Michigan wins College Football Playoff National Championship over Washington

The Michigan Wolverines defeated the Washington Huskies, 34-13, to win the 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship. 

Michigan has won its 10th title in school history, capping a perfect 15-0 season under Jim Harbaugh in dominant fashion in Houston at NRG Stadium. 

Running back Blake Corum, who led a Michigan run game that totaled a national championship game-record 303 yards with 134 of his own and two touchdowns, was named the offensive MVP of the game. Meanwhile, Will Johnson, who had an interception in the game, was named the defensive MVP. 

Like they have so many times this season, the Wolverines used their bruising, explosive run game to set the tone all game long thanks to Corum and Donovan Edwards, who both scored two touchdowns in this one. 


Meanwhile, Michigan’s defense disrupted Huskies star quarterback Michael Penix Jr. all game long, as he was held to just one touchdown pass and 255 yards passing on 27-for-51 through the air. 

The Michigan run game made an immediate impact on the first drive of the game thanks to Edwards. 

Edwards hadn’t scored since the Penn State game back on Nov. 11, but he saw a giant hole on the left side of the line of scrimmage and used his blazing speed to go 41 yards for the score, quickly putting the Wolverines up 7-0. 


The Huskies looked to respond on the ensuing drive, and though they got to first-and-goal from the 10-yard line, Penix & Co. were forced to kick a field goal. And though it was points on the board to start the game, Michigan quickly found the colored paint again on the back of an even longer run from Edwards – 46 yards with yet another gaping hole to run through. 

After the Huskies went three-and-out, it seemed this game was going to get out of hand because they couldn’t stop Michigan’s run game. A field goal added by the Wolverines made it 17-3, and Penix continued to struggle to get a touchdown on the board. 

That was until this game got much closer when the Huskies forced a turnover on downs, and Penix used good field position to fire a touchdown pass to Jalen McMillan. 

Unfortunately for the Huskies, it was the only touchdown pass he’d throw in this game, where Michigan held them to just three points in the second half. 

Momentum could’ve swung to begin that half, with the Huskies getting the ball down one touchdown. But Will Johnson intercepted Penix’s first pass intended for Rome Odunze on the left sideline. 

While Michigan only got a field goal out of it, the momentum quickly swung back to the Wolverines’ sideline. 

A wave of punts thanks to good defense on both sides ensued until Corum finally got his crack at the end zone, going 12 yards on second-and-7 for his first of the night. 

Then, Penix threw his second interception of the half on fourth-and-13, which Mike Sainristil returned 81 yards to the Washington 8-yard line. Corum would bust his second in two plays later. 

Corum would finish the game with 134 yards on the ground on 21 rushes, while Edwards needed just six touches to go 104 yards. Colston Loveland was the top receiver for the Wolverines, catching three of McCarthy’s passes for 64 yards. McCarthy only passed 18 times, completing 10 of them for 140 yards. 

Questions about Harbaugh’s future in Ann Arbor will now take over the headlines, but until then, he and his Wolverines will be celebrating a rollercoaster season that ends with them hoisting the national title. 



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