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Democrat “Fact Checking” Is Just Lying

Kamala “don’t mispronounce my first name even though I recently changed the pronunciation so I could call you all racists” Harris hates guns. We know she hates guns, because she is a Democrat. If that were not enough for you, however, you can take her in her own words: When she speculated publicly about becoming President, she said she would give Congress “100 days” to pass “reasonable gun safety” laws, or else she would take executive action.

Now, a president who openly fantasizes about using her “pen and phone” to create law by executive fiat, particularly laws restricting gun ownership in direct contradiction of the protections of the United States Constitution, is a “gun grabber.” This is the terminology gun owners, and supporters of gun rights, have long used for the likes of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, his husband Michelle, Joe Biden, and (most recently) KAM-ala Harris. (Remember, don’t pronounce her name the way it’s been pronounced for months since the primaries, or you’re a racist.) Gun owners know that people who use the phrase “reasonable gun safety measures” never mean “reasonable.” They mean incremental, always progressing toward a future where guns are banned.

That is the end game of all Democrat attempts at gun control. They wish to deny you firearms ownership, and they wish to make ownership of guns as onerous and bothersome as possible along the way. Guns allow private citizens to resist both Democrat rulers and Democrat constituents — the former being their authoritarian political class, the latter being the criminal class for whom the Democrats have so much affection. Why else do Democrats want to empty the prisons and eliminate cash bail, flooding the streets with rapists and murderers who, we learned during the pandemic, immediately rape and murder again when they’re freed?

The reason this matters is that Facebook — fellow traveler to Democrats, in that their “fact checkers” are all Democrats — recently declared that it is “false” that Kamala Harris opposes gun ownership. This is, and I’ll hope you forgive me the salty language, complete and utter bullshit. I do not like to use profanity in my columns, but there is simply no other word that more accurately describes this (and so many other) Democrat “fact checks.”

Democrats have always tried to dress up their hatred for dissent, and their attempts to infringe on your Constitutional rights, as somehow “scientific” or rooted in “facts.” This is whey they occasionally gin up a contrived “study” marred by poor statistical method in order to “prove” that Republicans are bad people who should feel bad about being bad. It’s also why they constantly claim that any opinion with which they disagree is a lie.

Take, for example, Democrat fact checkers like those at CNN. They were nowhere to be found during the Democrat National Convention, when a heavily edited recording of Joe Biden and several live streams of other Democrats proclaimed that Donald Trump is a racist who praised white supremacists as “very fine people.” This has always been a lie, and it’s a lie that Biden has embraced. Moreover, it’s a falsehood belied by Donald Trump’s own quoted words at the event in question, as Trump condemned white supremacists explicitly and in the same breath. But Democrat fact-checkers were all on vacation when adoring coverage of the bland, dull, miserable online Democrat convention was puked out of the various media outlets.

The moment Republicans started their own convention, the fact checkers were all startled awake, jerking their heads up in righteous furor. “Lies! Falsehoods! Fictions!” they screamed — forgetting, as Democrat fact checkers so often do, that subjective opinions do not automatically become lies simply because a Democrat disagrees with them. But this is the wide-eyed incredulity, as literal as Drax the Destroyer, with which Democrats view any statement that comes from a Republican.

A Republican is always lying, according to these “fact checkers,” because he disagrees with Democrats. Disagreeing with Democrats is a lie by definition, you see, and their “fact checkers” proceed accordingly. Their propaganda now infects all social media, most notably Facebook, where even parody, satire, and humorous memes are “fact checked” to protect Democrats. No such attempt to “fact check” any lie told about Republicans is EVER made… but then, you knew it wouldn’t be.

Democrats control most media outlets, like CNN, so they get to call anything they don’t like “false” and anything they agree with “facts.” Democrats control social media like Twitter and Facebook, so they can slap demeaning labels on Trump’s tweets and individual users’ posts, proclaiming any position they oppose to be “misleading.” This is what’s happening. It’s not a quest for truth; it’s an assertion of dominance. It doesn’t make Democrat lies less false. It doesn’t make Republican truths less true.

It does, however, make your choice in November that much more clear.


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