunity across the country… and members of Parliament who dare speak out about this are forced to resign. This is a country where self-defense has been outlawed, where firearms are illegal and knives are the subject of nationwide amnesty-and-propaganda campaigns. This is a country where judges call for every sharp point in the nation to be rounded off to prevent stabbings. This is a country where you can be arrested for having the wrong opinion on Twitter, a country that sees total surveillance of its population as something of which to be proud. It’s as if the UK government took the novel 1984 as a blueprint for how it should operate, rather than as a dystopian warning of the evils of totalitarianism.

Don’t believe me? Activist Tommy Robinson was immediately jailed for illegally reporting on a rape gang case. Subjects of the UK police state were told they, too, would be jailed if they reported on Robinson’s arrest. A British man was arrested recently for carrying an unlicensed potato peeler in public. TV presenter Mylene Klass was thoroughly scolded by police for daring to use a kitchen knife to scare off a gang of potential home invaders. The city of London recently logged more murders than those in New York City. The city’s Muslim mayor immediately announced that there was no reason for anyone to carry a knife, ever. The same people who refuse to report on child grooming gangs are busily jailing people for things they say on social media — statements as innocuous as quoting song lyrics. And when police in the UK were roundly mocked for proudly displaying a tiny drug bust, they threatened to arrest anyone who made fun of them.

Bring attention to these problems and the hand-wringing apologists for the UK will start squawking at you. Why, Tommy Morrison broke a law that says you can’t report on what’s happening in a court. It’s his own fault, they squeal. That British guy in Scotland with the potato peeler? Well, he didn’t have a good excuse for having it. It’s his own fault, they bleat. Mylene Klass saw “teenagers” in her garden, so she waved around a knife from inside her kitchen. That’s illegal possession of a weapon even in her own home. It’s her own fault, the apologists squeak. And, hey, if you’re going to post the dreaded n-word in song lyrics on your social media, can you really be surprised when jackbooted storm troopers kick in your door and haul you to the dock? It’s your own fault, they scream.

What drives the willful denial of reality that so many denizens of the UK express when told they live in a police state? I will be the first to tell you that the United States, for all the freedoms it still possesses, comes dangerously close to being a police state itself. As our friends across the pond go, so shall we. What is happening to the United Kingdom now is a warning of what will happen to us… and what is even now happening in Canada.

No less a blithering idiot than Justin Trudeau — who makes people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton seem competent by comparison — has seen to this.  His histrionics exemplify the attitude that now holds sway in the UK, demonstrating that what ails our brothers and sisters over the ocean has already infected North America. Whether he’s scolding Canadians to use the gender-neutral construction “people-kind” rather than “mankind,” reveling in pro-Muslim sentiment even as Canadians are being murdered by Muslim terrorists, or playing International Dress-up as he blunders his way through the world stage, his utter cuckoldry could not be more self-evident.

I dislike the term “cuck” as it has come to be used in Western politics. It gets thrown around by people who are no more “alpha males” than the “beta cucks” they are trying to ridicule. So diluted is the term that it has come to be applied to anyone with a different opinion. Yet can there be a more apt description for people who are punishing law-abiding citizens for thoughtcrime while allowing foreign invaders to rape their children? Can a “man” who claims he has the right to self-defense, who claims he has the right to own a knife, who claims his fellow citizens retain the ability to own firearms, be anything but a cuckold when the obvious reality of his nation’s law enforcement belies his claims?

Today’s left-wingers have so abdicated their masculinity that the sexual fantasy of watching their wives and girlfriends have sex with actual men has become surprisingly popular, particularly among millennials. Giving up your right to defend yourself, allowing your lawmakers to restrict your freedoms to the point you can be jailed for identifying the men molesting your nation’s youth, can be nothing but this sexual desire expressed on the national stage. So it is when the cuckolds of the UK crawl out of the woodwork to complain that no, no, it isn’t true that they’re oppressed. It cannot possibly be the case that they are no longer men, that their freedoms have been so eroded. No, no, it’s not the case that they’ve allowed invaders from other countries to supplant and replace them, violating their population while they stand, proudly virtue-signaling, to insist it isn’t happening. Everything is just fine in the United Kingdom. Ask them and they’ll tell you.

One can’t help but think the problem with the United Kingdom is one of denial. This is why the response from subjects of the UK is always so swift and so vehement: Remind them of the yoke under which they live and they lash out, insisting that their chains are not so heavy. Look on these cuckolds of the UK, my American siblings, and understand that they are your future. Unless we correct the course on which we now head, we shall surely join the United Kingdom on the rocks. When it happens, there will be no one to mourn the loss of so many cuckolds.

There will only be legions of ululating victors, crowing proudly over the broken bodies.