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Why Kamala Cackles

One of the more wretched considerations of a Biden-Harris win is not merely that Kamala Harris will be president in short order. No one voting for Joe Biden — not to mention most people observing the race, –expects Joe Biden to complete a four year term. He’ll either step down or be pushed out somewhere along the way, in all likelihood very quickly after seizing the White House through rampant Democrat voter fraud. The days or weeks of litigation that face us all after November 3rd will make the Al Gore “hanging chads” debacle look tame by comparison.

Make no mistake: Just as Democrats will stop at no perfidy to steal the 2020 election, they will immediately turn on the senile infant the media have been shielding with their bodies. Joe Biden will become their enemy once he is the only obstacle to Kamala Harris occupying the Oval Office.

Once Harris has taken what Democrats see as her rightful place, she will appoint some imbecile, some useful idiot, as Vice President. This will most likely be a non-white woman, for the sake of “diversity” (where “diversity” is defined, as it always is, as “no white people”). She will then rule us with a mixture of haughty arrogance, astounding incompetence, and iron-fisted totalitarianism. The scandals that will eventually come out, despite the coddling of adoring news media invested in her success, will make the gun running, IRS weaponization, and campaign spying of the Obama Administration look paltry. But through it all, there will be a consistent through-line, salt in the wound that is Kamala Harris and America-hating Democrats ruling our nation… and that will be Kamala’s cackle.

Hillary Clinton was legendary for her shrill, barking laugh, her bizarre facial histrionics, and the exaggerated and awkward way she did almost anything. It was as if the lizard person occupying her human suit found the upholstery increasingly confining. For several years, Hillary has been concealing one or more serious health problems, though she seems to have gotten a handle on them in recent months. This coincides with her resuming her “I should have been the president” tour, in which she blames literally anyone for her defeat at the hands of Trump in 2016. The sun was in her eyes, the dog ate her homework, the Russians were colluding, the deplorables were confused by “fake news,” the bots controlled the Internet, and so on, ad nauseam.

Hillary’s shrill, shrewish nature was one very real and compelling reason for her failure. It was not the only one. The few Americans left who value their Constitutional freedoms know that Hillary Clinton is no friend to the Bill of Rights, but she is — remarkably — likely less radical than Kamala Harris will be. That’s because, while the Clintons were many things, they were pragmatists above all. They believed nothing except that they should be in power.

That’s why, when governing far to the Left cost Bill the Congress after two years in office with a Democrat majority, Clinton started triangulating by poll to bolster his popularity. The result was that he survived impeachment — notable, given that he lied brazenly to the faces of the American public — got a second term, and left office a reasonably popular politician.

Harpies like Hillary and Kamala, meanwhile, complain that the playing field is unfair. Men can be assertive leaders, they cry, but women must hold back, lest they be characterized as I have just painted them — shrill, domineering, hectoring, and obnoxious. The problem with this interpretation is that it isn’t true. Men who are obnoxious and overbearing are just as despised, just as ineffectual as leaders, as women who do the same.  It’s simply that too many woman confuse being hectoring shrews with being assertive. They take obnoxious haughtiness as a shortcut to bold leadership, never understanding that you have to back up your demands by earning the respect of your subordinates.

Shrews like Harris and Hillary Clinton have never learned that. They believe that if they simply demand loudly enough, you must comply. Kamala, meanwhile, has already revealed her worst “tell” in countless interviews: When pressured, when put on the spot, when asked a question she cannot answer, she laughs. “Blahahahahahaha,” says Kamala, struggling to get out her words through her contrived laughter. But her nervous cackle — because it is backed not by sound reason or confident opinion, but by grasping avarice and a sense of entitlement — is empty. It is an off-putting affectation that grates on the nerves and sets one’s teeth on edge.

Kamala’s cackle is the bleating of a person who knows almost nothing except that you must obey her. If you don’t, she will be very, very upset. Never you mind whether her demands are constitutional; never you mind if she is corrupt; never you mind if her policies will destroy what’s left of this country. Kamala cackles because she literally has nothing else to say — and she must make noise, must push air through her face, because she dare not be alone with the hollow whistle that is her thoughts.

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  1. I’m always sort of astounded that women still, to this day, haven’t figured out that there are massive differences in the way that men and women actually behave and it isn’t just sex-based perception and name calling.

    Women who are honest will readily admit that they are far more willing to work for a man than a woman; too many women in management positions are, in my wife’s words, “fucking bitches.” Women don’t lead – it’s pretty much not part of their intrinsic nature. They can be in charge, but that’s a different thing. When women are in charge it’s a knife fight to see who can depose her.

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